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Tips for relocating your game room

While the moving process itself can be complicated and hard. Moving a gaming room can make it even harder. Due to all the fragile, huge, and heavy items that must be carefully packed and handled. Things like arcade machines can weigh up to 300 pounds. While something like a pool table can be much heavier. So it is essential that it is all handled carefully and properly. You might even want to leave some of it in storage to make the move easier, and bring it to your apartment later. Oftentimes movers can provide storage too and make the whole process much easier. So make sure that you consult moving and storage Brooklyn about their storage services. While relocating your game room can be a hard and complicated process. Aside from hiring professional movers to help you with it, there are many things you can do to make it easier.

Make a list and a plan for relocating your game room

This is essential to moving your game room easily and safely. Because some of the things in it will require special care due to being fragile. While others, bigger ones, might even damage other items while being moved. So it is important to have a list of everything in the game room. And then to plan accordingly what you should pack first, what last, and in what order you will move things out of the room. And if you are planning to move it yourself, it will help to know what the items are and their size. Because then you can rent a moving truck in Brooklyn of the size that you need. That way you will also save money, not wasting it on a truck that is too big and expensive.

Woman writing down a list and a plan on relocating game room
Making a plan will make relocation easier

What to know when moving larger items

If you own things like a pool table, arcade machines, a piano, and other large and heavy items. You need to make specific plans on how you will move them and get them ready for the move. And make sure that you hire a company which has experience with moving such large items. And that you let them know what exactly you have so that they can prepare to handle and move them properly. Your movers might also be able to provide packing services for large and fragile items. So make sure that you enquire about that too. It would be good and might even necessary to take extra precautions like removing doors and moving furniture to make extra room. Here are some tips on how to move arcade machines and other large and fragile items.

Moving your piano

Moving a piano is a very tiring and hard process. It requires huge manpower and a lot of planning. Additionally, pianos are usually very expensive and it is very likely that your piano is the most expensive thing in your game room. So it is really not worth it to risk damaging it while trying to move it. Unless you have experience with moving pianos and know what you are doing you are best off hiring experienced piano movers in Brooklyn. They will know how to move it safely and carefully without damaging it. Make sure that you let your piano movers know what kind of piano you have. And give them any other details they might need so that they can plan how they are going to move it.

A piano with protective cover on it
Make sure you protect your piano and prepare it for the move

Moving your pool table

Pools are very hard to move. They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and are huge. While pool tables are usually moved by being taken apart. Depending on its size and weight it would be ideal if you can fit the pool table through the doors and carry it out. So figure out how heavy is your pool. And then measure its size and size of the doorways and other exits to see if that is possible. If it is not an option, then you are going to have to disassemble your pool table. And pack all of the parts carefully and safely for the move. Make sure to label them all properly as the last thing you want is to lose some of the parts during the move. Or waste time unboxing the wrong boxes looking for a part of your pool table.

Tips for packing your game room

One of the biggest tips for relocating your game room is to use the original packaging. A lot of people save it for many reasons and one of them is moving at some point. So if you still have the original packaging and it is in a good state it would be the best option. If that is not an option it would be best to buy high-quality boxes. They must be sturdy and capable of withstanding impact. And make sure that you have them long before you plan to start packing. Especially if you are ordering them online, make sure that you know when they will arrive. The last thing you want is one small detail like a shipping delay running your moving plans and costing you money. Here are some additional packing supplies which you should get to pack your items, especially the more fragile ones:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Tape
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Inflatable Packaging
Box with objects wrapped in brown paper for moving
Make sure you carefully pack each item

Consider getting moving insurance

One thing to take into consideration when relocating your game room is that many of the things in it can be very expensive. People often forget due to buying it one thing at a time. But a lot of money ends up being spent on it all. Also, things like old or rare gaming gear, video games, and similar things can be hard or impossible to replace due to being rare or very expensive. So evaluate the worth of your gaming room to see should you get moving insurance. And you will find out that it will most likely be a good idea. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered and have nothing to worry about.


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