Why You Might Need Storage Before Moving Out of NYC

Moving away from a big city like New York can often be just as complicated as moving to the city. Packing up your home and preparing to move across the country, or even across the state, requires a lot of planning. Perhaps one of the most helpful organizational secrets, besides hiring a good long distance moving company, is to rent a storage facility to use as a staging center near your New York home.

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Consider using storage before you move to New York

One of the top reasons for renting a storage space before moving is to declutter your home in preparation for selling. It is easier for a real estate agent to sell a home that is free of personal belongings. Even if you are renting your space, if your landlord will be doing walk troughs with potential clients before you move out you may want to put some of your personal items in storage.

A second reason to use storage before you move is to have a place to keep boxes as you pack. If you are not paying for packing services it may take you several weeks to organize and pack your belongings. A storage facility allows you to move boxes out of your home as you pack them, freeing up space to pack more delicate items. It also helps you sort your belongings as boxes you plan to take with you can be moved into storage and boxes of items you plan to sell or donate before the move can be left in your home.

Another reason to use a storage facility before a long term move is the ease of loading your boxes into the moving truck. Moving out of an apartment means a lot of stairs and small elevators. Although movers in Brooklyn New York will be happy to move your belongings directly from your apartment, moving day will go much more quickly and cost less if your movers are loading the bulk of your truck directly from a storage unit.

While renting a storage unit is not mandatory before a big move it can often make things go a bit easier in New York City. If you are thinking about renting a storage unit discuss the idea with several Brooklyn moving companies to find out if it is right for you.


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