staying in touch after a Brooklyn long distance move

Secret to staying in touch after a Brooklyn long distance move

When you move far away from your hometown and from your friends, it may be hard to stay in touch. However, nowadays it is way easier to stay in touch with someone even if you are on a different continent. Before that was really hard. Letters were sent that would arrive a week, or even a month from the moment you have sent it. All that has changed. Staying in touch after a Brooklyn long-distance move has never been easier. Here, we will show you what are the best ways to have your friends present in your life even though you are no longer living in the same city, or even country. Since you have moved with one of the moving companies in Brooklyn, now you should think about how to show your friends that you have left behind that you are still thinking about them. Let’s see.

Ways of staying in touch after a Brooklyn long distance move

You probably have at least one of so many social networks. If you don’t and you are moving far away from your current place, then you should probably sign up for one of two accounts. Choose one of the following if you like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn (business social network)
social network icons
Use some of many social networks

And so many more to even count. Having at least one of the social networks means that in some way you can stay in touch. People usually opt for Facebook or Instagram, since you can exchange messages very easy and at the same time share your thoughts and photos from the new home you are in.

Staying in touch after a Brooklyn long-distance move is important

You never know what tomorrow brings, maybe you go back to Brooklyn one day to live again. You will want to have your old friends beside you. Staying in touch is important because true friends are hard to find. Give your best and make some time for them, you will be happier, and it will also be easier for you to get used to the new environment knowing that you can still talk about everything with your old friends.

Staying in touch after a Brooklyn long-distance move- Old school

There are always those old ways and somewhat romantic ways of staying in touch after a Brooklyn long-distance move. So, if you are not in a hurry, and you want to be romantic, maybe then, you can always write a letter. Do not be worried, nowadays even letters are traveling really fast. However, you may wait for a response for a while. The person to who you have sent the letter to needs to see it, read it, and then it will again take a couple of days to get a reply.

man writing a letter
Writing a letter is always a good way to stay in touch

If you are patient, old school and romantic this is another way of staying in touch after a Brooklyn long-distance move. There are things that you will miss from Brooklyn of course, and then there are people that you will miss, that is why it is important at the end of the day to show you still care not only about Brooklyn but also about your old friends.

Share with your friends

When you want to stay in touch with your friends, then you should try and keep things as they were. You won’t be able to see each other every day of course, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share important things that have happened to you. Not only by sharing pictures on Instagram but also with private messages. It is important to still learn about each other.

Plan a trip

After a while, you should plan a trip to go and visit your friends or they can come to you. Either way, this meeting should happen here and there, depending on the possibilities of course. If you have moved from Brooklyn to Europe then you can have your friends over, because chances are that they would be more then excited to visit you on another continent. This costs money of course and that is why we say that this depends on current possibilities. Since you have lived in Brooklyn, you may figure out how to go back there for a week or so. It will be good for you to see your old home. Again, it all depends on your days off, financial possibilities, etc.

Don’t forget important days

Staying in touch after a Brooklyn long distance move doesn’t only mean that you should text each other now and then. It also means that you shouldn’t forget the important days in your friends’ lives. Do not let yourself to congratulate their birthday, or the birthday of their children, any special day in their life should remind you to call them. It will mean a world to them. Even though you are far away from each other they will know that you are still thinking of them. Do not expect anything else from them. This is a two-way street.

Remember the important days in the life of your friends

Moving from Brooklyn

When you are moving from Brooklyn far away there are things you have to do. For example, it is important to investigate the new place where you will be living before you go. That is a must because Brooklyn can be very different from the place where you are about to move with residential movers Brooklyn. So, yes, it is important to stay in touch with your Brooklyn friends. But it is also important to check your facts.

There are so many ways to stay in touch with old friends, with family members, anyone who is far away from you. You only need to want it hard enough and you will make it happen. Friendships are important and you have to nurture them even though your friends are far away.


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