A good winter outfit in NYC keeps you warm and fashionable at once.

Tips for your winter outfit in NYC

Moving to New York City is a big change. And the relocation is just the first step! As you settle in, you will be starting an exciting new life. From looking for a job to learning the ropes of the public transport system to getting used to the weather – you will find yourself facing new challenges every day. U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn wants to help you deal with them! So here are some tips for creating a good winter outfit in NYC.

New York City climate

There are many things you will learn about the Big Apple between the time when you get your first moving quotes Brooklyn and move into your new home. One of them is that New Yorkers talk about the weather quite a bit. And mostly, they complain.

NYC weather is a bit different than the climate in the rest of the state. Due to an increasing number of residents and high levels of pollution, the city has become an urban heat island. This means the temperatures and humidity are generally higher than elsewhere in New York. You can definitely feel this during the hot summers. Winters, on the other hand, remain rather cold. And plenty of rain all year round makes the weather unpredictable. With such variety in weather conditions, you want to keep your closet stocked up with versatile pieces!

New York City winters

Overall, the winters here are cold and wet. Between December and March New York averages between 30°F on the lows and 40°F in the highs. It snows quite a bit, though not as much as you might expect. Rain, however, isn’t uncommon during winter which can cause dangerous amounts of ice. So if you’re considering driving in the city, be careful.

People walking across the street in the snow.
Winters in NYC can get quite cold.

How cold is it really?

Looking at a weather forecast may not give you an accurate idea of exactly how cold it is outside. Strong winds are common throughout the city. This makes the city feel a lot colder than the temperatures indicate. The cold is constant throughout the winter months and will often stick around well into spring as well, which contributes to the subjective interpretation of a harsh winter.

Your winter outfit in NYC: stylish, but warm

New York is one of the fashion and shopping capitals of the world. And considering the number of celebrities who call it home, chances are good you will run into someone famous. So it’s only natural that you want to fit into the stylish surroundings. But a good winter outfit in NYC will keep you warm as well as looking great. So when you go out to cure your homesickness with some retail therapy, what should you buy?

Layer it up

There are many great winter activities in the city that you may want to check out. And New York is not exactly known for being car-friendly, so you are likely to do a lot of walking or waiting on public transport. All in all, you can expect to spend quite some time outside and keeping warm in the cold and wet NYC winters should be a priority.

The most important thing when thinking about dressing in winter is to have as many layers as possible. Not only do multiple layers create a better barrier between you and the cold, but they also trap body heat in the spaces between thus keeping you warm.

And if you sit down for coffee or lunch somewhere warm and cozy, you don’t want to overheat. Taking off a few layers should have you feel comfortable in no time. Having plenty of layers to peel off and put back on therefore ensures you can always create the perfect outfit for any temperature both inside and outside.

A winter outfit in NYC keeps you warm while ice skating.
Keep warm while enjoying in popular New York winter activities.

Wear something underneath

A good way to layer a winter outfit in NYC is to put something on underneath the clothes you regularly wear. Add a body suit, leotard or long-sleeved tee under your sweater or hoodie for extra warmth. If you’re wearing a skirt or dress or even just if you’re cold wearing only jeans, tights can be a great choice to protect your legs from the cold.

Basic items

While you can certainly combine a skirt or dress with some warm tights, sweaters, and boots, it’s skinny jeans and leather pants that make the best base for a winter outfit in NYC. A neutral item that can be combined with almost anything, they look great on everyone and can be dressed up or down for pretty much every situation. Stock up on cozy oversized sweaters as well. They’re a must-have of New York fashion. You can pull them on over other clothes and they’ll keep you warm and fabulous.

To maximize the use of your wardrobe, buy items in neutrals like black, white and earth tones. This will produce the largest amount of different combinations that don’t clash. If you’re worried about looking dull, a pop of color with some strategic accessorizing will do the trick!


Proper outwear is crucial to any winter outfit in NYC. Invest in a quality jacket, parka or coat. Good jackets and coats can be costly, but they are a necessity for every New Yorker. You won’t regret spending a little extra when the winter winds come!

Back view of a man in a jacket and beanie.
A proper jacket goes a long way.


On a dry day, certain types of sneakers or pumps will do the trick for winter footwear in New York. But for much of the winter, you will want comfortable, dry and warm boots. The city is both walkable and quite wet, so you want something that’s easy to move around in and still very durable. This is another item you may need to spend a bit more on but will be happy you did.


Accessories are a great way to tie your winter outfit in NYC together and make it stand out. Knit-hats, earmuffs, scarves, and gloves can be anything from elegant to goofy to fashion-forward. Whatever your style, you can find some that fit you. And most importantly, they will keep you warm throughout the winter!



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