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tips for relocating a chandelier

Tips and tricks for relocating a chandelier

Relocating a chandelier is not an easy task, let’s get that straight immediately. You will have work cut out for you. Chandeliers can be very expensive and valuable, so you will want to be extra careful when moving them. Of course, this is not an impossible job to do. What you will need is a lot of patience, and you cannot jump over steps. You have to go one step at a time. So, lets how relocating a chandelier should go. No matter where you are moving, if you are moving to Brooklyn, from Manhattan steps are still the same.

Step one when relocating a chandelier

Step one when relocating a chandelier is pretty obvious. Turn off the electricity supply. This is extremely important because something really bad can happen if you leave it on while removing the chandelier. So, find the fuse that is supplying the chandelier with electricity and turn it off. This is a job for more people. You cannot do this alone and somebody needs to help you. Not just one person, there have to be at least four people to help you with this endeavor.

crystal chandelier
The first step – make necessary prep work

Step two

So, now that you have help, split the work. While you are unscrewing the chandelier from the ceiling, your friends should be ready to catch it. You can use some fabric that is very strong, and when we say catch it, we do not think that it will fly to the ground and you will have to chase it. What you need to do is to approach it really carefully and once you have unscrewed it, it will slowly, very slowly get in the special blanket or whatever strong fabric you got. Then, step by step you will slowly be coming down the leaders making steps at the same time. What you need for this action is:

  • A screwdriver (make sure to know which one you need for the particular screws that the chandelier has)
  • Two ladders
  • Very strong and big blanket, or something other than a blanket. As long as it is really strong and cannot damage the chandelier it is good
  • Something on what you will gently put it down, once you have uninstalled it from the ceiling
  • Friends to help you (at least four)

This is what you need in case you decide to do it yourself.

colorful chandelier
Carefully take chandelier down

Step three

Once the chandelier is no longer in the ceiling, the job is far from done. Next step would be cleaning. If you are planning to move a chandelier into your new home and similar you will want a clean chandelier. So, find out what sort of cleaning liquids and what type of fabric you need and get to it. Of course, there are people who can deal with this for you, and in a better way then you would because they are professionals. However, if you insist on doing this cleaning yourself make sure that you have all the necessary info. The last thing you need is broken or scratched valuable chandelier.

Step four

Once you have finished successfully first three steps now you need to disassemble it. This may be the hardest part. You need to know what you are doing if you are not sure do not do it. However, this is not complicated, just try to look for some tutorials and ask for advice from someone with experience.

The final step for relocating a chandelier

Now you need to pack the chandelier. Relocating a chandelier is not easy as we already said and packing even less. You need to find good and firm boxes for the disassembled parts of the chandelier. Also, you will need something to coat the internal of the box. You cannot use plastic bins for this for example. This is because chandeliers are so breakable you can’t believe it. So, finding a good packing material is the key. What you cannot forget is to mark the boxes as fragile.

crystals on the chandelier
Secure all parts of the chandelier

This may seem trivial to most of the people, but it is extremely important, and people tend to forget that. If your movers, or friends do not know it is fragile, how do you expect them to be very careful with that particular box? Something will break for sure and then all that effort will be for nothing. If you are moving it to self storage Brooklyn make sure to check it before you move it, you need to have enough space to store it, so that nothing can fall on the box and similar.

Consider hiring professionals

This job might be too much to swallow. It is really a huge responsibility and it is not easy. Chandeliers are, as we already mentioned, expensive other than that they are also really big and breakable. So, think twice before you decide to go along with the decision to move it with the help of your friends. It is not as easy as let’s say packing and moving frames. So, make sure that you have all you need. On the other hand, if you decide to hire professionals for this you might be making a very smart decision. They know how to handle this, and they have all the necessary tools. There is no place for mistakes when you hire a good moving company. Nobody would blame if, at the end of the day, you make a few calls and take this burden off you.

Relocating a chandelier is definitely a challenge. If you have decided to do it on your own, make sure you are well informed and that you have all the help, tools and packing material you may need. This is not something you can do alone that is for sure.


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