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Tips for planning a smooth winter move

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Moving during cold winter days can sometimes get complicated. Slippery roads covered in ice, blizzard and other challenging weather conditions can get in the way. However, planning a smooth winter move properly is a great way to turn a moving endeavor into a pleasant experience. Additionally, you will also need a reliable moving and storage Brooklyn company to handle all logistically challenging tasks. And that’s why we at U.Santini Moving & Storage are a perfect moving partner for you. We will do our best so you can have a stress-free winter move from start to finish. So make sure to contact us and get a free quote.

Consider numerous factors into your plan for a smooth winter move

Now that you know that winter can also go smoothly, it’s time for planning.

a snowflake
Winter weather is quite unpredictable.

First and foremost, consider major important factors that will influence your further moving strategy:

  • Weather conditions – The weather in winter can be volatile. If you live in colder areas, then chances are you will have to keep up with the weather forecast constantly. Heavy rainstorms and snow that disrupt regular traffic are some of the situations that may delay your move.
  • The company’s availability – Keep in mind that some long distance moving companies Brooklyn won’t be available when it suits you. Some movers avoid moving in winter due to numerous reasons. Therefore, it’s best to choose several experienced movers and check their availability.
  • Possible delays – The winter relocation process is sometimes quite unpredictable. The weather may serve you today and then interfere with your plans the next day. Be prepared for delays and plan the winter move accordingly.

Hire the movers that are capable to handle your winter relocation

Only experienced professional movers can tackle all moving tasks in wintertime. Because of their rich experience on the ground, they know how to deal with unexpected changes. For these reasons, take a better look at customer testimonials that speak about moving in winter. Other people’s experiences will help you make the best choice when choosing a proper moving team.

Don0t forget to check if the company is fully licensed. Check not only the company’s website but also other platforms where former customers leave their reviews. If you are relocating your business, focus on the commercial movers Brooklyn has on offer. After that call the company’s representatives and check with them all terms and conditions. Make sure not to leave any stone unturned while doing a background check on the company you consider hiring.

Plan a smooth winter move step by step

After you choose your preferred moving team, make yourself some coffee or tea and write down the plan. It should contain the following:

  • Moving budget plan.
  •  Storage NYC companies have on offer.
  • Shopping for moving supplies.
  • Transportation expenses.

#1 Start with decluttering

The fewer items you have, the easier you’ll handle your winter relocation. That’s why decluttering is a perfect opportunity to get rid of anything that doesn’t serve any purpose. The last you need is a bunch of items you don’t use anymore. Moreover, your new home needs less clutter that only collects dust.

a person planning a smooth winter move
Planning a smooth winter move starts with decluttering and a moving supplies shopping list.

Ask your friends and family members if they could make good use of your spare furniture, clothes, and shoes. On the other hand, you can contact charities that gladly accept various kinds of donations. It’s also easy to put some items up for sale and earn some extra money. As for outdated and worn-out belongings, check which ones are recyclable, and which ones should go straight to the trash.

#2 Make a list of moving supplies and go shopping

The next step that comes after decluttering is shopping for the move. Since you have fewer items than prior to decluttering, you will spend much less on moving boxes and other necessities. However, be careful even when you shop for your relocation. It’s easy to fall for ads that promise top-notch boxes for a very low price. So it’s wise to opt for verified suppliers that are known for quality. On the other hand, too pricey boxes also don’t promise anything. So make sure to rather choose affordable and at the same time strong cardboard boxes.

It’s useful to make the list of moving supplies and take it with you while shopping for the move:

  • Durable moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper 
  • Multi-color permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape and gun
  • Plastic containers
  • Essentials bag

#3 Plan your winter move for morning hours

Early morning hours are best for the winter relocation. First, you can avoid jam-packed traffic and get sooner to your new place of residence. Furthermore, you get to have more time for rest and unpacking. In addition, you will feel more energized in the morning than in the late afternoon, for example.

winter morning
Mornings are best for the move.

#4 Plan for your winter move a packing and relocation strategy

The packing process should last for at least a week. You will feel less overwhelmed while packing room by room, especially in winter. Since relocations tend to be noisy and messy, it’s a good idea to let your neighbors know about the upcoming move.

Clean the exit and entrance of your old home. Keep the clutter and pets away as much as possible. Your movers must have a clear passage once they start packing and carrying the boxes. Don’t forget to remind the movers about the boxes that contain breakable items. It’s important that you coordinate the entire process and make sure everything runs smoothly.

#5 Don’t rush with planning a smooth winter move

As much as you feel excited about your upcoming move, you must take one step at a time. Try not to feel discouraged if unexpected situations delay your move. That’s why planning a smooth winter move is best when done carefully, without hurry. Only then you can ensure that your winter move is safe and professionally executed. Last but not least – remind your moving crew to drive carefully while relocating.

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