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Uncovering the best NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs


New York City is a city filled with culture, fashion, finance, nightlife, and so many more things. The city doesn’t really sleep, and many of the neighborhoods are bustling all through the night. Still, there are those peaceful idyllic areas that make for a perfect home for people who don’t like the noise. For people for are into an active lifestyle, healthy food, and even holistic medicine, NYC can be a great place. With this guide to NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs, you can find the perfect one for you. But don’t stop there. You can also do deeper research into places not mentioned here, and you might find your spot. No matter where want to live, moving and storage New York companies will get you to your new home easily and safely.

The best NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs

If you are a health and fitness buff in NYC, you are in luck! This amazing city is home to a range of different fitness studios, outdoor spaces, and healthy places to eat. Plus, you can find a lot of people who love healthy life and fitness. All you have to do is do a bit of research and find these amazing places near you. Whether you are just moving to New York, or looking for a new home in it, you can consider the best NYC boroughs for health and fitness. Yes, there are places that stand out and make a great destination for those who look for an active life. These three boroughs with their neighborhoods and amenities should be on your list.

A woman athlete is making a meal in the kitchen in one of the best NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs
Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan are perfect boroughs for all healthy lifestyle and fitness buffs

Brooklyn is one of the healthiest boroughs

Brooklyn is a great place to settle down. With its cobblestone streets and wide offer of the best pizza, it can be heaven to many. It is a vibrant and diverse area with around 2,6 million residents. These people have formed a very well-known tight community which can probably be the best thing about this borough. Brooklyn also offers many housing options, with prices that are lower than in Manhattan.

With the lower cost of living, you can also find cheap movers NYC who can help you make this place your new home. It is a great place for families, working people, or people retiring, as it is a safe space and offers many opportunities. When it comes to fitness, Brooklyn is known as one of the healthiest boroughs in the city. According to StreetEasy, two of the Brooklyn neighborhoods are in the top 4 of the healthiest neighborhoods in NYC.

Red Hook

This waterfront neighborhood is located in southwestern Brooklyn and it is known for its laid-back vibe. In recent years, this neighborhood has become a hub for wellness lovers. All of this is thanks to many outdoor spaces and fitness facilities. Probably the most popular and most visited place is the amazing Red Hook Recreation Area. Not only can you find many sports fields, for sports like soccer and baseball, track and a public swimming pool, but you can also have the best view. This area has some stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and the New York Harbor. So, not only will you get your energy through the exercise, you can then relax and enjoy and relax with the view.

If you’re more into cycling, head to the Red Hook Greenway, a 1,3-mile bike path just along the waterfront. You can have a leisurely ride or jog and also enjoy some great views of the Manhattan skyline. If you are one of the people who love indoor options, you should definitely check out one of the many gyms here, such as CrossFit South Brooklyn. You could be going for a classic CrossFit, weightlifting, or even gymnastics.

A woman running next to the water in one of the popular NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs
In Red Hook, you can enjoy outdoor activities with a beautiful view


Among NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs, Dumbo is another great Brooklyn choice for anyone who is into a healthy and active lifestyle. This neighborhood is located in the northwestern part of the borough. It is actually right in between Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge, and its name is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. If you choose some of their local movers NYC and move here, you will find a perfect place. There are cobblestone streets, warehouses converted into amazing community spaces, and views of the Manhattan skyline. You get all this but so much more as well.

Here, you can also find an abundance of outdoor places for an active life. There is a Brooklyn Bridge Park, which stretches along the East River and where you can enjoy views from across the river. Park offers a 30-foot tall claiming wall, miles of the bike path as well as amazing green places where you can do yoga. Furthermore, you can even find a roller rink as well as a seasonal ice rink. When it gets colder and windy, you can use one of the many gyms and fitness places located in DUMBO.

Some of our recommendations are Brooklyn Bodyburn, which has an exercise program with a twist. It is a unique mix of cardio, strength training, and pilates. If you are into high-intensity training, the famous The Fhitting Room can be just the place for you!

A man stretching in the park
With so many green spaces and amazing parks, DUMBO offers a great space for outdoor exercise

Consider Queens for a chance at a great healthy life

Moving to Queens can be a great idea for many reasons. Firstly, this borough is the largest and most diverse in NYC. There are over 2,4 million people from different cultures living here. Living in a place like this means you can experience the amazing influence of different cultures on food and lifestyle. One day you can be eating New York-style pizza and other authentic Thai street dishes.

Secondly, it is a borough that offers a high quality of life at cheaper prices. Not only can you find a home just for your needs and not overpay for it, but you can also use the excellent public transportation in this area to explore more of your new home. Lastly, the most important thing for active people is that there are two neighborhoods on the list of healthiest neighborhoods in NYC and a number of great places you can exercise in.

Long Island City

Each year this vibrant neighborhood in Queens becomes home to more and more people. There are many reasons for this, but it is inevitable to notice how fast this area is growing and developing. One of the reasons for this might be its location, as it is conveniently just across Midtown Manhattan. Moving and starting a life here now means that you can very easily get to your Manhatan job, without having to pay for the Manthatan home prices. But other than its location, if you are longing for a beautiful place where you are surrounded by activity and a healthy lifestyle, this is it.

Another waterfront neighborhood, LLC offers its panoramic views of Manhattan to everyone enjoying the spots in Gantry Plaza State Park. You can go for a jog here, ride your bike, or even set up a nice picnic at the sunset. Other than the outdoor activities, you can join many fitness places, for some CrossFit, yoga, or kickbox. If you want to get your heart really pumping, you will definitely want to try a high-energy class at SoulCycle.

A woman doing yoga in one of the NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs
Queens should be on your list of NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs

Oakland Gardens

If you are someone who wants to live a peaceful life without all the hustle and bustle of a big city, NYC can sometimes seem like the wrong city for that. You just need to know which of the NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs offer peaceful areas as well. Luckily, we know there are many calm neighborhoods where you can get exactly that, and Oakland Gardens is one of those.

This neighborhood has streets that are lined with trees, and houses that are well maintained and can be seen as a tranquil escape from the big city. One of the reasons you can find your oasis here is also the number of parks that this area has. One of them is Alley Pond Park. Go here after your work, on weekends, or early mornings and find miles of hiking trails, running paths, and spots for other physical activity.

Be sure to visit New York Sports Club and Blink Fitness, or find a gym that is close to your home. In Oakland Gardens you can find it all, from yoga centers, and cycling classes all the way to martial arts and dance classes. When you are not in the gym, get some cardio by walking around and exploring this stunning neighborhood. This way you can meet some friends and ask them to join you next time you are going for a walk.

A woman doing yoga in a park
Enjoy some beautiful weather at a pond park

Manhattan is the epicenter of – everything

Manhattan is definitely the most exciting and dynamic borough in this city. It is the epicenter of work, fashion, nightlife, and of course, a fitness lifestyle. There are so many opportunities here, and for years people have chosen to live in all parts of Manhattan. Still, there are some downsides, such as the constant traffic, busy and fast lifestyle, and the price of everything. Especially homes. In order to save on rent, many people choose smaller apartments and hire public storage New York to keep the rest of their things. But, we can’t say we don’t understand the hype of this borough.

Moving onto the lifestyle in Manhattan, we have to mention that there are many famous and delicious restaurants here. Pair that with many galleries, museums, and some of the most famous nightlife, and you get a real wow. However, if you like the other side of life, the healthy one, you can also have that here. With many indoor gyms and Central Park, you can try any sports activity or fitness class you want.


Midtown Manhattan is where you will find Central Park. Living here you can right off the bat have the opportunity of exercising in one of the most famous parks in the world. Along with Bryant Park, you can do so many activities here. On some days you can go for a calm walk, or a run, you can cycle and you can enjoy outdoor yoga classes as well. This neighborhood is the bustling commercial hub, meaning there are many people working here, and many people living here too.

So as per demand, Midtown Manhattan has a huge number of gyms, and you can join a local one or one that is popular among celebrities. It all depends on your needs and affordability. You can try looking around fitness centers such as Equinox, New York Sports Club, and Crunch Fitness to see what you prefer and find your perfect place.

Women in a gym in one of the NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs
Manhattan offers some of the most famous gyms in the city and is one of the perfect NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs


In the middle of busy Manhattan, you can find Flatiron, a neighborhood that can make you fall in love. This is a great example of preserving historic buildings which make Manhattan what it is today. Still, be aware that Flatiron might not be for everyone. If you are looking for a calm and quiet neighborhood, you should definitely think about another place. When it comes to fitness in this area, the list of the mentioned gyms in Midtown Manhattan applies here as well. You can enjoy yoga, pilates, spinning, or other classes in New York Sports Club or 24 Hour Fitness, as well as Equinox. Still, there are many boutique fitness studios here well, like Flywheel Sports and SoulCycle.

If you prefer to exercise outside, head to one of the green spaces, such as Madison Square Park or Union Square Park. Go even further, and explore many of the wellness centers where you can get a range of holistic treatments to promote overall health. New York Center for Innovative Medicine is one of those places, and you can find some very interesting things there.

On top of that, there are many luxurious buildings with great amenities, raising the housing prices in the neighborhood. So, you might want to think about your budget first as well. If despite all of this you know Flatiorn is the place for you, then no worries. It fits into great NYC boroughs for health and fitness buffs, and you can find the life you want here.

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