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What are the best NYC neighborhoods for musicians? Lets find out!

The best NYC neighborhoods for musicians

There are places in NYC that are simply better suited for musicians and artists than the rest of them. These places have everything that aspiring musicians might need to start or continue their careers. Whether it is the Sunset Park, Navy Yard, or any other place that is attractive for artists, the only thing that you need to do is give movers NYC a call and they will get you and your belongings there. In this particular article, we will be looking into some of the most famous NYC neighborhoods for musicians and try to explain why they are such a solid choice. Also, we will be providing you with a small list of neighborhoods that are known for their live music. These areas will happily house more musicians to add to their renown and prestige.

So, without further ado, let’s see:

What are the best NYC neighborhoods for musicians and artists?

Three neighborhoods really stand out, when it comes to attractiveness to musicians and they are:

  • Red Hook
  • Sunset Park
  • Navy Yard
One of the best places to move to – Red Hook!

Red Hook

Red Hook is a really scenic neighborhood, full of shipyards and warehouses. It also has a really good view of the Statue of Liberty, a muse to many aspiring artists. It also houses Pioneer Works, founded by an artist Dustin Yellin, in 2012. Dustin came to NYC to become an artist but had no idea what was he going into. He quickly realized how important art is to the people of this district and his premises now have 25 thousand square feet! In this space, you can find many artist studios, spaces for performances and exhibitions, as well as a recording studio and a science lab.

This place is the most important reason why the artist community in Red Hook is thriving as it is. People are more inclined to new things, always on the lookout for some new song or an album. This is definitely one of the best places for a budding musician, no doubt about it!

Sunset Park

Next, we have a neighborhood that used to be full of middle-class factory workers. This place is now a veritable new frontier for the clothes industry. What does this have to do with music, you ask? Well, the garment industry is always looking for new theme songs and accompanying musical support. You can definitely put your ideas out there and see if people like them.

All in all, many creative people choose to live in this area, as accredited by piano movers Brooklyn, who have had a lot of work here in the past few years. And creativity spurs creativity. Fashion spurs music and vice versa. That is the main reason that the neighborhood of Sunset Park is so great for musicians and other artists alike. Its industry is also booming, as well as its economic power. As every musician knows, a wealthy patron is sometimes needed in order to advance your work, and Sunset Park is the perfect place to search for one.

Navy Yard

This waterfront community used to be an industrial giant back in the days of WWII. The world-famous U.S.S. Missouri came from the shipyard of Navy Yard. Nowadays, the area is known for its tech and art scene, both of which are currently thriving. There are many scientific and art exhibits in the area, like Marco Sea’s New Lab and BLDG 92.

But the main attraction of Navy Yard is its visiting artist program, housed in BLDG 92. This is a great way for every artist, musicians and other artists alike, to show his or her work to the public. What more can an aspiring musician ask than to have a place to ply his or her trade? And Navy Yard is the place where they can do just that. However, while you are still visiting, you can also check on some best neighborhoods for millennials too!

Navy Yard – Place well known for art and tech scene.

The best NYC neighborhoods for musicians with live music!

And then there are places which have phenomenal live music gatherings. If you wish to try and get in on the action, the best places to do so are:

  • Bushwick
  • Williamsburg
  • Greenwich Village


Bushwick is the new best place for the creative crowd to gather, ever since Williamsburg all but gave in to the hipsters. In the last decade, more and more artists, musicians, sculptors, and the like flocked to Bushwick. The amount of galleries nearby and within the border is simply amazing.

But perhaps the greatest thing that a musician can ask is present here. Acceptance. Every artist is happily accepted in this area. Everyone expects great things from the residents of Bushwick.


And speaking of Williamsburg, it is still one of the greatest places for musicians to gather, albeit ones with a bit deeper pockets. Dubbed as the “hipster capital of the world” by many, Williamsburg has plenty of demand for musicians and artists of all kinds.

Regardless of your genre of music, you will be able to ply your trade in this place. Every genre is established in this area.

Greenwich Village

We saved the best for last.

There simply cannot be a list of the best neighborhoods for musicians without mentioning the Greenwich Village. One has only to mention Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, both of whom originated from Greenwich. The fact of the matter is that this is the place to be if you follow the underground music culture. For decades, musicians and patrons gathered in many venues all around the neighborhood. Places like The Bitter End, Cafe Wha?, Smalls Jazz Club, and many more have produced numerous great musicians.

Greenwich Village – One of the best places for you if you are following the underground music culture.

Contact professional mover to assist you and help your find the best NYC neighborhoods for musicians

Moving into another neighborhood is not a task that you can simply do on your own. The best thing to do is to find a reliable partner, who will take the proverbial load off your shoulders. Moving companies offer a wide range of services, in order to make your relocation as painless as possible. You want to get back to your creativity as soon as possible, you will need their help.


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