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The Difference Between Condo and House Moving


Choosing where you want to live is quite hard. Houses and condos both have their advantages and disadvantages. They also require different approaches to moving. If you’re ever in need to move, do not hesitate to hire help from storage and moving Brooklyn. They are equipped to deal with both types of relocations. But first, you need to learn something about both condo and house moving. Here is an extensive guide to the difference between condo and house moving.

Learn what is a house and what is a condo before starting your moving process

house is a free-standing residence with four outer walls. Those walls are not connected to any residential structure. It’s usually on a lot that has a yard in the front or the back. The owner of the house also owns the land on which the house sits and other structures like a detached garage or in-law unit.

There are many similarities between apartments and condos, but don’t forget they’re quite different

condo, short for condominium, looks like an apartment, but you don’t rent it you own it. Condos are often in a shared building or a complex. Not all condo complexes have the same stuff, it all depends on their size and location. They can have parking garages, and swimming pools and some even have gyms. The residents don’t maintain those common areas. It’s the condo board or homeowners’ association (HOA) that takes care of that, in addition to the exterior of the building.

The biggest difference between condo and house moving is the privacy

It’s well-known that you won’t have much privacy while living in a condo. Yes, you have separate units from your neighbors. And yes, the walls are thicker to prevent noise complaints. But don’t forget that you’re living in a shared space. You will share a common area with all of your neighbors. This is not the case when moving house. Although your neighbors are nearby, you don’t share any space.

Privacy is the biggest difference between condo and house moving. Moving to a house means much more privacy

This is important to consider when moving. There won’t be much privacy. Your condo neighbors will be able to see what you’re moving in. Especially if your furniture or belongings aren’t packed nicely. To ensure you’ve adequately packed, hire furniture movers Brooklyn. This way you will protect your privacy to the best of your ability.

Consider the neighbors

Although both houses and condos have neighbors nearby, the situation with condo moving is much different. In a condo, you have neighbors both above and below you. Similarly, because there is a shared common space, neighbors are also on the same floor as you. This is why it’s of the highest importance to make your relocation as quiet and fast as possible. You don’t want your neighbors to start filing complaints before you’ve moved in.

This does not mean that when moving house, you will not encounter problems with your neighbors. It’s best to keep your relocation short and simple either way. To avoid having problems with your neighbors, whether you’re moving house or condo, be sure to ask for professional help. The best help you can get is from residential movers Brooklyn. They’ll handle all of your moving logistics, you just have to sit and observe. They are quick and efficient, which means you won’t be an inconvenience to your neighbors for too long.

Making improvements is only possible when moving to a house

A big difference between condo and house moving is how many improvements you’ll be able to make. When moving to a new house, you will usually make a few adjustments before calling the space your own. Such as building or tearing down certain walls. However, when it comes to condo moving, to make such changes, you will have to ask for permission. Given that condo regulations are quite strict, sometimes those requests get declined. This is something you have to keep in mind when moving to a condo. Your old furniture will most likely have to fit in the already-designed space.

Don’t make any adjustments to your condo before getting the required permission

For this reason, you need to hire expert movers who already have experience in relocating to a condo. They will know how to make these adjustments and make your settle-in period much easier. If you’re looking for trustworthy movers in NYC, be sure to check out local movers Brooklyn. They’ll do the heavy lifting for you and make the stressful moving process go by much smoother.

Condo vs House: biggest differences

Here are some of the biggest differences between condos and houses:

  • Ability to customize – When you own a house, you can do pretty much whatever you want to it. Of course, provided it adheres to your local jurisdiction’s ordinances. That is not the case with condos, as the regulations regarding renovating are quite strict.
  • Privacy and space – When living in a house, you will be farther away from your neighbors. This means you won’t have to worry about excess noise or privacy issues. In a condo, you will have to keep in mind the proximity to your neighbors when making noise or dealing with a private issue.
  • Chance to sell– It’s easier to sell a house because you don’t have to get the approval of an HOA (Homeowners Association), which is the case with condos. Houses also offer a better return on investment than condos.
  • Price – A house can be much more expensive than a condo or other type of property. However, this does depend on its location, size and many other factors,
  • Maintenance – In a condo, you’re not obliged to maintain your property. Whereas with a house, you’re tasked with maintaining the property, both indoors and out. This can be an additional financial burden for you.
  • Built-in community – Compared to a condo, in which you have a common area, it can feel more isolating to be in a house. You won’t run into neighbors as frequently in a house, which can be a downside if you value social opportunities. For people who prefer solitude, having a house is a better option.

Bottom line

Both houses and condos have their advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, their moving processes have similarities and differences. They can get quite complicated and it’s important to keep them in mind while moving. Hopefully, our article has helped clear some of your dilemmas regarding the difference between condo and house moving. Whichever you choose, be sure that, with the help of professional movers, your relocation will be stress-free!

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