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Things to get rid of before relocating

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Preparations for the move mark an exciting new life chapter. If you are already holding keys to your new home, then all you need to do is pack and move. However, pause for a second before you go shopping for your relocation. While moving can be fun, the unpacking process can feel a bit more frustrating. People usually don’t sift through the items they have, and therefore end up surprised by the number of belongings they actually have. That’s the reason why you should first make a list of things to get rid of before relocating and dealing with them properly. After that, you can contact a reliable team of movers. Our crew at  U.Santini Moving & Storage is at your service whenever you decide it’s time to move. So make sure to book a free estimate at your earliest convenience.

Decluttering will help you get rid of unecessary things before the move

Before you open your laptop and start searching for affordable movers Brooklyn has on offer, take time to declutter your entire home.

two happy women getting ready for the move
Make a list of things to get rid of before relocating and declutter your entire home.

There are many reasons why decluttering is the very first step of your moving preparation:

  • Less burden and waste – You will notice how easier it is to breathe once you are done with decluttering. The less amount of items means less moving supplies, and therefore less work for your professional movers Brooklyn. Furthermore, decluttering will save you some money.
  • Extra money – Probably there are clothing items or shoes you wore probably only once. If you don’t feel like wearing them in the future, just sell them at a reasonable price. Someone will be happy to own such pieces, while you will have more money to add to your moving budget.
  • Making room for the new – Your new home deserves some new furniture pieces and decor. Don’t get attached to old furniture or any other item that serves no purpose.
  • A clean slate – Moving is often a chance for a fresh start, so decluttering is a perfect opportunity to get rid of items that only collect dust. Sell, donate, or throw away anything that invokes sad memories and the like.

Sort the items you want to get rid of

Grab pen and paper and write down the following categories:

  • Sell
  • Donate or give away
  • Recycle
  • Trash

After that, put the items you want to get rid of for good into their categories. However, make sure the items you want to sell aren’t damaged. Examine each clothing piece before putting it up for sale. Next, browse local charities that would gladly accept your donation. Or surprise a friend or family member with a furniture piece or shirt. On the other hand, throw away anything that is outdated or worn out. Just make sure the item is recyclable first. Besides wood, plastic, and glass, you can also recycle fabrics and outdated electronic devices parts. Once you complete the decluttering, get as many moving boxes as you need. Many local movers Brooklyn has on offer include quality yet affordable moving boxes, containers, and other necessities.

Make a declutter checklist for each room you are packing for the relocation

Plan at least a couple of days only for decluttering. You won’t be able to complete it one day, so plan your time carefully. Create and follow decluttering checklists for a quick and efficient decluttering process.

Kitchen waste is the first to go

Collect all unused appliances, old and overused cutting boards, rusty cutlery and etc. If you can’t clean and polish them, then put them up for recycling or dump them into a garbage bin. Next, open your fridge and take out expired food. Check if the expiration date on canned food.

Bathroom comes next

Old raggedy towels, as well as expired medications, shampoos, cosmetics, belong to trash. Get rid of old mops, brooms, and cleaning cloths as well. Toilet plunger is another unsanitized thing you should toss away and buy a new one when you move to your new home.

bathroom essential
Throw away expired products and old towels.

Your bedroom has many things to get rid of before the moving day comes

Start with objects that only collect dust and nothing more. Unless they have a sentimental value, put them inside the donation boy or garbage bag. Open your closet and ask yourself if you want to take with you all those clothing items. Also, decide if you want to keep your room furniture or buy new things for a new bedroom.

Pay special attention to your living room

The living room has most of the furniture pieces you may or may not take with you. Before packing and moving furniture to storage, take time to examine each item and decide if it’s worth packing for the move. This is especially important if you’re downsizing to a smaller home. Sofas and tables can be too bulky for your new place. The best way is to donate them or give them to someone close to you. As for your rugs, toss them away if they’ve been there for too long. Plus, they may not fit your new home’s aesthetic well, especially if you haven’t picked the paint color.

a brown leather sofa
Check if you should take all furniture pieces with you.

 Time to deal with your home office inventory and get rid of unnecessary things before you relocate

If you have a home office, then it probably has documents, papers, and many other unecessary things scattered around. It’s time to pick up all those flyers, sticky notes, paper crumbs, expired pens and throw them into the garbage. Next, collect all important paperwork and place them inside a waterproof zipper case. Don’t regret getting rid of lamps you never actually use. Once you deal with things to get rid of before relocating your office, you will notice less clutter. As a result, it will be easier to set up your future home office space.

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