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Tips for moving from upstate NY to Brooklyn

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Everybody knows New York is big. It doesn’t take a lot to know that NYC has millions of residents and to infer from that information that New York City is not a small place. However, people often miss just how big it really is. When it is said that New York is a universe unto itself it is most often thought of its many clusters from around the world, the rich cuisine, media, recreational activities, a strong sense of community, amazing architecture and shared identity and thoughts of what it means to be a New Yorker. However, NYC is also an appropriate size for the name. And, if you are moving from upstate to the City, you might get surprised how much ground the City actually takes. This is why we made this guide on moving from upstate NY to Brooklyn. Let’s dive right in!

What to expect in Brooklyn

When using Brooklyn commercial movers for moving your business or Brooklyn residential movers for relocation, you are really moving into the most populated of the five boroughs of New York Cities. Brooklyn bosts 2,648 000 people, a few hundred thousand more than the Queens that is the follow-up. Brooklyn is so big that, if it were its own city, it would rank third, after Los Angeles and Chicago.

Brooklyn bridge
What to expect in this borough of New York?

You will not be alone when moving to Brooklyn, a lot of people are doing it. Brooklyn is experiencing something of a renaissance. Gentrification has produced great neighborhoods, there is an influx of jobs and not to mention great cultural achievements. Currently, Brooklyn is a place of entrepreneurship, high technology, postmodern art, and startup companies. In other words, it is a true place to be in.

Furthermore, Brooklyn is often described as the most “New York” of all the city boroughs. It positively thrives in the NYC spirit. People in the city live fast. They walk fast, talk fast, and work a lot. The city never sleeps, be it due to hard work or enthusiastic recreation. The city is thriving because of this, pushing new buildings from the ground towards the heavens, and a lot of people thrive the same way. NYC is something of world capital, especially in economic terms, and you can climb the corporate ladder all the way to the very top. Not to mention that you are in the epicenter of culture where you can witness history been made.

One thing is for sure, moving from upstate NY to Brooklyn is a good choice. You will be challenged, and you will face difficulties, but like all New Yorkers, you will deal with it. You will overcome them and prosper!

Finding a good mover

However, one of the challenges you do face should not be moving and storage Brooklyn. That you can easily solve with a good, reliable mover. However, it is very easy to understand why someone would not be sure how to find one, especially if it’s their first time moving. Therefore, let us go over the basics.

The first thing you want to make sure your movers have is the license. It will guarantee you that they are operating a perfectly legal business and that they can be relied upon. They will be doing the job by the standards of the moving industry and provide certain guarantees.

How to figure out the cost of moving from upstate NY to Brooklyn - calculator and paper
Make sure you find affordable movers

Furthermore, they should be reliable and have a positive track record. To make sure this holds true go to their online reviews. You will find that some companies have unreliable timing or services, while others provide a consistently good moving experience. Finally, select the best candidates and go with the one that is most affordable or that offers the additional services you might require. Just remember that it is always best to go with experienced movers. This holds true for New York City relocations especially. Moving Costs Brooklyn are, therefore, sometimes quite high, but pretty much always worth it. If somebody is selling you services that are too cheap, they are probably not reliable. You need to make sure you find a balance between affordability and efficiency.

Finding a good storage unit

Brooklyn has an abundance of a lot of things, however, space is not one of them. You will most likely have to hire a rented storage Brooklyn in order to deal with excess things you possess that you simply cannot put into your apartment. Luckily, there are a lot of rentable storage facilities in Brooklyn. Here is how to distinguish between them:

  • Outside – Storage facilities on the open are easily accessible by car, so you can get your things easily in and out when moving from upstate NY to Brooklyn. However, when there is bad weather, you will have a problem accessing the items, and the chances of units being climate controlled is diminished somewhat.
  • Inside – Storage facilities that are enclosed in a building are not the most optimal for heavy items that need to be transported by a car or a truck, but are easily accessible at all times and generally considered to be safer.
  • Climate controlled – Climate-controlled units are great for when you have possessions that are easily damaged by moisture levels or heat.

Recreation in Brooklyn

Brooklyn parks, and NYC parks in general, are famously beautiful and offer a great respite from the concrete jungle and a busy lifestyle. Be sure that you explore your new home and find all the parks that surround you.

Parker park
Where will you go to relax?

The Parker park, one on the picture, is definitely a good start!

In summary

What it comes down to is that moving from upstate NY to Brooklyn is not a simple feat, sure, but it is a rewarding one. New York City belongs to the world, yes, but it is also first and foremost the city in the state of New York, it’s capital. You are a New Yorker even if you are not born in the city everybody focuses on. It is only right that you fit right in!

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