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Tips for Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk across the Brooklyn bridge watch the sunset while standing on the bridge? Not everyone likes long distance walks, but this particular walk is not just a tourist attraction. But more importantly – it is a part of the identity of this big beautiful city. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is something that everyone should experience. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to do it properly and what to expect.

What about moving to another side of the bridge?

Are you thinking about moving your home to another place? Deciding to start a new life in some other neighborhood of Brooklyn, or across the Brooklyn bridge? Manhattan can be an excellent choice for relocation. Living on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge is a new adventure. Relocation is not an easy thing we must admit. But having a reliable moving company such as our local movers Brooklyn can make the whole process much easier. Let us first give you some advice for walking across the bridge. Afterward, it is up to you to decide which side is better.

Streets of Manhattan

A few basic facts about the Brooklyn Bridge

Getting to know this bridge a bit better will give you a picture of its very exciting history. The bridge was built in the period between the years of 1869-1883. At first, it was called the New York and Brooklyn Bridge and The East River Bridge. It was opened for use in 1883, and immediately became an icon of the New York City. The bridge was designated as a Natural Historical Landmark and since then the areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan are connected.

600 workers were employed during the 14 year-long processes of building this 1825m long bridge. Besides the 6 lines of a roadway, the bridge has both pedestrian and bicycle paths. Hence walking across the Brooklyn bridge will not only give you the picture of the landscape. It will also tease you to think about the history and its importance. There are lots of fun facts about this bridge with which you can get familiar before starting the route.

First time walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

Every single walk across this bridge might make you feel like it is your first. But, for those who have now decided to cross for the very first time, few bits of advice will certainly be helpful. Please take note that crossing the bridge usually takes 20-30 minutes. Stopping for occasional photo opportunities and/or just so you can enjoy the views might extend the walk for up to one hour.

Preparation for the bridge

More than a mile of walking is not a short distance, so consider wearing some comfortable footwear. Especially if you were planning on walking both ways. Please also note that there are no food or drink vendors, nor toilets on the top of the bridge. So make sure to be prepared accordingly.

Choose the starting point

Starting your walk from the Brooklyn side of the bridge, going in the way to Manhattan is in our view probably a better option. The astonishing and dramatic skyline of Manhattan is approaching all the way, throughout the whole walk on the bridge. You will have a plenty of moments for making great photos.

What is the best time for walking across the Brooklyn bridge?

Choosing the right time for such a journey depends mostly on the weather conditions. Try to avoid rainy days because of the wind that comes from the river. On the hot days remember to bring a hat, some water, and some sunscreen with you. There is no roof over the bridge to guard you against rain or sun, so you will be disposed to any weather conditions all the way during your walk.

By walking on the Brooklyn Bridge you can see astonishing sunset
Sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge

When thinking about the best period of the day to cross the bridge, you should know that both night and day walks are marvelous. The bridge is just accentuated with lights during the night. If you are passionate about taking photos, sunset stroll is exceptional for lightning and catching the moment of shifting day into the night. Those early birds can catch the most beautiful colors of the view when the sun is rising. Visiting in the early morning means smaller crowds of people on the bridge which makes this period of the day – the perfect time for walking across.

Watching for the others on the road

While walking across the Brooklyn bridge, staying in your line is very important. The promenade which is divided in two by a white line on the ground separates the pedestrian area from the one designated to the cyclists. Be careful and respect the markings while walking, as it can be very disturbing for cyclists to go over to their line. Not to mention that it can also be very dangerous.

Watch out not to cross on the cyclists area
Cyclist area of the bridge

A guided tour might be a good option for getting to know a bit more about the bridge

For those who are more into history or just want to have more information about this bridge, arranging for a guided tour is a great option. A knowledgeable local guide can give you plenty of on-the-spot facts and stories about the famous Brooklyn bridge.

Attractions that you should not miss

If you are on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, before getting on it, allow for some time to check out its great neighborhoods. Some of them are Brooklyn Heights and/or the well-known DUMBO. Or just have a walk in the Brooklyn Bridge park instead. There are many Brooklyn landmarks that you can explore. The Manhattan side hosts the City Hall Park waiting for you to explore it just across from the Manhattan side bridge entrance. Manhattan, of course, offers many more interesting attractions, and just to name a few you should definitely make sure not to miss: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Central Park. You will come across some of the best New York restaurants in this area, and needless to say – the famous Broadway shows. As you can imagine, this is just a small drop in the sea of attractions Manhattan can offer.

We hope that the tops in this article will help you when walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. And if by any chance you are thinking about relocating, you can get the best moving quotes Brooklyn by U.Santini. Our moving company is not an ordinary one. Providing a different kind of services and dedication to all our clients is what we do. Enjoy your walk!

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