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Top 10 romantic things to do in Brooklyn

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When people talk about romance they usually talk about Paris or Rome. And this is understandable, as these places are most commonly referred to by a lot of literature as romantic havens of the world. But people really forget to take a closer look at their backyard. Each city in the world can be a very romantic place. Romance is about the person, and not about the city. Still, there are few romantic things to do in Brooklyn, even so. People often mistake romance for expensive gifts, and expensive trips. But it can be some bottled water and a nice walk. So, no need to break anything out from self storage Brooklyn, just yet. It can be a place you park your car and sit with that person on the hood for hours.

But, not only Brooklyn. Any city can be the most romantic city in the world. Generations today just need to remember what romance is, because the media is giving out a very wrong message. People forgot that just taking a walk with someone can be romantic. A simple gesture of buying a flower (and not 100000 roses), is very romantic. Picnics cost little to no money, and they can be extremely romantic. Taking a nice long walk along the East River is romance at its finest, and you need no Paris for that. Here are some suggestions on romantic things you can do in Brooklyn, but you can really apply this to any city in the world.

Brooklyn at night
Brooklyn at night can be quite romantic.

Romantic things to do in Brooklyn

The list can be endless. People who are in love are the most creative romantics you can find, and no advice here can top such ideas. But, we are going to try to give you the direction in which you can think of things. It will not be as precise as moving quotes Brooklyn but it does not need to be. Remember, romance is based on the person. There are rarely any universal romantic gestures that are going to be equally appealing to everyone. One girl might love flowers, while the other will enjoy a book much more. There are going to be people who simply hate flowers. Romance is not a universal thing. The moment you start treating it as such, you are not going to be quite good at it.

But there are events that are going to be romantic to most people, and these are the ones we are going to try to stick to. Remember – romance does not have to be expensive. It also does not need to be an event you need to plan for months. The little things are the ones that count and stick. If you do something huge every couple of months, it will not top the little things you can do daily!

Walks are romantic

Brooklyn offers plenty of places to go on a romantic walk. Grab something to drink, and grab the person you love. If you have a dog – even better. Go for a walk. Talk and listen to each other. Try not to use your phones. The best would be to place them in a backpack and not look at them at all. Real conversations are the most romantic thing you can look for nowadays, and the best place for them to happen is while walking around.

A couple walking
A walk can be rather romantic. Do not disregard this simple activity.

The East River is the perfect place in Brooklyn because it will be cool outside and the sounds of a river are always amazing background noise. It is located next to some of the most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods, after all. Plus, if it gets a little chilly you might have a chance to put a coat over her shoulders.

Organize a picnic

If its a nice, sunny day a picnic is a very romantic thing. All the events we are going to recommend will revolve around events that allow for interaction. Opening to one another and building trust through conversation is the actual key to a romantic relationship. A picnic is a perfect opportunity to do so. Spread a soft blanket, bring some food and simply sit down, talk, look at each other. It will be an epic day for both of you. You will get to learn a lot about each other. Besides, there is no better way to sneak in a first kiss than in a situation like this. You’ll most definitely not regret it.

On top of all, this is very cheap to do. You don’t need the fortune to organize an afternoon of mutual enjoyment.

Go out to dinner

If you are looking for something to do in the evening, and you don’t wish to walk around – Brooklyn is home to countless beautiful restaurants. They don’t necessarily need to be expensive to be good, and you can find quite a few. This is one of my favorite romantic things to do in Brooklyn. You can pick any of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods, really. Try to find a restaurant without a lot of noise, and you’ll get a chance to talk and spend quality time together while enjoying some good food.

couple in a diner
Going out to dinner is one of the traditional romantic things. Get some music going on and you’re set!

Romantic things to do in Brooklyn – be creative!

If you find that one person that sparks romance in you, all you need to do is to be creative. There are countless locations you can discover in Brooklyn that’ll be extremely romantic. For instance, you can find access to a rooftop where you can sit down and have a glass of wine while overlooking New York, or simply go to one of the best rooftop bars. Alternatively, you can go for a ride around, play some cool music in the car and just talk and laugh. I know many nights spent in this way. But it can be even simpler than that! Lay back on the couch and watch a good movie with some food, and you have a quality spent a romantic evening. It really depends on the person, but the secret is in the little things.

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