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Top Manhattan Beach restaurants to experience

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Moving to New York is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and experience new things. The Big Apple is home to many different cultures. And much of its attractions come from that diversity. Exploring all of that is probably going to be one of the most interesting things that you will experience after your move. And Brooklyn certainly has much to offer in that regard. From world-class entertainment to some of the most famous restaurants in NYC. There are many Manhattan Beach restaurants that you must visit.

There are many great Manhattan Beach restaurants you need to visit

Manhattan Beach is a beautiful residential neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. Traditionally Manhattan Beach was known as Italian and Ashkenazi Jewish neighborhood. A large minority of Russian immigrants is still present in the neighborhood. And that is reflected today in its diverse food scene. There are many excellent Manhattan Beach restaurants that you should definitely visit. And the experience of exploring this diverse food scene is certainly going to be amazing. So, once you find best moving companies Brooklyn and move to Manhattan Beach, prepare yourself for a very interesting adventure. You will not only enjoy the food. But also the beautiful Brooklyn culture that has developed around it.

Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn has a very diverse food scene, and Manhattan Beach restaurants are part of it

Take it slow

There are too many Manhattan Beach restaurants to visit in a single day. Or even a single week. So, take it slow. It’s easy to hire the best movers NYC and move to Brooklyn. But it will take years for you to completely experience everything it has to offer. You can visit a different restaurant each week. That way, you can have a whole different experience every time you go out. You will be able to properly immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy it to the fullest.

Best restaurants in and near Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach restaurants come in many different shapes and sizes. And the food that is on the menu is a great reflection of Brooklyn’s cultural diversity. So, you will be able to taste food from all over the world. From middle-eastern dishes to traditional Russian cuisine. By visiting all these restaurants you will experience some of the best cuisines that this planet has to offer. Take your time. Don’t rush. And don’t jump to conclusions. You will have plenty of time to pick your favorite restaurants and dishes. And here are some of our best picks.

Café Kashkar

This Uzbeki-Uyghur restaurant is famous for its fresh hand-pulled noodles called lagman. From the first moment you enter the Café Kashkar, you will see them on the kitchen countertop, and you will know that you are in the right place. Lamb is also a very popular ingredient on the menu. It usually fills flaky samsas, folded inside dumplings and skewered onto succulent kebabs. But, just as you get tired of all the meat and starch, a bright and fiery plate of wafer-thin tomatoes, onions, and green chilies will arrive. It’s called achichuk. It’s a great way to relax your jaw and refresh your taste buds.

kebab is important part of Manhattan Beach restaurants scene
In Café Kashkar you will try the best kebab!

As for the decor, the walls are adorned with skullcaps, hold-threaded tapestries, and painted tambourines. You will also see a clearly visible sign saying that alcohol is not allowed in this halal-friendly place.


After Uzbekistan, Russian cuisine is next. Our recommendation is a little restaurant called Varenichnaya. This is one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn. You’ll love its location since it’s very close to the beach. And you can practically hear the surf and the seagulls from it. It is decorated to create a homey atmosphere. You will also see a framed picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on the wall. You will encounter tables of women gossip over glasses of kompot – the Slavic fruit punch.

fruits in a glass
Kompot is a thing that you need to try!

Also, you can find some of the favorite Soviet dishes on the menu. From blintzes and borscht to pan-fried chicken tabaka. Although, the highlight of the restaurant is the vareniki. It’s the ethereal filled dumplings after which this place got its name. The fried-cabbage and mashed-potato varieties come with caramelized onions, while the sour-cherry version includes an extra bowl of cherry juice for dipping. You usually get around 15 of them in a plate. They and handsomely dolloped with sour cream. You can also get them frozen in bulk to take home for later consumption.

Toné Café

Georgia is one of those small countries that you don’t hear about often. But, this Eurasian mix of cuisine produces some of the most delicious dishes. The heart of this place lies in a toné – the Georgian traditional clay oven. It’s visible through a sizable glass window connecting the kitchen and dining room. A thing we recommend from the menu is adjaruli khachapuri. Essentially it’s Georgian take on cheese bread. It’s bread with sturdy, blistered dough and lava flow of butter, egg, and farmer cheese in it.  Another popular dish is the pkhali. It is made with ground walnuts and chopped vegetables. It includes spinach, eggplant, and green bean. And it’s rich and bright with vinegar – perfect for swiping up with a spare khachapuri crust. If you are a meat lover, you will enjoy kharcho – a dish made of beef, rice, and walnut soup.

Güllüoglu Baklava & Cafe

If you are a fan of sweets you will definitely enjoy this little gem. It’s a wonderful place in Brooklyn to visit with kids. The pastries at this restaurant and cafe are shipped all the way from Turkey. And despite the intercontinental journey, the baklava remains supple and sweet. If you already didn’t know, the baklava is one of the most delicious Turkish sweets. It could be with a layer of pistachio, chestnuts or chocolate. To go with such a sweet pastry, they offer a traditional Turkish coffee. It’s served potent in engraved metal cups. Another great dish to eat while you drink coffee is sutlac. A bowl of rice-flour-thickened custard. of the restaurant opens up into a spacious seating area, perfect for laying out a syrup-slicked menagerie of sweets.

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