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The downsides of in-home storage


Almost everyone has some kind of storage space nowadays. You can choose between a lot of options like finding cheap storage New York. If yours is in your home, there are some downsides of in-home storage. We will be discussing these downsides and we will figure out if there are some of them you can avoid.

Do downsides of in-home storage exist?

To be quite honest, yes, of course. There are downsides to everything in life, the same applies to in-home storage. You will notice them on your own but we think being prepared might help you avoid some of them. The first thing you should know, and this is just advice that applies to everything, is to hire a good Brooklyn moving service to help you with whatever you need.

Shelves-downside of in-home storage
One of the downsides of in-home storage is having little space.

What are the downsides of in-home storage?

We will name some of them that we know are the most common ones.

One of the biggest downsides of in-home storage is clutter

When you just got into your apartment, it was probably tidy and clean. But over time, you gathered a lot of different things. You placed them in one box under the bed, or in your closet. Then came the second box, third and so on. It is rather easy to clutter your home. And if you think that having in-home storage is a great idea – it is not. Your home will be full of things that you do not use or need on a daily basis. Also, none of those belongings will be safe. And when you decide to call Brooklyn moving service you will pay a much higher price. Simply, if you have a lot of things to relocate the price will go up.

girl on a floor with clothes
With in-home storage your home will be cramped

And, one of the biggest downsides of storing items in your home is that you will always feel cramped. You will not have enough space for new belongings, and you will constantly move things around.

Your items are not safe

One of the downsides of in-home storage is the fact that your items are not safe. They are not in a climate-controlled unit, they are not safely packed and stored. If you compare the storage unit and your in-home storage you will see that the storage unit is adjusted. It is designed to keep all of your belongings safe and you have a lot of room to organize it how you need it. Also, you can easily break some of your belongings this way.

The main downside of in-home storage is lack of space

If you live in an apartment in NYC, you probably don’t have enough space for all fo your belongings. And creating in-home storage requires you to give up some part of your apartment. Simply, You need space for the items you want to store, and you need to make sure that it is stored properly. You need to pack it like you are moving with the help of an NYC moving company. Simply, nicely packed boxes will take less space and your belongings will be safer.

Couple sitting on a sofa
With in-home storage you will need to plan your space carefully

It will take more of your time and money

If you are thinking of creating in-home storage and you think that it will save you money and time- it won’t. That specially designated space in your home will require more cleaning and it will take time and money to adjust that space for storage. And although you can find online a lot of different solutions for storage – it will cost you a lot of money. But, if you choose a storage unit you will get everything except boxes. And it will save you time and money!

Poor organization

Since we mentioned how important organizing your items is, we will continue with that topic. If your storage space is poorly organized then you will never know what you have in there, and even if you do, you will not be able to find it or get to it because of all the things laying around everywhere. We understand that you do not have the time and energy to think about the storage too, you have more important things in life to worry about. Still, a poorly organized storage means a poorly organized life, if you think about it long enough. Choose a day, give yourself a few hours, and organize that storage already.

Poorly organized items lead to possible damage and loss of those items.

Bug infestation!

You do realize that almost all problems that are linked to in-home storage can be solved with some proper organization? Storage space is closed most of the time because it is used to store certain items and mostly the ones you do not need every minute or every hour for that matter. These spaces can be neglected sometimes and that means that the little, cute, and little, not so cute, bugs and pests can get in there and not be bothered. To prevent this from happening, keep your storage clean. You do not have to clean it every day, nobody has that time on their hands. Just clean it from time to time because a lot of dust, germs, and bacteria can get layered all over your storage, and your items. Mice and other pests can also be a problem but not that often.

Additional downsides of in-home storage

These are not the only problems you can find, just the most common ones as we have previously stated. You will probably have many more but we are almost certain that all of them can be solved or better said, prevented, if you keep your storage clean and well organized all the time.

Little bug
Little bugs can be a problem if your storage is not clean and organized!

Childproofing your storage

One thing we would like to emphasize is the fact that kids are very adventurous and curious. Storage is something that amazes them in many ways. They perceive it as a room full of things they would like to touch and play with. You probably have various items in your storage and some of them are most probably on shelves and can fall. You have some glass, some metal, plastic items, whatever. Because of this, we recommend that you keep your storage locked so your kids do not get the idea to get in there and see what their parent is hiding. To feed their curiosity a little, you can show them what you keep in your storage space and let them see that there is nothing that interesting but there are some things that can be dangerous.

Those were the downsides and how to avoid them

These were the most common downsides of in-home storage but not all. We have also mentioned a few tips on how to prevent them. Remember that the most important one is to keep your storage clean and organized. If you do not, you are risking bugs, filth, and many more problems we have and have not mentioned. We really do hope that our tips were helpful and that you will use them. If not, we hope that we, at least, gave you some ideas and inspiration for other solutions for those possible problems that may occur. However you choose to do things, we wish you good luck! 

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