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Preparing your bathroom for relocation is daunting

Tips for preparing your bathroom for relocation

It’s fair to say preparing your bathroom for relocation isn’t exactly a piece of cake. And yes, relocating is challenging. You need to bring your A game for it to succeed. Otherwise, you’ll be chasing your tail. What you need to pay close attention to is how to move on a budget. Pushing it up will make you a bundle of nerves. At the same time, it depends on the amount of stuff you want to move. That’s why downsizing is your ally when it comes to moving. Getting rid of some of your belongings might be fruitful. Then again, how does one cut down on bathroom supplies? Won’t you need toiletries regardless of the address? What about the personal hygiene kit? How to get down to decluttering your bathroom essentials? Here’s how to nail it prior to movers NYC show up at your doorstep.

Preparing your bathroom for relocation: pack an essential box

Relocating is a good reason to turn your house upside down. A good rule of thumb is to start preparing your bathroom for relocation.

What's the best way to get down to preparing your bathroom for relocation?
Preparing your bathroom for relocation is no joke

Begin by dividing toiletries into several categories such as:

  • products you use every day
  • empty bottles soon to be thrown away
  • products that you should pack using suitable packing supplies

Once you do that, take one of the piles to the nearest dumpster. Next, dive into packing the other two. Put a special emphasis on the products you can’t do without. Grab a packing box, label it unambiguously so that you now bathroom supplies are inside. To put it simply, pack a bathroom essential box. Do not load it with all the others. You’ll need its content when you reach your new home. In turn, load the box containing the bathroom essentials you don’t need to have at hand at all times.

Set medicines aside

Most of the families keep a medical cabinet in their bathroom. When you’re getting ready to hire movers Brooklyn and leave for greener pastures, don’t forget about it. Take all the medicines and check if there are any with the expired date. If so, toss them immediately. On the other hand, comb through the rest of them and put them in two boxes. The first one should contain medicines such as pain relievers in case of a splitting headache, fever or stomach cramps. Label it the emergency kit.

Preparing your bathroom for relocation includes medicine cabinet emptying and medicine checking
Packing medicines is an important part of preparing your bathroom for relocation

Similarly, don’t forget to pack bandages, sticking plasters, alcohol, a piece of sterile gauze, and iodine. The thing is you’ll need it in case of a moving injury to dress the wound.

As far as the other box is concerned, put all the non-urgent medicines in it. For instance, your anti-allergy ones.

Bear bathroom linen in mind

One of the things people forget most when relocating is bathroom linen. It’s one of the most common moving mistakes. For that reason, make sure to pack bathroom towels and washcloths before you set off.

Believe it or not, trash bags are great containers. They are enough soft and spacious to insert plenty of towels and washcloths. Or you can opt for plastic bags to pack your bathroom for a move.

To get ready for preparing your bathroom for relocation check if you took all the towels and washcloths
Not leaving any towels is one of the ways of preparing your bathroom for relocation

Regardless of which one you’ve chosen, you should wash the bathroom linen first. When you do that the only thing left is to place them in your new bathroom.

Alternatively, if you want to have a fresh start, simply throw or donate your old bathroom linen and replace it with the new one. That way nothing will remind you of your past. Consequently, you will be able to build your life from scratch.

Don’t forget fragile items

Do you have fragile items such as porcelain accessories in your bathroom? If you do, it’s time you packed them properly. This requires a bit of effort so as to preserve delicate possessions intact. To do so, you need to use adequate packing materials. The best one to use is bubble wrap. Since it’s soft, your fragile belongings will get in one piece to your new address. This is how you tackle preparing your bathroom for relocation.

Also, try to find a suitable container such as a plastic box with adequate dimensions. If you’re creative and think outside of the box, make use of old pieces of clothes, bathroom towels, washcloths, and kitchen towels.  If you already have something in mind, it will save your time packing.

Clean the bathroom

Leaving a dirty bathroom behind is beyond gross. How would you feel to move into a beautiful house in the suburbs with a messy bathroom? It is that bad it might be a deal-breaker, right?

It goes without saying it’s a two-way street. Your bathroom must be pristine after you leave the house. So, get some bathroom liquid cleaners, a few suitable cleaning cloths and clean it meticulously. If you stumble upon mold, tackle it diligently. Wash the tiles, sink, toilet, mirror, bathroom cabinet shelves. Moreover, scrub the bathtub and remove any stain. Additionally, check the hair that might have stuck in the drain. Furthermore, clean the soup container, too. Throw out teeth brushes that are no longer useful. In brief, make a bathroom spotless. In light of this, you could change bathroom rugs and place new ones. An air freshener is a nice touch.


How to prepare your bathroom for relocation? This is a million-dollar question. First and foremost, sort out the bottles. Lose the unimportant ones. By the same token, keep the ones you’re going to use. Also, don’t forget to pack a bathroom essential box so as to settle in comfortably. Pack the bathroom towels and washcloths. Check and double check if you’ve forgotten to take the fragile bathroom accessories. Lastly, clean it like a pro. The result is preparing your bathroom for relocation done right.


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