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U. Santini Moving & Storage offers full storage services. And in order to help you best understand our storage services and choose us among other storage companies NYC, we created a handy Frequently Asked Question section – all related to storage FAQ.

storage FAQ
In this article, we have answered all you storage FAQ.

Why use your storage services in the first place?

Almost certainly, you, like many other people who have had the opportunity to find themselves in the process of move, have repeatedly asked themselves the same question. What is best to do with extra stuff and how to avoid throwing away the things you need? And you probably couldn’t have come up with an answer so easily, and it might have occurred to you to give them to someone… Or to ask a friend or relative to put them in their basement to keep them safe while you are moving to your new home or office space. But this is definitely not the best option. You may get away with hiring cheap movers NYC but storage has to be 100% safe. Basements in many buildings are full of moisture, so your belongings can get damaged very easily.

How safe are my items in your storage?

In our storage spaces NYC, you can consider that your furniture is safe as if it were in your home or office. As professionals in the business, U. Santini Moving & Storage takes care of your belongings. Everything that you put in our units is under 24-hour supervision, and we leave nothing to chance. All our units ate protected from rain, moisture, dust and other factors that can impair the appearance and functionality your belongings. We also offer climate controlled units that can keep your valuables at the right temperature.

We will store each and every of your item with care.

Do I have access to my items?

We emphasize that you, as the owners of your things, have access at your storage at all times. Therefore, if you need any piece of furniture or any of your belongings during storage time, you can easily take it from our storage unit. This option is our way of making it easier for you to move or renovate your home or business space, keeping your belongings from potential damage.

What is the price for storage services?

Because we have a large storage space, we present the best choice for both large companies and individuals in NYC, who are ready to offer the most affordable storage conditions and maximum security for their things. If you need storage for a longer period of time, we are ready to offer you a discount on our service. Using this convenience, you will be able to easily arrange your home or business, without thinking about the safety of your belongings. Besides this, we offer storage for short time periods (such as 24h), and price depends on your needs. You can opt for climate control units, bigger storages etc.

In the end, U. Santini Moving & Storage is here to make the whole moving process easier for you! If there is a question that we didn’t answer in this storage FAQ section, please feel free to contact us to provide you with relevant information.


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