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Tips for storing your fine china long-term


Having a storage unit is an amazing thing. It can come in handy and be useful at any moment. And people are using it for different reasons. Some rent it while they are renovating their apartment, and others buy it to store some things they don’t have enough space for, but they might still use them. Most people store some furniture elements and boxes full of various things. But the procedure is not the same for everything. For instance, storing your fine china long-term must be done extra carefully. Items made out of that material are fragile and can break at any moment. But do not worry. Once you find some cheap storage New York can provide, you can learn how to pack your plates, cups, and other fine china material easily. Keep in mind that these belongings are expensive, and you need to pack them properly.

For storing your fine china long-term you first need a valid storage

Your first step should be finding proper and valid storage. The best way to find all storage solutions is to contact some corporate relocation services NYC has and to ask. Many moving companies can offer and provide different types of storage units. But, you need to know what you actually need. Of course, for fine china, you need indoor storage, and there is no doubt about that. Outdoor storage solutions are normally for some vehicles, machines, and similar to that.

Storage unit with blue doors and a teddy bear in the hallway.
For storing your fine china long-term you first need a proper storage solution!

But, when it comes to indoor storage, there are different solutions. And you need to pay attention to different things, factors, and conditions. For instance, the climate-controlled one is for sure the best one. It prevents moist and your belongings will be secured while they are stored. There is a non-climate controlled one, which is fine, but not that fine as the previous option. If you want to have your storage next to your home or someplace else, you can take a portable container. Also, you can think about what storage you need according to the number of items you need to store. Since there are storages that are different size. Once you figure that out, you have options:

  • 5×5
  • 5×7
  • 5×10
  • 10×10
  • 10×15
  • 10×20
  • 10×30

What kind of moving and packing supplies do you need for your fine china belongings?

Whatever you are storing, you need to pack it first. And to do so properly, you need some moving, or packing supplies. The material you need to get depends on the items you need to pack, of course. And since you are storing your fine china long-term, you need the following supplies:

  • Cardboard boxes, or plastic ones in different shapes, but the small size is the best one, and maybe a few media.
  • Some kind of wrapping paper. The best one is a bubble wrap.
  • Styrofoam balls, or something similar for extra protection.
  • Duck tape, scissors.
  • Styrofoam pieces so you can make barriers for cups, and so on.
  • Some nice and soft material, preferably silk.

If you don’t have all these supplies, you can ask Brooklyn moving service for help. They can either offer you the material, or they can tell you where to get it. But what is important is that you make sure you have everything before you start packing. It’s really uncomfortable and it can be frustrating if you need to stop in the middle of packing and run somewhere around the city because you need more supplies.

Fine china cups, plates and other utilities on the table.
Fine china is fragile and you need to be careful with it.

Before you even start storing your fine china long-term, you need to clean everything thoroughly

You are going to put your items for a long period of time in some boxes and in your storage. Of course, you need to clean everything first. And remember that you will need to visit quite often to remove the dust. This is something unavoidable and you will have to face it. There are different ways how you can clean your fine china, and you can combine all of them for better results.

To clean your cups and plates, you should mix a little bit of lemon juice and salt. Use a damp cloth to rub your items and then rinse it with warm water, but not hot. If you have brown stains on your china, you should mix vinegar and salt. Same procedure as the previous one, rub it with a cloth damp and then rinse it. If these two procedures are not helpful, you can try with 20% hydrogen peroxide, just wash it and rinse.

Now, once you have finally cleaned everything, dry it with a towel and leave it in fresh air until it’s dry completely. After that, your cups and plates are ready for packing!

Packing is the most important part, so make sure that you do it properly

When you are packing fine china, you need to be extra careful. Things made out of that material are breakable and fragile. So don’t do it while you are nervous or stressed out. Only when you are calm and you have time for that. To start, you need to separate everything. Small plates, bigger plates, cups, spoons, teapots, whatever you have. It’s better to pack them in groups like that for extra protection.

Let’s say that you are starting with the box that will have plates inside. First what you need to do is open your box, preferably a smaller size. Then, with the Styrofoam pieces that you have, make barriers. Like smaller sections inside the box, so your plates are more secure. You can actually use the silk, or some material and put it over those barriers and inside the box. Then, one by one, start placing your plates. It’s better if you put them on the side, you will fit in more. You can fill in the empty air with the Styrofoam balls. After that, just close the box, and tape it well. And it’s done.

Cardboard box, a duck tape and scissors on the table.
Get the proper moving or packing supplies to start with the process!

For cups, it’s a little bit different. You need to wrap each cup into the wrapping paper. Yes, you can do the same for the plates, but there is no need. While for the cups it’s better to do so. Also, if you can, but only four to six cups in a box. Don’t do more than that. It’s better to have more boxes than to overload one box.

Add some nice shelves to your storage

It is needless to say that you can’t place your boxes with fine china on the floor. It’s not even preferable to do it on pallets on the floor. You should get a nice storage shelf and use it completely for your fine china. The lowest shelf should be with the heaviest boxes. And the highest one with the lightest boxes. Don’t do it the other way around if you want to avoid damage.

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