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Ways to reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage


Moving is a big decision and a complex procedure. You will need to organize and hire the right people for the move. Moving comes with other responsibilities as well. Next to the moving team, you’ll need to set aside the right budget, pack, and start searching for the right storage unit. Most of the time people have more items than they can handle. So, the storage unit is the ultimate solution. If you are planning to move to Brooklyn, be sure to find the best movers and cheap storage Brooklyn as well. And today, we will help you do just that. More importantly, we will help you reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage. Let’s take a look.

Where to begin if you want to reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage?

Finding the right storage unit is a very important moving task. If you do this right and choose among the best storage units Brooklyn, you will avoid a lot of headaches and hardships. There are some things to consider when choosing the right storage unit. You should check the size, location and of course the price. We will give you some tips and tricks on how to reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage. Brooklyn is not the cheapest borough, so this should come in handy.

two people trying to reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage
Research online and learn enough about storage unit rentals.

When you are moving and looking for your perfect storage, you will pay extra attention to the price. And the location of course. Everybody wants to save money and get an affordable price for renting storage. Why wouldn’t you obtain a better price as well? Hence, let’s cover a few more tips on how to reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage and even Brooklyn monthly furniture storage cost.

Consider a less expensive location

Sometimes the location of the storage can save you money. If you are moving to an area where the demand for storage is high, you might rent a storage unit that is not so close to your new home. On the other hand, if this is not the case you will want to find a storage unit as close to your new home as possible. In this way, you will be able to save money on transportation costs. But not only that. If you want to maintain hygiene and keep your items in a good shape, you must visit once in a while. And if your unit is located well beyond the municipal area, that might be a problem. Although, those units are way cheaper than those within the city limits. So, you must check your budget first before you approach local movers Brooklyn with your request.

The first thing to do is to figure out what is the purpose of the storage unit you’ll rent. Are you going to visit twice a year or use it regularly? Some people turn their storage space into workshops, gyms, or a second garage. If you intend on making a lovely studio out of your unit, it would be wise to have it near your home. So, figure it all out beforehand and then set aside an appropriate budget to cover the investment.

Find the storage of the right size

Be sure to rent a storage unit of the right size. Do not pay for space you are not going to need or use. Here are some guidelines on how to know what storage size the right for you is. Check the following:

  • 5×5 storage units – you can store a dresser, several boxes, and a mattress set.
  • 5×10 storage unit – a king-size mattress set, TV, several boxes, and a dresser.
  • 10×10 storage unit – an entire living room and two bedrooms worth of furniture.
  • 10×15 storage unit – three bedrooms and large furniture including appliances.
  • 10×20 storage unit – multiple bedrooms house, several boxes, and large furniture.
  • 10×30 storage unit – multiple bedrooms house, large furniture, and a lot of boxes.
outdoor storage units
Storage units come in many sizes. Figure out which one is the best for you.

Depending on the number of items you will bring and the purpose of your unit, you will decide on the appropriate size. Consult your movers NYC and they will guide you through. They surely have a lot of experience with this topic.

Don’t pay for features you don’t really need

When you rent a storage unit you can find them with many amenities. Some units are outdoor while others are a part of a bigger facility. Indoor units are always a bit more expensive. Now, you can have a guard on site with 24/7 surveillance. Not to mention all the locks, keys, lock pads, and other safety features your storage unit doors can have. And of course, the forever famous climate-controlled storage unit. This option is highly sought after, and people use it to store sensitive and fragile content.

Although, there are some features you might not need. In other words, stay away from luxuries if you want to save a few bucks. Focus on the necessary features. For example, you will surely manage without drive-up access.

Rent outside of the peak season

When it is the moving and storage peak season your prices will be higher for sure. When the demand is high the storage companies will dictate the rules and increase prices. This is normal when supply drops and demand skyrockets. It happens in any business so you shouldn’t get frustrated about it because there is a lucrative solution. With a little bit of organizing and planning ahead, you can outsmart them. You can sign the rental agreement outside of the peak season. This way you will get a cheaper price and reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage.

a woman counting the budget
Rent outside of peak season and you will save a lot of money this way.

This is especially useful when it comes to renting reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn. Figure out if you want to use a storage unit for the next six months or up to a year. In most cases, leases renew once a year. If you generate your contract in autumn or winter, simply renew it next year and you will always be inside the non-peak season when the price can be up to 30% lower.

Online specials are the right thing for you

Online renting has many perks for anyone on a tight budget. If you investigate a bit, you will definitely find some offers and discounts. You can save a serious amount of money on renting your storage unit this way. So don’t be lazy and start surfing online. Check local moving and storage Brooklyn companies until you find a match. Maybe you won’t find anything at first. Especially if you are in peak season. But be patient and something will pop up eventually. If you intend on renting for a year or longer, it is worthwhile to wait a bit and snatch the right deal.

Moreover, ask if your storage provider offers some bonus services and benefits. Some of them offer free use of a truck after the lease initiates. This is good if you are not relocating at all but only renting a unit to store some of the old furniture there. But the more you purchase from your storage provider, the higher the chance to obtain a better deal in the end. Of course, do the math and figure out if it is worth your trouble in the first place.

Additional ways to reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage

A good idea would be to get rid of all of the things you don’t actually need before you store your possessions. The space that you are using in a storage unit is valuable and you shouldn’t clutter it unnecessarily. Therefore, only store the necessary things that you know you will need after you move. To avoid such a scenario where you use most of your storage space on junk, you should declutter before moving.

a woman decluttering items
Do not bring junk with you. Get rid of old and unused items before moving and storing.

Simply shuffle through your items and furniture and we are sure you’ll find many items you do not need anymore. Whether they are outdated or broken, you should get rid of them. You could organize a garage sale or donate all of those items you don’t need. Also, be efficient when packing for storage and moving. Don’t leave those boxes half empty and think about putting smaller items into bigger ones.

Share the storage unit

Big storage units are your best choice, but they tend to be very expensive. Another way to reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage is by sharing your storage with other customers. You can ask some friends who are also moving to chip in, and you can share the space and expenses. You can even try to find people who are moving through the same moving company and ask them to share the space. And there are people online who rent the other half of their storage as well. Or you can even ask your movers to patch you with their users who reported they want to share the unit with someone else. If you manage to strike a deal it will be a win-win situation. You will be able to save 50% of your storage budget.

Negotiate and obtain a better offer

After scouring the Internet, you will find an abundance of storage providers. Be sure to do your research and compare the prices. You will want to get the right size of the storage unit for your money. You should also consider important factors like security and access. Moreover, be sure to read the fine print on every contract to know exactly what you get. There are more than 50 000 storage providers in the US. The competition is fierce. If your storage provider doesn’t have a fixed pricing policy, try to negotiate a discount. It doesn’t hurt to try. And if you are successful, you can reduce the rent price significantly.

Moreover, if you are moving as well, you should negotiate the entire moving and renting price. Work with your movers and do not stop at the first company you find. Try at least five different companies until you compare prices and realize which option is the best one for you.

Now you know how to reduce the cost of Brooklyn storage. Remember, big and bulky items will take up a lot of your storage space. However, you will need these things, they are so important. You could ask if you can store these large items at a family member’s house or a friend’s house. And believe it or not, some moving companies can offer you a free short-term storage unit included in the price. So, check with your movers if this is the option as well. Good luck.

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