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Tips on Brooklyn moving negotiation

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Relocation is not cheap – fact. Relocation to New York is definitely not cheap – fact. There is no way to reduce the costs of moving to NYC – wrong. Negotiating with moving and storage Brooklyn New York is not possible – wrong. It all comes down to variables and how you control the outcome, which you can in fact do. All you need to remember is that you as the client hold all the cards – it all comes to how you will play the game. The name of the game is Brooklyn moving negotiation, and in order to win it, you have to learn it. Learn how to play and learn how to read the signs in the game and we guarantee that you will be able to get the best price possible for your relocation to Kings County.

Brooklyn Moving Negotiation Guidelines

We’ve already established that relocating to Brooklyn is no cheap endeavor, but that it can be cheaper. Now, you might take a stance that it is simple bargaining, but it is not. It is simple negotiation tactics and taking advantage of certain factors that might bring the relocation estimate down.

Make the perfect deal through Brooklyn moving negotiation.
The goal of your Brooklyn moving negotiation should be to find the best solution for both parties.

Season Of The Year

We all know that there are times of the year which are busier and times when it is less busy. Storage companies NYC tend to be busier during the summer than during the winter. This is, obviously, because many people find summer a more suitable period for their move. This is why you should book your professional moving company much earlier if you plan to move during the summer. Additionally, since summer is the busiest part of the year, expect heftier prices. On the other hand, if you are going to move during the winter, try and negotiate a lower price for the company’s services.

Quantity Of Items Being Relocated

Another factor that will have an influence on your price will be the quantity of items being relocated. That is, prices are most often based on how many, how heavy, and how big the things you will move are. The more things you have, the more trucks and personnel your move will require. We suggest that you make a list that approximately includes the things that need to be moved and based on that you can negotiate a lower price. Knowing exactly how many things you have can help you get a clearer picture of what service you require. Based on that, you can demand, for example, a certain number of trucks, and ask for a lower price.

handsome man is wondering how to prepare for movers
There are a couple of ways to prepare for your moving day.

Moving Method

Before contacting your chosen moving company, keep in mind that you should choose your moving method. The price can vary whether you require the full service or if you plan to cover certain segments of the move on your own. Sometimes we have our friends and family help us out and do not need everything provided by the movers. If you plan a DIY relocation or a partial DIY relocation, here are some useful tips to look into. After deciding on what kind of service you actually need, you have a good starting point for negotiation. You can ask for a lower price if you plan to cover a part of the move yourself. Make sure to let your moving company know that.

Decide If You Need Storage Space

We often need some storage space when moving. If you are moving to a smaller home, this will probably be your situation. This will also raise the final price of your move. Prior to contacting storage facilities Brooklyn, check what kind and what size of storage you are going to rent. By knowing the approximate size and location of the storage space you need, you make sure that you do not overpay and that you get a good deal.

Need assistance packing for storage? Our professional team can help.

Moving Distance

Furthermore, moving distance also plays a role in the final cost of the move. When discussing a moving estimate with your chosen company, be ready by having information on how far your moving destination is from your home. Of course, the further the move, the higher the asking price you can expect.

Moving Special Items

If you own any special and delicate but bulky items that need special attention, you may require a special moving service. Keep in mind that not all moving companies offer that kind of service. So, if you own a piano or some other big instrument, expensive paintings, a glass-top dining table, or a crystal chandelier, do not forget to mention this during your negotiation.

Extra Service

Besides the previously-listed factors, we sometimes need some extra services. These can include packing material and services, various types of insurance, etc. Think about what and whether you need any of those before the negotiation. We suggest that you mention whatever you need on time in order to avoid unexpected costs and surprises.

If you want to put your negotiating skills to the test, you should know that moving companies’ rates are usually not firmly established and that difficult to influence. Besides, you have nothing to lose if you try to lower the price with some Brooklyn moving negotiation. Now, knowing all the factors that influence the price, you can know exactly what you need and ask for it directly. You will avoid paying unnecessary rates and save a lot of money.

DUMBO in Brooklyn
Brooklyn is a beautiful place to move to.

Tactics For Identifying Fraudulent Brooklyn Movers During The Negotiation

Getting a reasonable price is great – but so is making sure that you are getting quality service. That is why you need to consider the Brooklyn professional mover you are looking to hire for your relocation. A good rating is formed by happy and satisfied customers which means positive reviews. This is why you need to read some reviews first.

Stay away from extremely low moving quotes and suspicious relocation companies. Conduct a background check on every moving company so as to identify their business goals and policy. Unusually low moving estimate should be considered as one of several warning signs of a moving scam.

Read as many reviews as possible before reaching a deal with the chosen company. We suggest that you read both positive and negative reviews in order to get the right idea about the company. There are many ways to avoid moving scams, so check them out if you are suspicious. Also, asking for recommendations from friends and family can sometimes get you some useful information too.

Research The Competition Before Entering Brooklyn Moving Negotiation

Hiring a top-rated Brooklyn relocation company can help you reduce the inevitable stress that comes with relocation. But what happens when you find the perfect company but the price is a bit out of your range?

Yes, moving can be quite an expense, but the good news is that moving estimates will vary from one moving company to the other (especially in Brooklyn) even when your moving parameters remain the same. And this basically means that before you take a stand in your Brooklyn moving negotiation, you need to get to know what you are negotiating for.

To work out the best deal for a moving service, start by getting and comparing at least 3 estimates from licensed and accredited professional moving companies in Brooklyn. Request in-house estimates from moving experts. This is done to guarantee that the written estimate you receive will be as close to the final bill as possible. Keep in mind that the more estimates you have from movers, the larger your bargaining power is. Also, creating a relationship with the moving representative will give you a better chance to lower the total price.

This tactic does not always work since some companies are adamant when it comes to their price. However, it is definitely worth a try. Getting a lower price just by doing your research and getting estimates can definitely pay off. This is just another reason why you usually need to contact more than one moving relocation company to get the best deal possible.

Question Any Potential Extra Charges During Negotiation With The Mover

While you’re getting the moving estimates, address the following to eliminate potential last-minute moving company fees and charges:

  • Get familiar with the extra services that you will need from your mover. The majority of those charges for additional services are negotiable. So go through each one with the moving company and see whether you really need to use them. Your mover will be motivated to lower their prices if you give up on any of the offered extra services.
  • Make a decision when it comes to packing/unpacking – will it come to you or your movers. Best case scenarioa beneficial joint effort where you will pack up all your stuff except large furniture, heavy appliances, and specialty items. This will save you money while still ensuring ultimate protection for your most prized possessions.
  • Examine any additional charges that could increase the moving expenses even more. You might not believe the unplanned fees your Brooklyn mover could charge you for. From extra fees for loading/unloading the moving truck to disassembling/re-assembling some of your furniture pieces. Make sure to negotiate these terms with the moving company you choose before the actual moving day.
Two people shaking hands after reaching a deal
After getting all the necessary information, you are ready to negotiate.

Brooklyn Moving Negotiation Time – Make It Or Pay Full Price For It

Can you negotiate with moving companies? Absolutely! Once you gathered moving quotes from different reputable Brooklyn moving companies, time to take advantage of those same quotes. The goal – to get the best deal possible for yourself. Here are some tactical scenarios to help you understand and negotiate a lower price with your moving company.

Aiming For Competitive Costs

Under normal circumstances, the majority of moving companies would rather lower the price they have quoted you than to lose your business to their competitors. Unless you’re right in the middle of the moving season, use this as a bargaining chip.

By this point, you should already have a mover that you’ve got your eye on hiring. If that professional NYC moving company has offered you the best price, then you have little to worry about. And if not, contact the company to inform them that you were offered a lower price by their competitors. Give them your lowest bid and ask them if they would be willing price-match or outbid the competitors. The best-case scenario is that they meet the asking price and you save a lot of money. The most realistic scenario is that you meet halfway. If that is still a good price for their services and their reputation, you should think about accepting that deal. The worst-case scenario will probably be the company rejecting your offer. There is no need to worry if that happens. There are plenty more companies to negotiate with in Brooklyn, so keep looking.

Going All In – No Risk, No Gain

It never hurts to negotiate with movers simply because you’ve got nothing to lose. The key to a successful Brooklyn moving negotiation is to reach an arrangement that will be beneficial to both parties. You need to be open to certain compromises and flexible about some of the relocation terms (booking early, choosing a good moving date). In that case, there won’t be a single reason for the relocation company not to meet you halfway. Keep in mind that you need to ask for a realistic price for the services that you need. Asking for a much lower price will usually not get you anywhere. You still need to offer the company a price that will earn them money. Do proper research on what the realistic price is because otherwise, you will just waste your time.

Research as How to avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers.
One of the ways of How to avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers is to do a ton of research.

Playing The Indecisive Card

In case the mover is unwilling to lower its original price, try negotiating again in a day or two. The reason? You may contact another moving representative who may be more willing to accept your terms. Or maybe he might at least offer you a price discount that will be closer to your wishes. Again, this may not work for every company. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but you will not lose anything by giving it a try. Let them know that you have other options and that you are ready to explore them. This can maybe make the relocation company you are negotiating with more willing to lower their price. However, this trick better works during the off-season, that is, during the winter, since companies have fewer customers.

Just remember that even when you cannot get the price down – the quality of the service is more important. Better to pay an average price for quality moving rather than get the lowest possible quote and risk having a disastrous moving experience. But, it is also always better to give Brooklyn moving negotiation a try and have a chance to save some money instead of overpaying. Get the necessary information, make plans, and start negotiating!

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