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Things to ask your landlord before renting an apartment


You must move again and sadly, you are renting again. Although, maybe you are just passing through on your way toward a better opportunity. Whatever the case might be, you still must organize, pack properly, and search for long-distance moving companies New York. The whole process will take some time and energy, as well your search for an adequate place to live in. You will find one for sure, but we will make sure it is the right one. Let us provide a list of questions to ask your landlord before renting an apartment. Let’s cover this one together.

Have you prepared for your relocation?

Even if you do not have your new address yet, you can still pack a few things and organize the whole deal. But before you contact your forever loyal U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn, you must obtain a few mandatory information about your move. Start by inspecting all areas of your home and figure out how hard it will be. Check the environment and possible obstacles along the way. Remove what you can to make your staircases, hallways, and doors clear for moving. Then, inspect all your furniture and belongings to realize how many packing supplies to purchase. Also, to create a proper packing plan that will not consume all the time you have.

Movers loading the vehicle
Contact your movers on time and secure professional moving service.

After you inspect your furniture, belongings, and your home, list everything down on your moving checklist. Moreover, if you are moving any equipment or anything that is not in your home at the moment, include it as well. Maybe you are moving your business with you and you need to contact commercial movers Park Slope. Do not forget to bundle everything up and only then you can start calculating your moving budget. Once you have your rough numbers, call your movers and let them help you obtain the precise moving quote.

The first question to ask your landlord before renting an apartment – How much does it cost?

Probably the main reason why we move to one place and not the other is the renting cost. So, this is the very first parameter that will decide on the neighborhood, size of the apartment, and the perks this apartment brings. Therefore, if you stumble upon a nice opportunity without the price listed on the ad, call your landlord and ask them straight away. What is the renting price? If the answer is plausible, then communicate further and let them present the whole offer to you. But do not forget to ask a few follow up questions:

  • What is the payment method?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • What is the policy on lease renewal?
  • What are the rules and regulations inside the building/neighborhood?
How much is the rent is something you should ask your landlord before renting an apartment
Communicate with your landlord about the renting price and appoint the budget if possible.

It is important to be cautious. Sometimes the renting price is more than fair but it has hidden costs and fees behind it. Therefore, you must ask all those questions straight away and remove any possibilities for scams or miscommunication.

Does your landlord ask for a deposit?

It is a common thing to leave a down payment and secure your apartment. It will wait for you until the day of your move. But the deposit is something else. Some landlords do not require such a thing while others ask for a hefty one. It is something you must ask your landlord before renting an apartment. Some landlords had a nasty experience with bad tenants and now they have a more serious and cautious approach to the whole thing. It is common to pay a deposit in the size of one monthly rent. But if your landlord asks for you to pay three times bigger deposit and to pay in advance, then you might want to think about it.

It is a good way for a landlord to secure his business. Some tenants damage the property or decorate the apartment without asking. The landlord will cover those changes and damages with the deposit. But at the same time, it opens up a way for an enormous scam. For example, your landlord can accuse you of breaking a rule or damaging his property which can lead to legal actions or worse. Meanwhile, they keep the deposit while most of the tenants just move on instead of wasting precious money on a legal suit. And you want to avoid scams at all costs. Hence, ask this question and if there is anything shade about the answer, ask your landlord to have it all written on the contract. Or skip this one entirely and find something more transparent and easier to handle.

Ask your landlord before renting an apartment if you can renew the lease and when you can do it?

If you have the idea to stay at the apartment for a longer period, you must ask your landlord first. Communicate about the renewal policy and make sure you understand each other. Usually, leases renew at the 6 or 12 months period. And remember to put this agreement down into the moving contract. This way both parties will be protected from unpleasant situations. And yes, you can leave earlier but there will be some penalties. But if you have a good relationship with your landlord and notify them on time, then you might ignore these rules and find a better solution together.

Can you bring your pet with you?

This is something you definitely must ask your landlord before renting an apartment. Some landlords forget to mention they do not allow pets in the apartment. But even if they have the property listed as pet-friendly, you must ask again. Know all the rules about the building and where your landlord stands when it comes to keeping a pet in their apartment. Maybe they listed it as pet friendly and they will allow only a small bird, cat, or a dog inside. But exotic pets or extremely big ones are not allowed. Hence, ask this one upfront to be sure your furry friend is welcome.

Final inspection before signing a contract

A final tip of the day. Read your leasing contract several times. Make sure both parties understand the requirements and responsibilities as well as the costs behind everything. If you do not understand the legal document in front of you, consult with someone who does. Ask a friend or seek legal counsel.

A person holding a set of keys
Double-check your moving contract before you make the final deal.

Now you are ready to move and you know what to ask your landlord before renting an apartment. No doubt you will find a proper apartment with a lovely landlord. And one more thing, if you are intending on organizing a moving in part notify your landlord from the start and make sure they are ok with it. They will understand for sure. They know how emotional moving can be and that you must settle in, share this adventure with your loved ones, and stay in touch after the relocation. We wish you a prosperous new beginning and the best of luck!

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