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When is the best time to schedule your NYC move

What pushes your buttons most about your relocation that is just around the corner? Have you thought it through? If you have then you know how overwhelming it is. But, relocating to NYC is worth it. It’s impossible to relocate there and not to lift a finger while doing so. How long did it take to opt for trustworthy moving professionals? Was decluttering emotionally charged due to all the items you’re sentimentally attached to? Do you find staying within budget challenging considering all the expenses? What about the unforeseeable ones? So, covering all the basis is not exactly a piece of cake, is it? One of the things bothering you most must be opting for the best time to schedule your NYC move, right? Well, here are a few suggestions on how to make that decision. Continue reading “When is the best time to schedule your NYC move”

Tips and tricks for relocating a chandelier

Relocating a chandelier is not an easy task, let’s get that straight immediately. You will have work cut out for you. Chandeliers can be very expensive and valuable, so you will want to be extra careful when moving them. Of course, this is not an impossible job to do. What you will need is a lot of patience, and you cannot jump over steps. You have to go one step at a time. So, lets how relocating a chandelier should go. No matter where you are moving, if you are moving to Brooklyn, from Manhattan steps are still the same. Continue reading “Tips and tricks for relocating a chandelier”

Things that can go wrong when moving

There are not many projects you can have that are more complicated than moving. And that is a fact. Relocation is time-consuming, exhausting, and, above all, expensive. On the other hand, if you plan everything to the last detail, you can prevent many troubles and have a stress-free relocation. There are numerous tips and tricks you can find online in order to prepare yourself for such a big undertaking. But even then, there are things people forget when moving. And these things could get you in the trouble. Additionally, there are some situations you can’t predict that can make your relocation harder. The most important thing is that you need to be prepared for such situations. And here we’ll talk about things that can go wrong when moving. If you are aware of these, you can make plan B, and be able to react fast. Continue reading “Things that can go wrong when moving”

Ways to identify bad landlords

Finding a new place that is right for you is not an easy task. It takes time and effort you can’t just go to the first place you find. There are many things you need to consider when you try to find an apartment to rent, the most important one is the trustworthiness of your new landlord. You need to make sure you do your homework on time, if you do not you will have a bad time when you finally move into your new home. These are the bad parts of the relocation, but you need to remember that there is a huge amount of new opportunities when you relocate. To avoid any problems you need to know how to identify bad landlords. This article will show you just that, so you do not get scammed.

How easy is to contact your new landlord

When you find an apartment you like, you have to contact the landlord. If you have a hard time reaching the landlord you that is a bad sign. If you have a hard time just to reach him for the first time, imagine if you need to contact him when you need to fix something in your apartment. This does not have to mean the landlord is bad but it is a bad sign. When you arrange your first meeting one of the best ways to identify bad landlords is to check their behavior. When the landlord arrives late and does not offer an apology it is a bad sign. If the landlord is impolite and unprofessional you can consider him as a bad landlord.

A phone
If you can’t reach your landlord it is a bad sign

Ask many questions

If the person is polite and everything seems fine you need to ask many questions. The more information you have the better. You need to find out as much as you can about your new apartment and the building it is in. How long does the landlord own the place, how long did the previous tenants live here, these are just two most common questions. If the landlord avoids any question about the apartment avoids moving in there. This how you identify bad landlords. Another obvious question you need to ask are the prices. If you know the price on time you can calculate the costs of the relocation. When you want to calculate the costs of the move get a moving quote Brooklyn. Once this is done you will know how much money you need to make the relocation a reality.

Questions, to identify bad landlords ask as many questions
To identify bad landlords ask as many questions as you can, if everything sounds good its a good sign

Terms and conditions

When you ask your question you need to check the terms of conditions. You want to avoid any unexpected costs. The unexpected costs might ruin your relocation. There is another reason you need to make sure to check the terms of conditions, and that is the expectations and the rules you have to obey. For example, can you take your precious piano to your new apartment? If you do not know this you might move your piano and then notice that you wasted your time since you can’t have one here. When you check the terms and conditions on time you might notice such things and look for the landlords that allow stuff like that. If you need help with moving pianos there are many piano movers Brooklyn. You should also check if you can live with pets in the new apartment.

A contract
Be sure you read the terms and conditions so you do not have to pay any surprising fees and so you know the rules

Check the state of the building

When you finally start to inspect your new home be sure you first check the state of the whole building. How is the public part of the building, is the landscaping done properly, is the building maintained. If the answer is no most likely the apartments are not good either.  This is important when hunting for a good apartment to rent, but it is even more important when looking for a house to rent. When you check the house this way you will know what to expect.

A building
Be sure to inspect the state of the building you are moving to, since moving is a huge step

Check the place you are renting

When you check out the apartment you need to be sure you check every detail. People that are moving to their first home might think that the minor details are not important, but they are wrong. This is because the minor problems of the apartment mean that the landlord did not invest enough in the place and the place can get more improvements. If you can live with some of the minor inconveniences ask for the lower prices. It is easy to identify bad landlords when he refuses to acknowledge the little problems. If the apartment is in a very bad state it is obvious you should just go away, it is not worth your time.

Talk to other tenants if you want to identify a bad landlord

A great way to check if the landlord is good is to ask other people about it. Just go around the building and ask questions. Other tenants will share their experience in the building if they are positive you might not have much to worry about. If your new neighbors are not positive about the landlord this is a bad sign.

Moving to a new place is a great thing for you. It gives you a lot of opportunities, but it can be ruined by a bad landlord. This is why you need to do your research on time. If you move to a place with a bad landlord you will have a bad time. You might even have to move out again.

How to move your exotic pet to Brooklyn

Before you throw a goodbye party, leave your current home and head to Brooklyn, you need to deal with a lot of tasks. They become even more complex when you have to move your exotic pet to Brooklyn as well. Understandably, being a wet blanket in these circumstances doesn’t help much. Quite the opposite, you need optimism, concentration, careful planning and willingness to act. So, don’t waste your time and get down to some work immediately. Here are some useful tips to help you.

To move your exotic pet to Brooklyn – prepare well!

When you need to move your exotic pet to Brooklyn, the number of to-do things on your moving checklist will significantly increase. Not only do you have to search and find cheap movers Brooklyn, but you also need to prepare your precious pet for relocation too. The appropriate strategy you have to apply depends greatly on the type of your pet. However, it is possible to define a set of general rules to obey in these circumstances. Here they are:

  • Prepare the documents required to move your exotic pet to Brooklyn. Consequently, your list of important moving documents will be much longer than usual. You will need both the medical record of your pet and the health certificate. So, seeing a vet is inevitable. Although it will take some of your time, use this opportunity to ask the vet for advice on proper transportation method. Besides, the vet could provide you with recommendations for a new pet doctor in Brooklyn. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your dear pet.
  • Prepare an adequate carrier for your exotic friend. It should be non-breakable, well-ventilated and big enough for your pet to move freely. However, it shouldn’t be too big because it increases the chances of your pet getting hurt during the transport. It is very similar to choosing the right size moving boxes, isn’t it? Also, pay attention to cooling and heating elements since temperature changes have a negative effect on these animals.
To move your exotic pet to Brooklyn you need an appropriate carrier.
Prepare an adequate carrier for your exotic friend.
  • If your dear friend is venomous, make sure to keep it in a double containment unit. Only this way will you provide proper protection for both the animal and the people in its surrounding.
  • Before you move your exotic pet to Brooklyn, give it some time to get used to the carrier. The Humane Society of The United States suggests starting with these preparations well in advance. This is the only way to make the relocation stressful to the minimal extent for your beloved ones.
To move your eotic pet to Brooklyn, preparations are necessary.
To move your exotic pet to Brooklyn, prepare well.

Packing for relocation when you move your exotic pet to Brooklyn

The difficulty level of necessary packing for the move will depend on the distance of your new home. Understandably, when you move your exotic pet to Brooklyn, you need to move its home too. The longer the distance, the trickier it is to pack. For example, if you are moving locally, all you need to do is put the terrarium into a well-padded crate and make enough holes on it to let the air and light inside. Then, label the crate visibly and clearly so that it is dealt with care when loaded and unloaded from the appropriate moving truck Brooklyn.

On the other side, if you are moving long distance, the packing is much more complicated. You need to empty the terrarium step by step and secure each part properly. It is of utter importance to keep the original environment as much as possible since it will help significantly to your exotic pets once they get to the new address.

The moving day – how to make it the least stressful for your exotic pet?

If you apply the above-mentioned strategy of helping your pet get used to a carrier on time, there should be no difficulties on the day of your move. As when moving with kids, keep your pet away from the hustle and bustle of loading things onto a moving truck. Also, when you separate all the essentials you need on a moving day, don’t forget about the necessary things for your exotic friend. You will need some food, a lot of drinking water, medications, comfort toys, and similar items.

While traveling to your new home in Brooklyn, try not to make frequent breaks. Otherwise, your exotic pet will suffer considerable stress. The best solution is to try and spend as little time in transport as possible. It will be beneficial for both you and the animal.

Frequent breaks are harmulf when moving your exotic pets.
Make the moving day the least stressful for your pet.

After you move your exotic pet to Brooklyn, the adjustment period is unavoidable

When you finally get to your new address, help your pet adjust to the new conditions. With exotic animals, this isn’t quite difficult to accomplish since all they need is to be put in their familiar environment. It will take some time for them to recover from the journey, but the familiar surrounding will make them feel safe again. Once you move your exotic pet to Brooklyn successfully, you can celebrate by visiting one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn.

Final words on how to move your exotic pet to Brooklyn

As an owner of an exotic pet, you have probably gone through numerous difficulties to find information on everyday needs, behavior, and habits of your exotic friend. Furthermore, finding specialized items for these pets is also very complicated. Nevertheless, when they become a part of your life, a day without them becomes unimaginable. If your next life step is moving to Brooklyn, you need to move your exotic pet to Brooklyn too. Here are some hints to remember:

  • Prepare the necessary documents for your exotic pet on time
  • Find an appropriate crate to transport your pet from your current home to the new home in Brooklyn
  • Help your pet get used to the crate in advance
  • Pack your pets’ home and necessary items
  • Don’t make frequent stops on your way to Brooklyn, but try to reach your new home as soon as possible
  • Once you settle in your new Brooklyn home, enjoy the change with your precious animal friend. Your mission to move your exotic pet to Brooklyn has been successful.

How to Store perishable food safely?

Ever read a text on the Internet claiming that you have been doing a certain everyday thing incorrectly? Something along the lines of ”You’ve been peeling bananas wrong your whole life!”, or ”This is how you properly wash hair”. We’ve never been a fan of those. Besides often falling a victim to the Appeal to nature fallacy, there is also a certain arrogance in claiming that your way is the only proper way. Having said that, there are things that can be done in an objectively superior manner. One of them is the way you store perishable food safely. Luckily, the following text will address this matter in detail. Continue reading “How to Store perishable food safely?”



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