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The benefits of storage while renovating

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When renovations are on the horizon, you already have enough on your plate. With storage, renovating is simple and straightforward. Renovation work often costs more than you expect – storage facilities do not. Storage is the easiest way to store furniture and your belongings while renovating. When renovating, everything is upside down – the apartment is already too small and you never really have room to work comfortably. Therefore there are many benefits of storage while renovating. On top of that, you run the risk of damaging your expensive furniture with paint or sharp-edged materials. U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn can help you with choosing the best storage solution for you.


When you move into your new four walls, you want to feel at home. This often includes your own “paint job”. Or can you just not stand the old colors and patterns on the kitchen wall after years? Then get to the brush! But what is essential to complete the renovation work at home quickly and conscientiously? Correct: A lot of space! Preferably even completely empty rooms for effective work. But where to put the furniture, decorations, and all the little things you’ve grown fond of over the years? Correct: Store all your treasures safely in storage units for as long as you want! It is possible to get an overview of how big a storage room needs to be in order to store all items in advance.

House renovation
Everything that you do not need at the time of renovation you can store.

Benefits of storage while renovating

During a renovation, you often need to strip the wall of wallpaper, replace electronics, or break up walls. To prevent furniture from being damaged by the projects, it is recommended to move the items out of storage in the meantime. For this purpose, it is good to store smaller parts of the furniture in the attic or basement. But if you need these rooms also for renovation, it is possible to store the belongings in a storage room. Thus, you can well protect the inventory from dust, high humidity, or paint by painting. This also saves space for the craftsmen, painters, or electricians. Once you store everything safely, the room will leave a different impression. A storage room is also a good choice if you need it for several months. With storage, you can safely store your items until you have done your work.

Tips and tricks for perfect furniture storage

When storing furniture, it is possible to stack the moving boxes and the furniture, thus creating more storage space. You should avoid placing the stored goods directly against the wall. This will ensure good ventilation in the storage room and prevent the items from starting to mold. When storing, you can use the whole height, which means that the furniture can be placed on edge. The objects that you do not use store in the back. It is advisable to make an inventory list or site plan so that you know where items or moving boxes are located. This again provides an overview of the belongings, even during storage. Once you have stowed all your furnishings in your storage room, you can throw yourself into renovating your home with full energy.

Storage of removal goods – for as long as you wish

It is up to you how long you want your belongings to be stored. Whether it is only a few days or weeks or whether you want to store your belongings for several months or even years – the decision at this point is also entirely up to you. Talk to your moving company and together you will find the right solution for your individual needs. Upon request, it is possible to store here a wide variety of goods, up to the entire household goods. So that you can renovate without any obstacles, the storage of moving goods makes sense in many cases. Public storage New York offers an extremely convenient and flexible solution in such cases. Providers are specialized in such situations and help their customers to choose the right storage space.

Benefits of storage while renovating
This way, you can already include in the planning the costs for storage during the renovation.

You can rent storage as long as you need

Renovations do not take very long and you can usually complete them in a few weeks. If you now need to rent additional storage space, it is therefore important that the rental agreements are extremely flexible. This is the case with storage facilities Brooklyn. Here you can rent a suitable storage space for as little as one week. Rental contracts you can also extend or terminate early without any complications. If contrary to expectations, the workers have completed the renovation work early, then the rental agreement can be easily terminated, thus saving you costs. There is no need to worry about the safety of your belongings. The items in a storage room are not only protected against theft, due to excellent ventilation, but they also remain in excellent condition.

More benefits of storage while renovating

During renovation or conversion measures on residential or commercial buildings, freely cleared areas are the order of the day. Offices and other companies usually have a need for storage of files, documents, and appropriate cabinets during renovation and reconstruction. In particular, the storage of furniture, fabrics, files, and books requires mandatory dry storage space in the storage. Storage providers have adapted to this need. The offer includes safe, dry rental storage rooms, which are handed over in a well-kept condition, free of dirt, dust, and annoying subtenants. As a rule, rental storage facilities you can book with one day’s notice and you can terminate at short notice.

Man signing contract in office
One more benefit of storage while renovating is that due to the individually agreed rental period and short notice periods, the user does not incur any economic risk.


Now that you know all benefits of storage while renovating you will have no doubt that this is a good solution. You can renovate without any obstacles and without worrying about your furniture being damaged. Get in touch with us and start your renovation stress-free after we help you store safely your belongings.

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