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The advantages of NYC long term storage


Are you looking for a secure and convenient solution for storing your items? Long-term storage might be the answer! No matter what your needs are, there are many advantages of NYC long term storage. Whether you are moving, downsizing, or simply renovating your home. You can choose a unit that can fit your items and that fits your budget, and leave your belongings in a safe and guarded environment. For all of this to be true, you do need a little research and preparation. Once you know how to properly prepare and pack your belongings, you can choose a company and a storage unit. For this, you will need a trustworthy company, such as U.Santini Moving & Storage, whose movers can help you with the whole process. They can also help you with loading your items so you avoid damage or injuries to yourself.

Advantages of NYC long term storage

There are so many people who are using New York storage facilities, whether for shorter or longer periods. If you are also considering it, but you are not sure, let us mention all the advantages of NYC long term storage. One of the biggest advantages you can have is the amount of money you can save by using it. With many things around your home, you might feel like it is overcrowded. Before you decide to move to a new place and pay high rent for a larger apartment or house, you can rent a storage unit. Your items can be stored in a secure facility for a fraction of the cost. This is especially beneficial when you live in expensive cities like New York City.

Furthermore, with long-term storage, you will free up space in your home or office. By storing items you don’t use regularly, you can create more room and reduce clutter. Having too many things in the space you live and work in can cause negativity and stress. Once you get them out, you can improve the overall organization and make your living or working space more comfortable.

A line of storage units symbolizing advantages of NYC long term storage
Learn about all the advantages of NYC long term storage

Another benefit is during a transition to a new home or office. It is especially helpful for people who don’t have too much time or large vehicles. You can place all of your heavy and bulky items in a safe space and not worry about them for a while. The convenience storage facilities provide means you will be able to reach them once you need them again.

Learn about proper preparation and storage techniques

Before you go and load your belongings into a unit you chose, you should first prepare them properly. Doing so will ensure that they stay damage free and in the same condition you took them in. There are a few things you can do in this step. First, start by decluttering your things. This is a great thing to do before any major change in your housing, moving, or renovation. Over time things accumulate, and going through everything to decide what stays and what goes is a good practice. It will lower the number of things you are putting into storage, and automatically decrease the cost of your storage rent. With fewer things, you will need a smaller unit.

Further, you should clean and dry your things. Make sure this is done thoroughly. When you pack them clean and dry, you will prevent any dirt or moisture from possibly damaging the item. If you are depositing furniture that can be disassembled, do it. Be sure to keep all of the screws and smaller items in the same place. You can also label them. Disassembled furniture can save up on space and can be easier to stack up. This especially comes in handy with bulky items and those with different shapes.

A person cleaning a working surface
You should clean and dry your belongings before storing them

How to pack your boxes and containers?

When the time for packing comes, you should know how to do it so you don’t damage anything. When packing a storage unit, it is a good idea to use clear plastic containers, as they will show you what is inside of them. If you want to stick with boxes, make sure you buy sturdy ones. Having quality packing materials can prolongate their life span and protect your items.

Once you decide where you will put items, don’t overfill the box or a container. Instead, you want to place enough things inside so they don’t necessarily move but also don’t rub on each other. After that, fill the rest of the space with materials like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or newspaper. Always label each box or container so you know where you packed what. For items that won’t be in a box, you can use protective covers. These can be great for things like mattresses, sofas, and chairs. By doing so you can keep them clean and dust-free.

How to load your storage unit and keep it organized?

Once you are ready to place your items into self storage in Brooklyn, you should also look for the best ways to keep them organized and accessible. It complements the evident advantages of NYC long term storage. Firstly, plan how you will arrange everything. Separate a unit into a few fields, one for things you will almost never need, one for seasonal items, and one for things you will use and need more often. Once you have that type of separation, place items you won’t need in the back, and those you will need access to in the front. Don’t forget to leave a path through the items so that you can walk to other parts without jumping over the boxes. Secondly, you can add some shelves and racks to your unit. This is a great way to keep things off the ground and have a better overview, and also more space.

Carton boxes in a room
All you need is enough cardboard boxes to have the safest relocation possible. Make sure you get enough.

No matter if you decide to use boxes or clear containers, you need a good labeling system. You can label the boxes and then additionally write a list of items that are inside. This is especially helpful when you have a lot of smaller items in one place. Once you need something, you will be able to find it easily. When placing boxes into a storage unit, stack them carefully. Place those which are heavier at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Doing so will prevent items from falling and damaging.

What to do with items that require extra protection?

There are some items that require extra protection, such as antique furniture, artwork, and family heirlooms. You want to take a little more care when it comes to these items. They can be very delicate and valuable, and ensuring they are safe should be the top priority. Protecting antique furniture can be done with padding and protective covers to prevent scratches and dents.

If you have some artwork you want to safely keep, wrap them in acid-free paper and place them in a flat, secure box. Be careful when you place them into a unit and always make sure they are in a position that won’t damage them. If you want to protect your family heirlooms, this will depend on the items. You can also wrap them in acid-free paper or cloth before placing them in a protective container. Before you store your cherished possessions, think about the storage unit options, as climate-controlled units are recommended for further protection.

Room filled with antique furniture
Things like antique furniture and artwork might require additional protection

Get help from professionals working in moving and storage companies

When using public storage New York, you should consider getting help from moving and storage companies. Many of them offer loading services, which means that their professional movers will come to your location and pack up your items for you. By choosing to hire movers and their services, you can save your time and most importantly protect both your belongings and yourself. Trying to pick up and move large heavy furniture can lead to some injuries, and movers can prevent this. They will come with their tools plus their experience. This also means they will be able to prevent any damage to your items during loading.

Since there are many such companies in NYC, always do your research. It is very important to find a company which is reliable and you can trust with your items. Ask for their licenses, and check what their other clients had to say. They should have a review section on their website, where you can do this. Furthermore, when choosing a storage facility, be sure to ask about their protective measurements. You should rent storage from a company with multiple security, such as cameras, a team of security, and gated facilities. This is how you will have peace of mind knowing that your items are looked after.

License policy can protect you in case of any mishap

Never skip asking about the license policy which covers your items while they are in a storage unit. Most companies will always offer a basic package, which protects your belongings in case of loss, theft, fire, or natural disasters. You can also upgrade this policy to the one that offers more coverage. This is best to think about if you are storing your valuable items, like cars, antiques, or artwork. Always make sure you read the whole contract and see if it works for you and your belongings. It is important to be covered no matter what happens, and insurance is not something you should skip.

An insurance policy on a table complements advantages of NYC long term storage
Having insurance coverage will save you money and complements advantages of NYC long term storage

Types of long-term storage options

Choosing the right storage option is important. There are several options, but there are also factors such as location and price. Renting a storage unit that is close to your home will mean that you need to spend much less time getting to it. Since New York City is a very large city, look into options that are close to you to save time and money. Besides location, a storage unit should also be easily accessible. Imagine you are trying to store all of your large wardrobes and you must carry them a long distance to the door. Or worse yet, up the stairs. Budget is always an important factor, and you can do research before renting storage to see the average price. Once you know this information you can plan your budget and find a company that offers storage that fits with your plan.

Now onto the storage options, you can consider. As we mentioned before, climate-controlled storage is often recommended for special items and valuable belongings. This type is designed so it always keeps a consistent temperature and humidity level. In return, materials such as wood and metal won’t crack, or get damaged from long time storage. Warehouse storage is a cheaper version, and is often used by companies or people who need to store large quantities of items.

Another popular option is self-storage, which comes in many different sizes so it fits your needs. These are great because you can also rent them for a shorter time. Think about the best cheap storage New York for what you need and choose one that is close and fits your budget.

A white thermostat on a white wall is one of advantages of NYC long term storage
Climate-controlled units will additionally protect your items

Use storage units during moving, renovating, or downsizing

The advantages of NYC long term storage can be useful in many life situations. Whether you are moving, renovating, or downsizing. Renting cheap storage Brooklyn, or anywhere else in New York City is a game changer. During moves, you can take advantage of self-storage options, especially onsite ones. They can be filled with items until you sort out everything with your new home, or until you are finished transporting everything else you need. No matter how long you need your items stored, they will be in a safe environment while you focus on the transition to your new home. Renovations can be stressful and messy on their own, and the best way to avoid this is to look into storage. This can not only make it less messy but will also prevent your items from damage that may occur during the renovation works. Finally, if you decided to downsize, you can definitely use the benefits of a storage unit. You can store your things until you decide what to do with them, or you sell them.

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