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Useful tips for moving in with your best friend

It’s time to become more independent and start living on your own! Most of us opt for living with a roommate, which can be the best and most fulfilling way of living. When moving in with your best friend, there are a few things to keep in mind so that your relationship doesn’t deteriorate. That’s why we at U.Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn have decided to present our list of useful tips for moving in with your best friend! Let’s get into it.

Discuss what it means to be a good roommate

When moving in with your best friend, one of the most important things is to discuss some rules. This doesn’t have to be rigid and unfriendly. Just make up rules of what you expect from your roommate. Considering that you’re moving with your best friend, transparent communication shouldn’t be an issue. The key to a successful life together is being able to play the role of a good friend and a good roommate. It’s simply a question of consideration. Also, be careful during your moving process to not forget anything!

A picture of two roommates after moving in with their best friend
When moving in with your best friend, one of the most important things is to discuss some rules.

Cleaning duty

The basics you should be aware of is: keeping your space clean. This can either mean keeping your room clean or the common spaces. Usually, roommates take care of their own rooms as they usually would, but the common area is divided. Now here you have the freedom to go about it however the two of you would like. Maybe one will always vacuum, and the other always wash the dishes. Maybe you’ll alternate between doing all the chores.

Rent and utilities

This tip may seem obvious, but it is so important to discuss. You need to be on the same page concerning all of your bills. If the landlord is requesting rent every 5th of the month, you both have to be able to provide it in time. If, for example, your friend can’t come up with the money until the 10th, you need to have a long, direct talk with the landlord. Then you’ll see if the landlord is inflexible, it’s time to look for another place. You might be disappointed, but you’ve saved yourselves from a tyrant landlord who can’t compromise.

Discuss things together with the landlord

Don’t be that friend who will abandon their friend when an uncomfortable conversation arises. It’s never easy confronting your landlord because they literally control your living situation. Always do it together and always have a plan set in place. You need to be direct enough, yet polite enough. It’s a fine line, but together, you’ll be able to find it!

Two friends discussing rules for living together
Open communication will strengthen your relationship with your best friend.

Provide each other privacy

Moving in with your best friend with whom you hand out all the time can lead to you wanting to do everything together. Or just sit the entire day in the living room and talk, talk, talk. When moving to Brooklyn, there will be many of these moments where you can hang out the whole day. But whenever you sense your friend is a bit burnt out, or they go in their room, then is the time to give them some space. The absolute same goes for you!

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or just want some time for yourself, you should feel comfortable just going to your room and hanging out alone. This is something we’re used to since the times of living with our parents and it is one of our primary needs. Everyone needs their “me time” and it needs to be respected by both parties.

Establish open communication

As we’ve mentioned, confrontation can be very uncomfortable. But it needs to happen, and the both of you need to be aware it isn’t anything personal. For example, you remind your roommate to wash their dishes because the sink stinks. It’s important that they don’t take it personally, because it isn’t personal! It’s just a reminder of something you expect in your home, the home you are sharing.

Of course, gentle reminders are always more appreciated! But don’t tolerate anything and just do it yourself when you’re dissatisfied. This will lead to a strained relationship and build resentment.

Quiet hours

Many people run into problems with roommates when they are both on different sleep schedules. For example, you have to attend college early in the morning, and your friend sleeps in until 1 pm. This isn’t an issue on its own, but if your roommate were to play loud music or disturb you in any other way in the middle of the night, it could lead to a fight. Everyone goes through phases of when they sleep, but it’s important to respect each other’s quiet time.

No guests during the night if you’re sleeping, parties only when the both of you agree on them, etc. This way you’ll keep up your healthy relationship and have no deeper issues. If one of the problems that arise is you don’t have enough space in the apartment for all of our things, our self storage Brooklyn services are at your service.

A woman holding her head in desperation
Save yourself a headache and just set clear boundaries with your friend!

Expectations for significant others

Another very important part of having a harmonious living situation with your best friend is discussing how to go about significant others. It can be really annoying when you come home after a long day and your roommate’s significant other is at your apartment. So, now instead of chilling in the living room in front of the TV, you feel the pressure to go into your room and give them space.

Discussing this beforehand can save you a huge headache. Most people agree on asking each other if it’s okay to invite their significant others. If you’re more flexible, your roommate can just give you a heads up that their significant other is at your apartment. Also, a good rule can be that if you’re tired and not up for socializing, your roommate goes into their room with their significant other. We hope our useful tips for moving in with your best friend have helped you! Good luck!


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