A man looking at the ultimate unpacking guide

The ultimate unpacking guide

Although the following may not be the most elaborate manual, its concrete advice and unquestionable methods are what make it the ultimate unpacking guide. So, if you have just waved your movers in Brooklyn goodbye, and are ready to address the final step of your relocation, make sure to read what follows.

The ultimate unpacking guide

It would be best that you being with unpacking the essentials box. As its purpose is to make those first few days livable, there is no need to postpone its beneficial use. It will also allow you to take the calm and technical approach, having that you needn’t look for your towels, sheets and hygiene products in a frenzy. So, I strongly suggest that you take a shower, make your bed, and then start with the unpacking process.

A corner of a nice looking bathroom.
Having a functional bathroom filled with all of your necessities will make your days much easier to handle.


The room of the most common concerns is the one to address first

The goal of this ultimate unpacking guide is to allow you to get back at your everyday routines in the shortest amount possible. And unpacking your pictures and cookbooks are surely not the tasks to take precedent on that list. You would first unpack your bathroom, starting with the items you use on a daily basis. Next comes your bedroom, followed by your kitchen. Another line of importance to follow is to take care of the belongings you need the most. You don’t have to unpack your whole household in a day. And, with that in mind, your pasta machine can wait its turn. Oh, and make sure not to forget about the belongings you have left in the cheap storage New York if there are some.

Taking care of the bigger furniture pieces and major appliances

These items should be one of the first ones to find their respectful place in your home. It will be much easier to navigate the smaller belongings around your couch, than having to be mindful of your glass table when installing the big sofa. The same goes for every other room in your house. Having that these items can be particularly hard to carry single-handedly, I would advise you to either look for assistance from your moving company, or your friends. It is at this time that you will be grateful to your past self for creating a floor plan, as it will save you a lot of time and nerves during the unpacking process.

A man making a plan
Creating a floor plan is one of the most valuable elements of the ultimate unpacking guide.

Take your time

While it will be great to unpack in one day, chances are you won’t manage such a demanding challenge. And that is perfectly fine. I rather suggest that you take your time. Try to regard the unpacking as a process where you turn your new place into a home. Find just the right place for all the items you have brought. Still, make sure not to stretch the unpacking over a too long period of time, as you will never finish it. After all, this wouldn’t be the ultimate unpacking guide if you still have some boxes left two months into your new home. Give yourself a realistic deadline, and enjoy the process.


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