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Tips for packing camera equipment

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When moving you have a lot of worries on your mind. From scheduling everything on time to making sure your belongings are safe, there are a lot of things to think about. Especially when it comes to your most important and precious items, safety should be the number one priority. That’s why you need to let the packing process to the professionals. That’s why we at U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn made a list of helpful advice to make the job easier. Today we’ll focus on packing your camera equipment as many people now have expensive cameras be it for professional or hobby photography. For that reason, let’s see how to take good care of the camera before you arrive at your new location.

Before you start moving

Every move is hard and comes with its own set of demands. For that reason, you need to have a good idea of where you want to start your new life chapter and what needs to be done before you start it. As someone who is an artistic soul and hungry for great pictures, moving to Brooklyn should be the right choice for you. But before you get comfortable with the new home you need to prioritize creating a moving plan and detailing its parts. Moving in that manner will speed up the process and reduce the risks of making mistakes.

Planner with a note
Every successful move is based on a well-designed plan

Tips for packing camera equipment – Hire professionals

When you have professional and reputable movers on the job it’s so much easier to get great results. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find a moving company that fits your needs and budget. That’s why you need to have people who understand your needs for the move. For example, our local movers Brooklyn have everything that you need for a smooth move. Be it your camera equipment, furniture, or other special items that need special care, experts will know how to take care of them. Having someone who packed delicate items numerous times will be far better for you than attempting to pack and transport them by yourself.

How to pack your camera

Today even amateur photographers take extreme care of their camera equipment. In general, quality camera equipment is expensive and it’s no wonder that professionals don’t want the item that impacts their livelihood to be damaged or broken. Some people even consider the services of self storage Brooklyn to keep everything maintained before they arrive. For that reason, you need to take extreme caution when packing camera equipment, as mistakes can cost you a lot. But how to keep everything safe and sound during moves that can last for hours or even days? Firstly, you need to take all the measures necessary, and enveloping your camera one more time in bubble wrap won’t hurt. So be ready to go one step further to keep your camera equipment secured and protected.

Camera on a black surface
The best way to keep your camera safe is to use professional packers

Tips for packing camera equipment – Different types of bags

From bags that are high-end and are used by professionals, to your ordinary camera bags that even amateur photographers use, there are many types that have different benefits. Here are just examples of camera bags in use. Firstly, hard-cased bags with foam protection inside, mostly used for safekeeping electronics in general. Especially if you buy cameras with custom bags, you can be sure your equipment will make any trip harmlessly. Most camera bags will be even waterproof, airtight and some can even have a lock. If you don’t have that type of bag, no worries. Any bag can serve for a move, but you’ll need some additional steps to make sure everything stays undamaged.

Dissemble your camera part by part

What to do if you don’t have the custom bags for your camera equipment? Well, get creative of course! Firstly, take your camera and take it part by part. Start off with the lens as it’s very sensitive and can break easily. The next step for you should be to take out the battery. The point of this is to reduce the chances of your battery getting ruined by accident. Usually, the cameras are very sensitive so it can happen that during a move it can turn on. With the battery out of the camera, the chances of that happening are zero. In the end, don’t forget to take out the memory card as it’s also a very crucial part of every camera. Now that you’ve taken the parts apart there isn’t much left to do to make the trip safer for the camera equipment.

Camera lens on a black surface
The camera lens is very sensitive so you need to keep it safe when packing

Tips for packing camera equipment – Wrap up each part separately

Before you start putting parts of the camera into the bag, let’s take one more precaution. Most professional cameras can have a special cloth that serves for lenses and other parts. However, if you don’t have it, it’s not a big problem. You can use a common cotton t-shirt to cover it if need be. The same goes for all other camera equipment. If you want to be extra safe, wrap up everything one more time to create extra padding. Also, other components as USBs, cables and chargers, and cables, in general, should have their own protection. If not camera bags usually have a pocket for that type of equipment.

Now you have all the steps you need to keep your camera safe. Packing up your camera equipment will be much easier and faster knowing what you need and how you need to do it. It will leave you more free time for more important things like finding the right movers or treating yourself by buying new camera equipment after the move goes smoothly. Whatever you decide we hope your move goes well and that you get the best photos in your new home.

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