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Tips for decluttering your storage unit

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Many people are using storage units. Some of you are simply storing seasonal items, and others use their unit regularly for their hobbies or work. Whatever is the case, one thing is certain. You must keep your unit clean and your items safe. Maintaining your storage unit is tiresome and boring, but it is necessary for cultivating a healthy environment. Therefore, we bring you a simple guide to decluttering your storage unit. Let’s clean it together!

Do not rush, take time while decluttering your storage unit

Once you decide to do it, keep in mind that you’ll need at least a day off to complete everything. Decluttering your storage unit won’t be easy and shouldn’t be performed in a rush. You might need some help, and depending on a situation, maybe a whole weekend. Hence, pick a date, and prepare everything. If you can do it yourself, that will save you a lot of money, and you will learn how each step of the process is done. So, start with how you dress for the occasion. You’ll get in touch with a lot of dusty items, and you’ll move things around. This will require you to wear long sleeves, but not the ones that are hanging. You should avoid catching onto things and ending up with damaged goods in the storage unit.

Bring some packing materials while decluttering your storage unit
Bring some packing materials. You will need it.

Also, choose the right shoes while decluttering your storage unit. There might be nails on the ground, or you might drop something on your foot, so watch out. And wear gloves! The whole outfit should be old and not something you’ll regret wearing on this day. Finally, bring some packing materials with you. You might need to refresh some of the packing tapes on your old cardboard boxes. Maybe you want to replace some of them as well. In that case, go get your free moving boxes and get right to it. Also, do not forget to bring some garbage bags since you’ll need it while taking out the trash.

Organize when decluttering your storage unit

Next step on your decluttering journey is to assemble a checklist. Make some sort of a written guide to follow step by step. Make categories of items that you’ll keep, items that should be thrown away, and others that you will keep but not sure yet how and when to use them. This is not something that will bring you fun and joy, but it is the best way to stay organized. Therefore, get right to it. Start by inspecting all the areas and write down what you need to do. Then sort stuff by categories and usefulness and eventually, you’ll have a nice sorted storage unit. You might be surprised when you find some items you forgot you have. Write it all down for better organization in the future.

For the items you want to get rid of, we have a solution. The most common way is to simply throw it all away. Although, keep in mind that some of it can be recycled. Next would be to donate or gift to a local shelter. Some people might find some of your items useful. Also, if you have very old furniture or some unique pieces, those you can sell online. Or maybe to organize something simpler like a garage sale. Get rid of you and earn a dollar or two in the process.

You might need professional help

We are sure you that decluttering your storage unit is doable in a day, and you can do it yourself. On the other hand, if you can’t commit to a whole day of hard labor, consider hiring professionals to do it. There are many junk removal and moving companies out there. The trick is to find a proper one. One that you can trust. Also, you want the one that provides all the services you need, and to be affordable. To achieve something like that, you’ll have to research a bit. Check out your local moving companies and the services they provide. Then narrow down your picks and compare them. Read some customers reviews and comments on their blogs and websites. In an hour or two, you’ll find yourself a match.

We should mention that the local moving company is the best choice. That is why you should check out best movers Brooklyn. Who will rush to your needs better than a local fellow company? U Santini is the match you were looking for. Give them a call today and utilize the top services they provide.

What are you using your storage for?

Some people use storage units for other things than storing. Maybe you are the one who adapted the storing facility into a photo gallery. Or maybe to cultivate a hobby such as painting, pottery, or a similar craft. Customers rent storage units to serve them as a second garage, or as a place to hold their goods that they are selling online. This way of utilizing the space will open new doors. Some activities involve certain items that shouldn’t be stored for longer periods of time or shouldn’t be stored at all. You need to be aware of the items that shouldn’t be stored in a storage unit. Those are hazardous materials, flammable fluids, chemicals, gasoline, etc. The list is vast, therefore, read about it. You might have something in your storage unit, and you should dispose of it in due time, and in a certain way.

Painting cans
Do not store flammable and hazardous objects. If possible, dispose of them properly.

For a future reference

While in the decluttering process, take a good look around. Are you sure that your storage unit has all the perks you need? Is it big enough? Can you adapt it to support the new ideas you have? Maybe this is the moment to improve, or even to swap your unit to a bigger one? There are a few things you should know before renting a public storage New York. Take a look.

Artist painting
Keep your storage unit clean and fresh so you can use it regularly.
  • Accessibility – Your storage unit should be in the area you live in. Maybe a 10-minute drive from your home. This way you can visit regularly without wasting time and money for the trip.
  • Maintenance – No matter what you are using your unit for, it has to be clean and healthy. Storage units are usually damp and dark places easily affected by mold, rodents, and pests. To avoid all of it, you need to keep it clean. Each time you visit, let the fresh air in and swipe the place with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. A few rat repellants will do the trick, or maybe a mousetrap, whatever you prefer the most.
  • Security – If your unit is a part of a larger facility that has a 24-hour guard present than you are fine. In other situations, you must have a protective door with a lock and key. Maybe even an additional chain with the locket. If you are able to invest a bit more, an alarm system will be more than sufficient.
  • Size – To pick the right storage unit size is important. Larger units will require more cleaning and more investing overall. But of course, it depends on what you are using it for. Think long and hard before you rent one. Do you really need the biggest one, or you will be fine with a medium or a smaller sized unit?

Are you ready?

In the end, decluttering your storage unit can take a day and some of your energy. But it is a worthy endeavor. It is far better to have an organized unit you can spend time in than to have a messy, dusty, and moldy place you visit once a year. Hopefully, we provided enough information for you to do it. Find the best way, and make it happen. Good luck.

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