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Tips for holding a pre-move garage sale


So, you’ve decided to move and there are a plenty of tasks in front of you. Relocation is a complex process and a time-consuming job. And it is one of the most stressful life events. A good organization and preparation is the key to successfully moving. Packing is for sure one of the tasks that might cause you a bit of stress. Before packing you should collect all packing supplies, including moving boxes Brooklyn.  The fewer items you pack the easier your relocation will be, whilst the costs of moving might be significantly lower. This you will agree is a good reason to organize a pre-move garage sale, and get rid of all the possessions you do not need anymore. In an attempt to help you, we give you here some tips on how to organize this event.

Preparations for relocating of your home

As we already mentioned, moving isn’t such an easy thing and requires good preparation. This means that you should make a moving checklist, which can be your guide through the whole process. In the sea of the tasks that you will have in front of you, one is the most important. And that is finding a reliable moving company because the safety of your possessions is in the first place. One of the best moving companies in Brooklyn is here to help you. With their professional movers and their experience with the customers, your moving can be easy and stress-free. That way you will have more time for other tasks, such as making pre-move garage sale.

Making a plan for holding a pre-move garage sale

There are many benefits of making a pre-move garage sale including the biggest one- getting rid of unnecessary items. Not only that you will have fewer things to pack for your move but you can also earn some money. There will be a lot of moving costs while organizing a move, so every penny earned from the pre-move garage sale could help.

Pre-move garage sale planning
        Plan your pre-move garage sale

Decluttering of your home

This is the right time to open all your closets and to declutter your home. Start selecting things that you are not using anymore and which you can expose in your pre-move garage sale. It is not easy to detach from some beloved items, so it might take you some time. All those things that you would like to keep but not to move along with you, you can store. There are a lot of cheap storage units where you can put away your items. So, when decluttering and selecting things is done, it is time to start thinking about how to organize a sale.

Store items that you will not sell in your pre-move garage sale
Possessions that you do not want to sell, store in a storage unit

Setting the time and the date of the pre-move garage sale

First thing in preparing your yard sale is defining the time and the date. The best time to organize a sale is during the weekend, preferably on Saturday. That is the time when your neighbors have free time and would potentially be willing to stop by and buy some things. Whenever you are moving, try to set your sale during the Spring due to better weather conditions. Avoid holidays and other special events is an advice. Start from the early morning to dispose of your items for selling, and expect the most of the people during the afternoon.

Advertising your sale

The advertising of your garage sale is from big importance so that people in your surrounding can be informed. There are a few ways of advertising your pre-move garage sale and they are:

  • Putting an ad in your neighborhood newspaper
  • Announcing throughout your neighborhood by giving away leaflets
  • Putting signs on the window stores in neighborhoods
  • Adverting the sale on the Internet and in social media, so that some collectors that are not in your neighborhood can come also
Online advertising
Advertise your garage sale on the Internet and social media

Putting up signs and posters in your neighborhood is also an option to draw attention to your garage sale. Make big signs, bright and easy to read with the information where and when the event will take place.

Advising authorities about a pre-move garage sale

Having a yard sale is a very common thing, and should not make harm to anyone. But to be on the safe side, check with the local city hall if you would need some kind of permit. Or if there are some regulations and rules that you need to follow. We recommend you to do this a few weeks before opening your garage sale. This way you will have time to get a permit if necessary.

Prices should be fair

The main scope of making a pre-move garage sale is earning some money from it. So try to set reasonable prices so that you can attract more people. Be open-minded when it comes to negotiating, most of the people will come to have a good deal. If you think that some of your items are worth much more, do not sell it. Better save it for a consignment shop. Offering some kind of special discount such as two items for the price of one can also attract customers.

Be well prepared

Your sell should not look like a professional sale, still, try to sort out the items in groups. Make the place clean and clear for customers to move around. You will need tables and other supplies for exposing your possessions so that can be easily reachable to buyers. For example, put your records in cardboard boxes and clothes hanging on a rack. Do not forget to have smaller bills and coins so that you can easily return the change to buyers. Also try not to be pushy, even if you really want to sell something. Stay calm and wait for customers to come to you.

Hang your clothes to stay organized when holding a pre-move garage sale
Be well organized

It is important to note every item sold so that you can keep proper track of your sales. Prepare all wrapping supplies, shopping bags, newspapers, cardboard cartons etc.

Have a welcoming atmosphere and secure pre-move garage sale

Playing some music in the background and offering some refreshments to your customers will make a good atmosphere. If people feel comfortable they will stay longer and probably spend more money. Make the place safe as much as you can by having inside people that will oversee the sell. Also, do not forget to lock your home as you can never be sure if there are some people who would want to leave without paying first.

As you can see, organizing a pre-move garage sale isn’t so difficult as you might have thought. If you are well organized, you can have a great benefit of it. We hope this article will help you in preparation for your garage sale and that you will have a lot of fun while moving with your family to another place. We wish you the best of luck.

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