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Ultimate guide on renting storage in New York City


Renting a storage unit can make your life easier if you’re moving into a new home or just need additional space to store your belongings. Of course, recognizing that you need more storage space is simple. The logistics of renting storage in New York City, however, can be more complicated. The good news is that nobody knows more about this subject than our moving and storage Brooklyn New York experts! To assist you in locating the ideal place to store your valuables, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. Before renting a storage unit, assess the size of the unit you require, how long you plan to store your items and the kind of things you’ll be storing. Additionally, take into account the unit’s location, security features, and accessibility. Take these factors into consideration, and you’ll be able to find the perfect storage unit for your requirements!

How Does Storage in Big Apple Work?

Storage units offer a practical and secure solution for storing your belongings. Typically, you will first enter into a lease agreement with a storage facility. They will then grant you access to a specific storage space for a designated duration. You can choose a unit size and type that suits your requirements, and it will be your responsibility to pack and transport your possessions to the unit.

Storage units with red shutter gates
Renting storage in New York City is the ultimate space-saving solution!

After storing your items, you can access them during the facility’s designated access hours. Although some facilities may offer 24/7 access, others may only be available during certain hours. This is something you need to check with the facility beforehand.

While storage facilities provide a secure environment, it is essential to take precautions to protect your items. You can easily do so by using appropriate packing materials, moving boxes Brooklyn offers, and handling fragile or valuable items with care. When you are ready to retrieve your possessions from storage, you will typically need to give prior notice to the facility and remove your belongings on a specific date under their supervision.

Renting Storage in New York City – What Are Your Options?

Before renting storage in NYC, you first need to determine what type of unit suits you the best. Usually, there are 3 types of units on the market, each functioning in a unique way. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Self-storage. This choice is highly favored due to its cost-effectiveness and reliability in safeguarding your possessions. Whether you need to store small or large items such as furniture, household appliances, or even a boat, self storage Brooklyn is a  great choice. However, if you opt for this type of storage, you must transport your belongings to and from the storage facility. Additionally, it is your responsibility to maintain an inventory of your items.
  • Portable self-storage. This is an alternative to self-storage on a much smaller scale. The units are usually smaller, approximately 50 square feet in volume. However, they’re portable. This means that the facility can deliver them right to your doorstep and let you pack at your own pace. Once you’re done, they can either stay on your property or be taken away to a secure location. This depends on the facility itself and the type of service they offer.
  • Full-service storage. This alternative provides extra services, as its name implies. One of the services offered by storage providers is the pickup and delivery of your belongings to the storage unit.

Additionally, certain providers allow customers to schedule deliveries to and from their storage units using their mobile devices. While it may be more costly, there are benefits to this option. For instance, the company takes photographs of your items and creates a documented inventory that you can access online.

The Steps to Renting a Storage Unit in NYC

Now that you know what types of units are out there and how they work, you can start the process of renting storage in New York City for yourself! Don’t be intimidated by the word “process,” though!  Finding cheap storage Brooklyn offers is much simpler than you might think. There are quite a few steps to finding the ideal unit, but don’t worry! We’re here to make sure everything is properly explained.

A man doing research on renting storage in New York City
Storage units come in different sizes and commodities, so make sure to do your research!

The First Step is to Find the Right Sized Unit

Before comparing different storage units and companies, it is important to determine your storage needs by estimating the space required to store your belongings. To do this, create a list of all the items you need to store. Use the number of items as a gauge for the size of storage you need. To help you determine the amount of space you require, consider these common unit sizes:

  • The 5×5 unit, which measures 25 square feet, is similar in size to a home closet.
  • If you need to store a motorcycle, the 5×10 unit (50 sq. ft.) is the perfect choice.
  • The 5×15 unit (75 sq. ft.) is roughly equivalent in size to a one-bedroom apartment.
  • For those in need of storage space the size of a two-bedroom apartment, the 10×10 unit (100 sq. ft.) is a good option.
  • The 10×15 unit (150 sq. ft.) is approximately the same size as a three-bedroom apartment.
  • If you require storage for a boat or vehicle, there is also a designated parking space available.

When renting storage in New York City, keep in mind that facilities offer at least 5 different unit sizes. However, these sizes aren’t fixed and may vary based on your chosen company.

Find a Good Storage Facility in New York City Near You

After assessing your storage requirements, it’s important to conduct some research to locate the most suitable storage companies in your vicinity. To accomplish this, you could browse through online directories and search engines or ask for recommendations from friends or family members who have recently used public storage New York City offers. Once you have identified 3-5 potential storage facilities, it is advisable to call each one of them to obtain more information about the services they offer. These may be:

  • Climate-controlled units;
  • Drive-up access;
  • 24/7 surveillance and security;
  • The rental costs associated with each type of storage unit.

During the phone call, it’s important to ask the storage company representative any questions you may have and make sure that all of your concerns are addressed before making a final decision. You may want to ask about the availability of units, the lease agreement terms, payment options, insurance coverage, and any additional fees or discounts that may apply. By taking the time to gather all of this information, you can make a well-informed decision and choose the best storage company that meets your needs and budget.

An outdoor storage in New York City with orange shutters
Visit your chosen NYC storage facility to check if it meets your needs and budget

Remember to Take the Crucial Factors Into Account Before Choosing

One of the smartest ways to pick the perfect storage unit in New York City is to compare a few available facilities. While doing so, you need to focus on a few key aspects that can make or break your decision. These factors include:

  • Climate control options;
  • The available unit sizes;
  • The number and ratings of online moving reviews;
  • The level of customer service;
  • Security levels in the facility (Presence of video monitoring, security guards, fences, etc.);
  • Storage insurance;
  • Short-term and long-term contract availability;
  • Convenience (Drive up access, disabled access);
  • General accessibility (Does the facility work 24/7? Is it open on weekends and holidays?)

It is worth noting that, in the modern days, customer reviews are both expansive and effective. This makes them a good starting point, as they’ll most likely provide answers to all other key factors listed above.

Pay a Visit to Your Chosen Storage Facility

Before signing your lease, we recommend visiting the premises of your chosen New York storage facilities. Even if the reviews are positive and the photographs are appealing, you never know what you’re getting yourself into until you see it for yourself. You should go around the facility to ensure that you are comfortable keeping your items there.

Visit the storage facility of your choice to look at a few units and ask the customer representatives about their services. This is an excellent approach to determine whether the storage facility is secure and well-maintained. This is especially important when renting business storage to ensure your documents and work resources will be well taken care of. After comparing the many storage facilities on the market, you can easily select the firm that best suits your budget and demands in order to formalize the contract.

Insurance papers with a pen on them
Although not mandatory, insurance is still a convenient protection measure

Consider Investing in Added Insurance for Your New York City Storage

Did you know that storage facilities are often not liable for the goods in your unit? If there is a flood, a break-in, or a major disaster, the firm is not responsible to reimburse or replace your belongings. As a result, we recommend that you get storage insurance. Some firms provide insurance as part of their policy at no additional cost. Otherwise, you might check your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance to see if you are authorized to add more storage space or whether your house insurance covers your belongings in storage.

If you need to keep costly goods, you should consider purchasing renter insurance to secure your valuables and have peace of mind. This will cover damage to your belongings caused by various events such as fire, water damage, and theft.

Factors When Budgeting for Storage Rental

Most storage units are leased on a monthly basis, with pricing varying according to size and location. This arrangement offers flexibility for those seeking short-term rental solutions. However, if you require a long-term rental, it may incur higher costs, making it essential to assess your storage needs duration. It is advisable to review the cancellation policy of the storage company carefully. The rental price of a storage unit can fluctuate based on various factors, including:

  • Location: Storage facilities situated in downtown areas tend to be more expensive compared to those in suburban regions.
  • Type of storage: Outdoor units typically have a lower monthly cost compared to indoor units.
  • Duration of rental agreement: Generally, the longer you rent cheap storage in New York, the more affordable the monthly price becomes. However, it’s important to confirm the notice period required for vacating the unit.
  • Additional services: Services like temperature control, 24/7 access, pickup and delivery options, insurance coverage, and more can influence the overall cost.
Stacked boxes in a New York City storage unit
Organize your storage unit to maintain order and cleanliness

How to Maximize Your Space When Renting Storage in New York City

By effectively organizing your stored items, you may require less rental space than initially anticipated. This approach offers an easy and practical means of saving money while renting a storage unit. Consider the following suggestions to optimize your space utilization:

  • Arrange items in a stacked manner: Given the typically tall ceilings of storage units, it is advisable to place the heaviest boxes at the bottom and build upwards. Prioritize positioning the lightest objects on top. Ensure that all available space is utilized efficiently.
  • Utilize all available space: Make the most of the available area by strategically storing smaller items within dressers or furniture. This technique enables maximum space optimization.
  • Disassemble certain items: If you possess bulky furniture such as chairs or tables, disassembling them will reduce the space they occupy within your unit. This step proves beneficial in minimizing space requirements.
  • Neatly organize your storage unit: Leaving an accessible aisle within your storage unit proves advantageous when you need to retrieve specific items. It eliminates the need to unload the entire storage space each time you require something.

And Don’t Forget About the Banned Items!

It is essential to understand that not all items can be stored in your storage facility. Permissible items for storage include business-related items like documents, furniture, clothing, as well as household items. However, there are certain items that are explicitly prohibited, including:

  • Combustible or flammable items such as aerosols, gasoline, and fireworks.
  • Items that are prone to mold.
  • Living beings, including animals, plants, or humans.
  • Hazardous materials like cleaning products, paint, insecticides, and bleach.
  • Items or perishable food that may attract pests.
  • Garbage.

Additionally, some items may have restrictions, such as canned goods, firearms, or taxidermy. However, certain storage companies may permit them if they are appropriately packaged. Before renting storage in New York City, it is advisable to contact your storage facility for more information on these items.

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