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The Challenges of Piano Moving


Packing up all of your belongings is a challenge even by itself. However, if you have a piano, it will be even more of an exciting adventure. Namely, a piano truly is a beautiful instrument which produces the most magical melodies. However, it’s shape and dimensions only add to the challenges of piano moving. Since this incredible instrument has a very unique build and design, it requires special attention when moving. For example, if you’re dealing with a spinet piano, you will have to figure out how to relocate around 300 pounds. On the other hand, if you have a concert grand piano, you might have to deal with up to a thousand pounds of cargo.

a concert grand piano
The weight of your piano plays an important role

Therefore, you’ll need a lot of help if you want to safely overcome all the challenges of piano moving. While you might be able to move it by yourself, keep in mind that it involves a lot of physics. Also, seasoned professionals who are properly trained for the challenges that come with moving a piano are definitely a great option. Nevertheless, there are a few pros and cons you should consider before deciding how you will move your precious instrument. If you are interested in finding out what these are, read all about it in the following paragraphs.

Learn about the internal mechanism of the piano

parts of a piano in light
The internal mechanism of the piano is pretty intricate

Before deciding how you’ll move your piano, you have to consider how it is built and what’s on the inside. Firstly, there is the cast iron plate which holds most of the piano’s weight. It is just above the soundboard and it also holds tensions of the strings which are massive. Because of this, the cast iron frame is always the heaviest part of this amazing musical instrument. Additionally, this part of the piano is also called the harp.

Furthermore, the type of piano determines the weight of the harp. For example, since upright and grand pianos are a lot larger, they also have a pretty large and heavy harp. However, a spinet or a vertical piano is much smaller and therefore don’t have a heavy harp. With this in mind, you can easily see that the challenges of piano moving will be greater if you have a bigger one. This will especially be a problem if you have to maneuver it through a tight door or get it down a steep staircase. Therefore, the best option would be to get professionals with a moving truck Brooklyn. They are trained to help you safely get the piano out of your home. Also, they will ensure the safe relocation of your precious musical instrument to your new home.

The four essentials for overcoming the challenges of piano moving

Anyone and everyone will agree that moving a piano on your own definitely is not an easy task. Not only can you damage the piano, but you also risk getting injured yourself. In this unfortunate situation, you will only end up wasting precious time and money. Fully healing your injuries will inevitably take a long time, but the damage to the piano might not be fixable.

However, if you still want to do it by yourself, moving a smaller piano is quite possible. Still, keep in mind that this is in no way a one-person job. You will definitely need a team of helpers, preferably trained professionals or assistants. Another thing that may be of help is a mobile storage unit. Also, there are exactly four essential items you will need to successfully manage the move. These four essentials include:

  • A hand truck or a moving dolly with four big wheels
  • Security straps for furniture relocation
  • Thick and protective blankets for furniture
  • A moving truck/vehicle with a ramp for loading and unloading.
small piano with flowers / challenges of piano moving
Moving a small piano may be possible!

Again, the best way to obtain all of these items if to find a suitable moving company. Most likely, they already have all of these essentials and will make the relocation of your piano completely stress-free.

Professional piano movers will know all the best techniques

Since the challenges of piano moving are legit, professional piano movers have to know all the best techniques. Again, this isn’t an easy task and not everyone will be able to safely do it. This is due to the extreme weight of the instrument. This weight will cause a lot of troubles for the movers. For example, all pianos are pretty bulky and balancing even the smaller ones is a real challenge. This is why you will need someone who has a lot of skill and is able to handle these problems. Also, it would be amazing if you get one of many storage facilities Brooklyn. In doing this, you will ensure that you have safe storage space for your musical instrument!

Also, there is much more to moving a piano than getting it out of your home and into a truck. If you are a proud owner of a larger piano, you will have to deal with a few extra steps. Namely, before actually moving the piano, you will first have to ‘’break it down’’. Firstly, you’ll have to take off the legs of the piano, then the pedal box, and lastly the music rack. Afterward, you will have to mount them onto your piano’s skid board. Make sure you do this on their long side to ensure maximum safety.

The most dangerous part of piano moving

Whether you have to deal with a staircase or crane, climbing or descending with a piano will be difficult. This is definitely the most dangerous part of this kind of relocation. Namely, you might need a professional crane to be able to move the heavy instrument up or down the stairs. Since the physical aspect is often the biggest issue, moving a piano by yourself might not be the best choice. Hiring professionals will make the challenges of piano moving almost non-existent. Specifically, it will make the process a lot easier, less exhausting and a lot safer!

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