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Spring cleaning tips for your Brooklyn storage

Spring is time for rejuvenation and new beginnings. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that coming of spring is also a great time to do some cleaning. However, it is not always great house cleaning that is the target of a spring cleaning frenzy. No, with all the storage usage we have as a nation, we thought that you might need some spring cleaning tips for your Brooklyn storage. So, let’s see exactly how to deal with that particular task.

Spring cleaning tips for your Brooklyn storage – downsizing and decluttering

There are plenty of storage facilities Brooklyn, so they come in all shapes and sizes. However, there is almost a universal trait that spans all the storages you can find in the New York Cities finest borough – they are always too small. No matter how large you buy, you will run out of room eventually. This is why the big part of our spring cleaning tips for your Brooklyn storage is to start by downsizing.

Spring cleaning tips for your Brooklyn storage / recycle
Be sure to recycle if possible

The whole process is not that complicated. Simply go through the checklist of the items you have inside… if you have a checklist. If not, it is a rather good time to make one. Keeping track of items in your storage, there state and place is rather important, especially when days like these come.

Anyway, once you go through the items, mark those you will dispose of. That you can do in three main ways.

  • Recycle. We make these spring cleaning tips for your Brooklyn storage in the hope that you are trying to make your storage as sufficient as possible. With that goal in mind, we encourage you to recycle as much as possible.
  • Donate. What is ill-suited for you could be useful for someone else. There are plenty of charities you can find to donate to in New York.  We hope that your items will find use in the lives of others less fortunate than us.
  • Sell. Finally, you can always make a small profit by auctioning or selling them off in a garage sale.

Thorough cleaning of the storage

A big part of spring cleaning tips for your Brooklyn storage provided by your local movers Brooklyn of choice is, well cleaning it. You have to be very, very thorough. Each item should be relocated, all the surfaces cleaned, all the items cleaned. This is the best and pretty much only way to check if everything is okay with the storage… speaking of.

Check for bad signs

While you are cleaning (and keeping track of what you moved where so you can put it back) you should also be looking for signs of trouble.

Be sure to look out for moisture

These include pest, rodents, moisture or mold. Call exterminators if necessary, and be sure to read your insurance.

To conclude

Finally, time to put it all back. Be sure to stack the boxes properly to avoid damage and to make sure that the next time you have to use spring cleaning tips for your Brooklyn storage you will have a lot easier time accessing all parts of it.


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