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Step-by-step guide to packing your fridge

Is your move just days away, and you need help with packing your fridge? We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to help you pack the fridge in no time. Moving and Storage Brooklyn have packed and moved numerous electric appliances, and fridges, amongst the others. Moving and packing a fridge isn’t a very complicated endeavor. But, it requires someone who is experienced in order to get it done in a fast and effective manner. A fridge is one of the last items that people pack because of its necessity. Packing is usually done in a hurry. Not doing it properly can result in damage, so make sure you devote yourself fully to this task. To find out how to approach the task of packing your fridge in the right way, take a look at our step-by-step guide! 

Have everything you need ready before packing your fridge

Before you begin emptying the fridge and risking that your food goes bad, make sure you check moving costs NYC to know what you’re dealing with. Then gather all of the supplies and packing materials that you’ll need. You can order them online from a DIY store or store that sells packing supplies. You can also call a moving company and get a packing kit from them. Whichever your choice, keep in mind that you can always order more. Although, unless you’re renting the boxes for the fridge – you can’t take more immediately. If you’re packing the fridge at the last minute, then consider renting the packing materials from a moving company.

Gather all the supplies that you will need before you start packing the fridge.

Packing your fridge requires those materials:

  • Strong adhesive tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard pieces
  • Moving Blankets
  • Chemicals for cleaning 
  • Trash bags 
  • Sponges

This list is supposed to give you an example of the items that you’ll need to get when you head out to the store. Once you have everything ready, you can proceed to actually deal with the fridge. 

Empty the fridge first

When you’ve got everything you need in one place and don’t have to leave the house for supplies anymore, start emptying the fridge and the freezer. Use the food that you have for the last meals you will have at that home, but if there are some items that will go bad in the next day or two, the best solution is to throw them away. Make sure you start emptying the fridge on time to be able to do everything before the movers arrive. 

Emptying the fridge and letting it defrost can take up to 24 hours.

Give the fridge enough time to defrost

Take at least the whole two days before the move to start packing your fridge. It will require one full day to defrost totally. If this doesn’t happen, it will leak during the transport and damage other items, as well as itself. The oil in the fridge has also enough time to settle, which is very important for the health of the fridge. Don’t skip this step, but give enough time to your fridge to completely defrosts and then clean whatever needs to be cleaned. Be it the shelves, interior, or exterior. To help your fridge defrost faster, keep the doors of the fridge open. It will also prevent the mold from developing since excessive moisture from the evaporation creates perfect conditions for it to form.

Remove the glass shelves

After you’re done with defrosting and cleaning the fridge, you can remove all the plastic and glass shelves and start cleaning them more thoroughly. You will be pleased when you enter the new apartment and open the fridge which is sparkling clean. By removing the shelves you not only get the chance to clean the fridge thoroughly, but you prevent them from falling during the transport and getting broken. Many people forget to do it because they usually seem very stable. 

Pack the shelves

After you’ve cleaned them and disinfected the shelves and other small parts that can be removed, if your fridge has parts like that, wrap them in the bubble wrap. Packing the shelves is similar to packing the artwork. If you have glass shelves, place an X with the tape across its diagonals to prevent the glass from separating in case it shatters. Pack the shelves in the bubble wrap afterward and secure the wrap in place with the tape. Pack it in the packing paper as well, and then put them in the box which isn’t much bigger than them. Separate the glass shelves with the piece of cardboard that’s slightly bigger than them and perfectly fits the box. The free space should be filled with packing paper, styrofoam that’s broken down, or any kind of filler material. 

Packing your fridge

After you’re done with packing the fridge shelves, make sure you pack the fridge. Check for the residual oil or water and make sure you’ve also packed the refrigerator drawers. If you have free space, you can place towels or packing paper inside of them. Secure the fridge by placing the cardboard on its sides and securing the corners with a sponge to prevent scratches.

packing your fridge
Firstly, pack the shelves and small fridge parts, and then move on to the shelves.

Ask your friends and family for help

If you need help in packing or manipulating a heavy appliance like a fridge, make sure you book your friends and family at least a weekend in advance. That way you can be sure that they will come. You may need to take it to New York storage facilities if it turns out that you don’t have enough space for all of your items in your new home. Don’t worry, just have a number of reliable movers ready at hand. 

Hire reliable movers when packing your fridge

To make sure your relocation and packing process goes as planned, take your time before you pick the right movers for the job. Good movers can make you feel like packing the fridge is the easiest thing in the world – that’s how they make it seem. Don’t you want to have your fridge packed by professionals and have a peace of mind? Book a quality moving company and start your new life on the right foot! 


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