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Streets of Harlem

The insider’s guide to living in Harlem

Are you thinking about moving your home and life to Harlem? If the answer to this question is positive, then you are in the right place. This unique neighborhood of NYC, situated in Manhattan, can provide you with an interesting life full of thrills. In this article, we will try to give you the insight into what living in Harlem really looks like.

We know that relocation to a new place isn’t such an easy process. It involves your time, money and energy. Choosing the right time for moving and planning how far in advance to book movers can be stressful.  Especially the part where you should uproot yourself from your habits, family, and friends. Nevertheless, moving is a positive change in one’s life that brings a lot of joy. Especially if you decided to start living in Harlem. In the text below you will find out why Harlem might be the perfect living spot for you.

Let us start from the beginning

We’ve already mentioned that moving is a big event and that can take a lot of your energy. The key to good preparation for a relocation is making a good moving plan. Gathering all possible information about the place where you about to move and all costs is very important. The most important part is finding a reliable moving company that can take care of all your belongings, at reasonable prices. Money is here a crucial factor when relocating, so getting familiar with all moving costs Brooklyn, can help you understand how to plan your moving budget, and where to pay special attention. And of course, making a moving checklist is something which cannot be missed. The list with all the tasks that you are about to have will be your guide throughout the entire experience.

When moving to Harlem it is very important to find reliable moving company
            Finding a reliable moving company

Facts about Harlem

We would not be giving you the full picture of this place without mentioning a few words about its history. In the 17th century, Central Harlem was a Dutch village and had a major role in the Revolutionary War. 200 years later it was a village place, since the 1920s. That was the time when Harlem start being a residential and cultural center of African Americans. Great migration moved them to this place, and made this place, later on, a true center of diversities. With the continuous changes that this neighborhood is going through, it is now one of the most well-known NYC neighborhoods.

Nowadays Harlem is a spot of contrasts but at the same time the simple unison of different lifestyles. Place where you can walk the streets with buildings from 20th century and see well-preserved brownstones. Part witch belonged to African American doctors, professors, musicians etc. Other blocks of this neighborhood are changed in luxury buildings, business centers, and condos. A mix of blocks with 24/7 vibe and other more pastoral is what makes living in Harlem unique experience. Place where you can find a decent house at a reasonable price.

The real vibe of living in Harlem

What can give you the real vibe and sense of this place is a variety of cultural, educational and art spots. There are a few places that we must mention. Our recommendation for all the art lovers – start thinking about changing your address and moving to Harlem. The most astonishing spots which represent the cultural way of thinking are El Museo del Barrio and Graffiti Hall of Fame. Graffiti Hall of Fame is an artwork area for almost 30 years, situated along East 106th Street and Park Avenue. El Museo del Barrio, also known as ‘Spanish Harlem’ gives us a picture of great Hispanic influence on culture. With exhibitions, they do not only recall their Latin past but showing present cultural influences.

If you want to feel real sense of living in Harlem go to jazz clubs
      Clubs with jazz music all over the Harlem

One more attraction which makes living in Harlem interesting is the Apollo Theater, a place where The Jackson Five and James Brown were discovered. With Wednesday Amateur Nights, you can have a great night in Apollo watching some new stars being born. Do not miss the National Jazz Museum and Triple Candie Gallery.


Excellent transportation is also a great benefit of living in Harlem. There are different lines of subway, well connected with other parts of the city. Within a short period of time, you can be wherever you want. As this place is very walkable, having a walk from home to work is also an option, or going by bike or a bus. With a Wards Island bridge, Harlem has an easy connection with Wards Island. And Triborough Bridge, a complex of three bridges, is connecting the Bronx, Manhattan (Harlem) and Queens.

Variety of subway lines is what makes living in Harlem easier
One more advantage of living in Harlem is a good transportation

Where to enjoy the best restaurants and bars

The diversity of Harlem you can see in many things, and one of them is local cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants and bars and we will mention a few of the most popular. In those, you can find places with great music, food, and cheerful people. We recommend Sylvia’s, Amy Ruth’s, Taco Mix, Bier International, Harlem Shake, Red Rooster and many more. Give yourself some time for exploring and getting to know the neighborhood.

Check Ginny’s Supper Club where music comes alive and where you can feel the real spirit of Harlem. 67 Orange Street is a hotspot for a few drinks after work. And if you are into jazz, Bill’s Place should jazz up your life. There is also the Harlem Jazz Festival, in the last weekend in June, every year. Marcus Garvey Park on 124th at Fifth Avenue is a host of this event, so you will have a great view over the whole Harlem while enjoying jazz music.

Why living in Harlem is great?

The widespread sense of community and soulfulness of this place, an atmosphere defined by music, art, food and cultural events. This is the perfect description of what living in Harlem looks like.

As you can see there are plenty of things that make this place unique and a really nice environment for a living. We hope we gave you a better insider’s picture what living in Harlem looks like. In the case where you decide to move, our Brooklyn movers are always at your disposal. With a great experience that we have and professionalism in providing services, you will have a stress-free relocation to Harlem. So, start packing your possessions, the streets of Harlem are waiting for you.


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