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Tips for speeding up the moving process


It is home relocation time and many tasks ahead of you. Some might be harder than you anticipated, and others can feel like a waste of time. And some of us don’t have much time on our hands to spend on such an endeavor. If you have limited time, or you simply want to make it all faster, we have a solution. Today we bring you the guide on speeding up the moving process. Let us cover the basics.

Speeding up the moving process will require a proper strategy

The goal is to cover as much as you can before the moving date is upon you. You cant speed up time, and this means you have a certain time frame to perform a few tasks. Planning and working out logistics is crucial. Therefore, take an hour or two, and make a moving checklist as well as a moving plan. Include all the tasks that you need to complete, and how you’ll do it. Start by clearing the most important ones and leave the minor tasks for later. If you are fast enough, you’ll cover it all.

Speeding up the moving process required making a plan and moving checklist
Make a good moving plan

We will suggest starting with the home inspection, check out the environment and all your belongings. Figure out the best places to stack your moving boxes. Also, inspect all the stairs and hallways so you can move unobstructed while working. Then, organize the whole packing process, covering room by room. Step by step, and you will complete most of it before your movers arrive. And when we mentioned movers, we will have to recommend- movers and packers Brooklyn. A local moving crew that will do this instead of you. All that cheap and safe, with the utmost respect of you and your moving project. Give them a call and enjoy.

Work out the logistics

Now you know more when you inspected your cargo and the areas of your home that require your attention. You should have insight into the complexity of the job. You can decide on how many helpers you need. Or what is the size of the moving truck and how many packing materials you need. Also, if you need any special equipment for the job or a certain item that is delicate to move. In that case, you’ll have to book the specialized crew for the job. All the little things that are speeding up the moving process. It might sound silly, but you’ll reap the rewards on your moving day.

And what about the moving company?

Do you have a last-minute move on your hands? Or you are working on speeding up the moving process? Nevertheless, this part can be a punch in the gut if done wrong. Therefore, you should take a breather while searching for a moving company. You do not want to make a bad choice and cripple your moving budget. Start by checking a few moving companies online. The things you are looking for is for your movers to be consistent, to be in business for a couple of years or more. Also, check out some blog posts and moving reviews. Narrow down your options and when you make a choice, give them a call.

Person make a review by giving the stars
Check moving company reviews

Communicate with the moving representative and seek the answers to all your questions. Check if they have a physical address and all the licenses and permits to operate in the area and state. Also, if they have all the equipment and a moving vehicle suitable for your moving project. Compare prices of their services as well. No price too low or too high is good. Find yourself somewhere in the middle, with a nice quality to price ratio. But when we speak of moving services, there are no better than Brooklyn moving service. A moving service provided by a local moving crew with excellent knowledge and expertise. Give them a call and rest assured that your relocation is in hands of an expert.

Get rid of the excess items

Downsizing and decluttering will help you in speeding up the moving process. Not only that you will get rid of the unwanted items, but there will be fewer things to pack and move on a moving day. You can do this before or after packing, but we will suggest doing it before packing for a smoother outcome. It will give you the insight on how many items you’ll pack, and which ones you are leaving behind. Start with the areas of your house that usually hoard the most garbage. Attic, garage, backyard, and basement are the goal. There you’ll find outgrown clothes, old materials, and random household items that you might not need anymore. Some items that you want to keep, you can keep by renting a storage unit. You can always come back later and figure out what to do with it.

Keep in mind that some items are fragile and easily breakable. Those you should pack and secure yourself. Also, there are hazardous materials, liquids, and high-risk items you shouldn’t move at all. You can pack your liquids for moving, but keep in mind that most of the chemicals and similar household items can be bought again later. Some items are just too risky to move. Throw away as much as you can. Or recycle, donate, and gift o your friends and neighbors. Your trash might be useful to someone else.

Quality packing for overall safety

Packing is the most boring and tiresome stage in the moving process. Although, it must be done right to protect your belongings and everyone around you. After you inspected your belongings and determined the size of your cargo, you’ll know how much packing materials you need. Then simply make a stop at your local hardware store and purchase packing supplies. You’ll need moving boxes mostly, as well as the packing tape, wrapping paper, box cutter, and labels. If you desire more stable and advanced packing materials, then go for plastic bins, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Keep in mind that those are slightly more expensive.

Moving boxes
Find proper packing material

Also, you can speed up the whole process if you disassemble some of the furniture. Or if you roll up the carpets and remove paintings of the walls. Do as much as you can before the moving day. It will buy you a lot of time and provide relief to your moving budget at the same time.

Be careful, speeding up the moving process can be stressful

It is ok to strive toward the swift resolution, but it can wear you out. If you want to cope with moving stress, you’ll have to take a break from time to time. Spread your easier tasks across the week and leave more complex ones for the weekend. More importantly, is to relax and do something for yourself. For example, take a break and watch a movie. Or hit the spa and take a day off with a nice massage. Do whatever you find relaxing, to recharge your batteries. And remember, drink enough fluids, take enough sleep, and eat more healthily. These are imperatives to keep yourself strong and that you can face all the challenges with your head held high.

Now you are readier to tackle your moving project. It can be emotional at times and hard to cope with things. But if you follow this simple guide, you will succeed in speeding up the moving process. And most importantly, it will be a successful one. After the dust is settled, take a moment a write a moving review. Help someone that is in your previous situation. After all, it is how we make the community thrive, and we keep the quality of services in check. Good luck with your moving endeavor.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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