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What are the different types of apartments in NYC?

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It is hard not to idealize New York City. It actually feels wrong not to. Out of all the cities in our nation, it feels like New York truly deserves the reputation it has built up for itself. This is because New York is not promising milk and honey to everyone and everybody. It is not selling a dream of a city in which you will be set for life. No, New York city promises a ladder. A ladder that is taller than all the skyscrapers that rise from Manhattan. Taller than any other. Only limited by the ambition of the people who are about to climb it. New York City is beautiful. And if you are moving to NYC to achieve this dream, to climb those ladders, you will need to know what to expect. Something more concrete – the different types of apartments in NYC.

The different types of apartments in NYC – from the smallest to the largest

With cheap movers NYC found you are ready to move, but you should, of course, know your options among all the different types of apartments in NYC that are on offer. Here we presented all the apartments, from the smallest to the largest. Therefore, let us begin by introducing studio apartments!

The different types of apartments in NYC - a room in white
What kind of apartments will you find in NYC?

Micro and one-bedroom studio apartments

Let us start with the smallest of apartments you can find under the New York City Housing Authority. There are three main types

  • Junior one – This is a large, studio apartment that provides an alcove that separates the bedroom from the rest of the unit. It provides a kitchen/dining room fuse.
  • Junior four – You can also have a bigger apartment with a master bedroom and a combined kitchen, living room, and a bedroom. It can also have a smaller room for various uses.
  • Classic studio apartment – There are many types, but in general, you have a one-room space with the only thing separated being the bath. Pretty much a hotel room, plus a kitchen. When people talk about the different types of apartments in NYC, more often than not they talk about these.

A small addition (no pun intended) to this list is the micro-apartments that were unveiled in 2015. They provide between 260 and 360 square feet.

Two-bedroom apartments

When people hear that you are using one of the long-distance moving companies New York to move to NYC they are often mentioning the small size of apartments there. There is somewhat of a consensus with people that all NYC apartments are somehow tiny. This is of course not true. Many of the apartments you will find in New York are just as big as, well, apartments anywhere else. For example at a little bit of more spacious living, let us look at a “classic six” type of an apartment.

These apartments have a dining room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, entrance foyers, and many other additional spaces, including a home office or a child’s room, depending on the circumstances. Among the different types of apartments in NYC, these are definitely far from small

living room
Will you have a two-bedroom apartment?

Furthermore, you can find duplex apartments as well. Here, you do have a smaller surface in theory, but you own two spaces in two adjacent levels. They most often have two kitchens, and pretty much always a terrace. Living and dining rooms are often mixed with the kitchen but can have multiple bedrooms. These are especially good for roommates/living with teenagers, for when someone in the home needs a little bit more of a private space.

Penthouse and Floor-thorough

There is no much higher to go than this. If your pick among the moving companies Brooklyn are moving you straight to a penthouse apartment, then you truly are going straight to the top. Penthouse apartments are those you will find on the very top of the building. By definition, these apartments are literary comprising the roof of the structure, giving the commanding view of the city to the one that is enjoying the privilege of living in it. However, more often than not, like in the picture provided, you will now see that a building hosts multiple penthouse apartments. This is due to design. After all, these are the most luxurious among all the different types of apartments in NYC, therefore they bring the most profit to the landlord.

A penthouse aparment
All the way to the top

Multiple penthouse apartments are possible though to setbacks in roof design, providing terraces for the penthouse apartments. However, there is an older (and even more luxurious) way of building these apartments, and that is to have them been floor-through.

Floor-through apartments don’t actually have to be penthouses. A floor trough apartment is simply the one providing an apartment through the whole floor of the building, private elevator, and all. Of course, here we are talking about luxurious apartments as well. A combination of the two, a penthouse that is also a floor-though, is the most luxurious apartment type out of them all. You will need the best out of moving and storage NYC if you plan to move there.

In summary

We have now ranked all the different types of apartments in NYC you will be able to find. There is definitely a lot of choices to be had. The good thing is that, even if you find yourself with only the means to afford the smallest of apartments, you are not tied to it. New York offers a ladder where everyone else offers a dream. Grab the handles and lift!. It is the city thriving in opportunity. A city where adaptable succeed. Where business never sleeps. Where there is no end to ambition. Work hard, work smart and work for yourself and you will be able to go ever taller and wider with your apartments, until, one day, you find your apartment being on a picture of an article talking about the most luxurious one in New York City. All you have to do is to believe in yourself.

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