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The types of pianos people move

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Playing an instrument was once considered a matter of prestige. Only those with the highest education and enough money could get the chance to learn to play an instrument. Nowadays things are different. If we concentrate on the area of New York City we can notice a great expansion of those who nourish the love towards this type of art. In Brooklyn solely, there’s an enormous demand for purchasing and relocating pianos and other types of musical instruments. In today’s post, we’ll present you some of the most common types of pianos people move. Also, we’ll show you what is important to know regarding the transfer of this grandiose item. Stay tuned.

Handling the weight
Regardless of its size and type, the piano is one of the heaviest and most complicated items to relocate.

What are the types of pianos people move

Nowadays, there are so many different models and types of pianos on the market. Depending on economic conditions, you can easily find a piano to fit your budget. However, Upright pianos are usually found in people’s homes. It’s a great choice if you don’t want to pay a fortune for a piano, and if you don’t have too much of a free space in your house, but you still need it on daily basis.

Electric pianos are popular mostly among those who are still practicing or are changing the place of performing. There are numerous models and types of these keyboards which can imitate the sounds of some other instruments as well, such as a string, guitar, the organ, etc. It is very convenient to have such a piano because it occupies less space and is less expensive to transport in comparison to other mentioned types.

A man playing electric keyboard
Electric piano is one of the most popular types of pianos people move

Grand pianos. These are definitely worth paying the money if you’re playing music professionally. Grand pianos are extremely massive, but they can produce the most beautiful sound of an extremely high quality. Their soundboards are horizontally positioned and can stretch up to 4 ft. They are also the most expensive among the other pianos due to the quality of the keys which are usually made of wood covered in ivory. Furthermore, these are among the most expensive types of pianos people move. Baby piano is a smaller version of a grand piano, and since it has a smaller soundboard, it is not as loud as grand pianos can be.

Steps to take when relocating a piano

At the very beginning, we’ll emphasize the importance of taking careful steps if you decide or need to move a piano. First of all, you need to always be aware of how heavy pianos can be. It is also important to bear in mind their value and price. They surely are not the cheapest things in the world, and it would be a great shame if a piano gets damaged only because of not following the instructions and not paying enough attention. Being fully focused applies both for long distance relocation, or if you need to contact Local Movers Brooklyn for help. One wrong step and your precious item can get irreversibly damaged. Therefore, we’ve decided to help you avoid this disaster and we’ve come up with a small set of instructions for this occasion. Here’s what you need to do when transferring a piano:

  1. Don’t move it yourself
  2. Ask for professional help
  3. Do a research on reliable movers
  4. Have all the equipment
  5. Let the men do the job

Don’t think moving a piano is easy just because it has wheels

Precisely! As we have mentioned above, pianos are very heavy. Even the smallest models. Take Spinet piano, for example. It usually weighs around 300 lbs, which is relatively light if you compare it to a Grand Piano which can weigh even up to 1300 lbs. That’s so heavy, that even thinking doing it yourself is a very bad idea. Therefore, if you think this will save you some money, you’re in a great deal of confusion.

We wouldn’t recommend you doing it even if you have the strongest group of friends ready to give you a hand. As much as that would be a great gesture, it will all be in vain if any of you make even the smallest mistake. When it comes to moving items such as pool tables, pianos, or any other bulky, yet easily prone to damage items, skills, and experience play a bigger role than muscles.

Hire professionals

Now that we agree that moving a piano on your own, with a help of untrained individuals is not the wisest idea, let us give you a piece of advice. We strongly recommend hiring piano movers Brooklyn. Relying on regular movers is not a complete guarantee whereas, with a team of people who are specially trained for this type of transportation, you can be absolutely sure that they’ll conduct this operation with ease and on the highest possible level. Investing money in such a service is your best decision in the long run. Imagine if you were moving the piano without the help of these men, and you broke something. In case you were planning on selling this piano to buy a new one, the value of it would decrease tremendously.

Know the value of your piano

In case one day you would like to sell your piano or exchange it for a different model in the same category, then you’ll definitely need to know the value of your piano.

Know who you’re hiring

Not every moving company is specialized in this type of moving. Since we are talking about a delicate venture, the movers you hire need to know the necessary technique and apply it. In order to know this, they need to have many training hours under their belt and years of experience. Therefore, it’s your task to do a research which company can provide you with a quality moving services Brooklyn. Read other customers’ testimonials, or look for a reference from someone you trust.

Gather every supply you need

When you come to this step, having a lot of packing supplies is actually never too much. Depending on the size and types of pianos people move, the packers will know what exactly to bring and how much. Some of the items you’ll always need are the moving dollies, furniture straps, at least two of these, moving blankets, a coverage for the lid and keyboards, as well as grip gloves to protect the hands from getting hurt.

It’s movers move now

Finally, the moment has arrived when the movers will relocate your music box to a new address. One of the most important steps now is to clear out space for them to pass by without stumbling on any obstacles such as moving boxes or tools, etc. They will carefully load it into a moving truck and safely relocate it to your new home. After this, you will again be able to enjoy the beautiful sounds the piano produces.

No matter what types of pianos people move, the process is always the same or very similar. Therefore, it’s quite necessary to apply these rules as best as possible.

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