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Things you might forget when moving to New York


If you’ve already moved house before, you know just how stressful it tends to get. And, if you’re planning on relocating to New York, the pressure doubles. As you well know the Big Apple is one of the most sought-after destinations for ex-pats all over the world. The rent is expensive, the flats are small and the suitable apartments quickly go off the market. So, while you’re stressing about purging, packing, and finding the perfect place to settle down, we’ve decided to help you out. Not everything is as complicated as it may seem at first. Here is the list of things you might forget when moving to New York.

Finding a Moving Company

It is understandable that at some point you think moving on your own is a good idea. But most of the time, you simply need professional help. When it comes to things you might forget when moving to NYC- finding a moving company is the one. Professional movers Brooklyn will take care of your relocation in no time, and will prevent all those troubles you may experience. You will avoid potential risks and arrive at your destination in no time. 

mover carrying a couch
Among many things you might forget when moving to New York is finding a good moving company

Depending on what kind of your relocation is, you can easily relocate your business as well. Office moving companies NYC work hard to keep your business on track even when moving. A moving company will take care of furniture, equipment and everything that belongs to your office or department.

Getting a Moving Quote for Your New York Relocation

Usually, people tend to forget how important planning is. And when it comes to relocation planning starts with getting a moving quote. Moving quotes Brooklyn will instantly set your financials in order and let you plan in advance. Knowing this you can organize your relocation to the very end without spending extra money. After you provide all the details about your relocation, the moving company will take care of the rest. 

Choosing the best possible day for moving

While choosing a day for moving is inevitable, most people tend to get overwhelmed with everything else they need to accomplish to complete the process. But, there is a strategy for picking the best possible time to relocate to NYC. You simply need to consider a couple of things around you. As a result, you will have a super easy and calm relocation to New York. Once you set that up, everything will be more smooth.

The relocation price for an NYC move will already be expensive. However, in summer, the costs are even higher. After all, this is the peak season for movers and there are plenty of people relocating both to and from the Big Apple. Hence, we’d advise picking a winter date for your relocation in order to lower the costs. Even if you manage to make a good agreement with the moving company, the streets will mostly be full. Tourists and residents will be enjoying time outside and this may slow down the entire process. Among other things you might forget when moving to NYC is definitely choosing the right season.

If you’ve decided on moving to New York during the summer months anyway, it’s best to pick a date in the middle of the week. Especially Fridays are the worst possible choices. As people don’t want to take too much time off work, they tend to book an end-of-the-week move. While this seems convenient, it will bring the price of the relocation considerably up. Plus, you may have trouble getting settled in. In order to avoid all of this, winter, or even late fall are possibly the best time for your relocation. You will love the prices and there is simply something about winter in New York.

woman packing her clothes representing things you might forget when moving to NYC
Go through your belongings and organize clothes and other items properly

Getting the right packing materials when moving to New York

There are different choices depending on your moving budget. But, here’s the most important rule that people tend to forget: more is better. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be getting your packing supplies on your own or buying from your movers or renting them from one of the possible companies. The most important thing is to have more than enough supplies. A little extra can be sold later or returned to the company. But, if you get fewer packing supplies than you need, you will be in a pinch before the move to NYCAlso, be sure to check that the boxes you are getting are sturdy and can hold your things properly. It is much cheaper to buy strong moving containers than to replace your damaged belongings later on.

Another thing to consider here is purchasing extra insurance, too. You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your personal belongings. After all, if you decide to skip the insurance, just stick to the good packing materials.

Among other things you might forget when moving to NYC is labeling

Labeling might seem like a waste of your time. However, we assure you that it’s not. When packing for your NYC move you will be placing all of your belongings in similar-looking boxes. So, after your movers unload everything into your new flat, you will need to unpack. This process can be made shorter by remembering one of the common things you might forget when moving. Labeling is here to make relocation easier for you. In fact, the best moving companies in New York will place differently marked boxes in their designated rooms. You don’t need to spend too much time on labeling. Just, when moving to NYC don’t forget to write:

  • Room label: The name of the room in your new apartment where the movers should put the box or even the name of the old one. This way you will not what exactly is inside.
  • Fragile label: If the contents of the container are fragile or not should also be written
  • Label all sides: Mark the right side up, if necessary, on the top of the lid, too.
woman closing the packing box
Be careful when choosing a packing material for your belongings

Cleaning and getting rid of items you won’t be needing anymore

Yes, we all know about the great purge which comes before moving house. However, are you aware of what this means if you’re going to live in New York? This purge should be extra tyrannical. There isn’t going to be much space in your new apartment in the city, so, be careful. Sure, there is the option of arranging storage in Brooklyn, for example, for all the items which won’t fit your new home.

Though, during this purge, you should definitely single out the things you will regret bringing to New York with youAmong the usual things you might forget when moving is to downsize your home properly. It will save you both money on the move. Also, some cash on extra storage can be unnecessary.

If you’re moving to the Big Apple here’s a reminder to tell people about your change of address

Everything is simply happening a bit too fast towards the end of the packing process, right? There’s too much to worry about and you’re just eagerly waiting for your moving day now. Well, take a moment before you leave to tell everyone that you’re moving. Be sure to inform your friends and family first. After all, in this day and age, it’s just a simple phone call or email. As for any subscriptions which you have, you ought to do the same. Finally, there are a few more things you might forget when movingRemember to notify your bank, post office, etc. Also, update the address on any services such as eBay or Amazon.

Don’t Forget to Visit Storage Units if Necessary

Since storage units are relocation best friends, you may need one. Finding a self storage Brooklyn is a great choice and will spare you dealing with excess items. If you don’t need something or simply want to move it away for a while- you have a solution. Make sure that giving yourself enough space is not among things you might forget when moving to NYC. The great thing about storage units is that you can pick up your things anytime you want. Even if you have antiques, heirlooms, or similar items, they will be safe as long as you need them to be.

Many residents share amazing experiences with both storage units and moving companies, so you can also get to know them better. You will probably find more tips and tricks as well. This way you will also gather more information on how moving companies work in case this is your first relocation. 

key hanging from the lock
Once you settle in, your amazing New York life can begin

Things You Might Forget When Moving to NYC Are Also Keys

This is a trouble that tends to come just after you move into your new flat in New YorkMost people tend to forget that they should collect all the keys before giving them to new owners, as well as getting them from the old owners. So, put this on your New York relocation checklist, just in case. Don’t forget to grab the garage keys, too. Also, any spare ones which you may have given to your relatives. But, there is something you can also do. Change all the locks after you’ve moved into your new place. This way, even if you leave behind a key somewhere, it won’t matter. After all, some things we might forget when moving to NYC we actually don’t need anymore.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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