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What are the downsides of leaving Brooklyn?

Brooklyn holds a special place in the concusses of America. It is present in many movies and tv shows, and its culture radiates through music and trends that originate from it. And this is because, to a great extent, Brooklyn is amazing. It is truly a special representative of New York City, being its biggest part. And, as you may know, when you live in it, this feeling, this lifestyle, certainly leaves an effect of you. While everyone in New York is chasing their own happiness, you steel feel like part of the New York the phalanx, the community. But what if you have to change this? If you are leaving this borough (and possibly the city as a whole). In other words, what are the downsides of leaving Brooklyn?

Straight to the point – 5 downsides of leaving Brooklyn

While we will, as the heading say, get straight to the point, we still have something to say before moving on. The premise of this post is that you are not only leaving Kings county, but also the whole of New York City. If this is the case, you will find all of the headings applicable to you.

Straight to the point 5 downsides of leaving Brooklyn
So, let’s see the downsides we are talking about

However, there are slight chances that you are only leaving the borough. Should this be the case, you will find this post less (but still somewhat) relevant to your situation, and we invite you to pick and choose what topics you want to read about. OK, now we can go! What will you miss about New York – except high moving costs?

Leaving Brooklyn business behind

First off, you will be leaving a lot of business opportunities. Brooklyn is currently feeling something of an economic boom. There have been great gentrification of the apartments and a lot of commercial relocation to the area. If you leave, you are leaving great job prospects behind. That is one of the greatest downsides of leaving Brooklyn, really.

With Manhattan just over the East River Brooklyn offers a great opportunity for employment in the most diverse and vibrant economic hub in America, and possibly the world. That kind of opportunity is hard to find anywhere else.

Cultural melting pot

There is also the fact that New York City, and above all 2.8 million people of Brooklyn, is the clearest of all possible examples of a true, American melting pot. There are immigrants from all over, bringing their customs, language, expertise, and food from all over the globe. This means that there are truly some wonderful things and people that you can see and meet only in Brooklyn. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no diverse places in America other than NYC. Big cities, like Houston, San Francisco, Miami and the rest all have big immigrant populations and vibrant cultures. However, Brooklyn is still the king in this particular regard.

Concrete jungle

This one goes to people that are moving to suburbs or rural areas (or simply smaller towns). While there are a lot of things that are rather more preferable in the less dense, more open places when residential movers Brooklyn move you there will also be things you will miss from the New York concrete jungle.

Concrete jungle
Are you going to leave the urban life behind?

Extremely highly urbanized New York offices a lot of great services that are only available in great cities. These include not only happenings that can only take place with great concentrations of people, as important cultural events, but also things like Healthcare and Education. You might just find that those things will be lacking when leaving New York.

You still have things to explore

One more among the downsides of leaving Brooklyn is that there are just so many things you haven’t seen yet. How can we say this with absolute certainty, you may ask. Well, simply. No one has seen it all. No matter how long you live there. It makes no difference if you were born and raised in New York or moved there a year ago, New York is just too big to be discovered.

You still have things to explore
Go on and explore as much as you can before you leave

When you leave, you will feel the sense of lingering dissatisfaction about not seeing all that NYC has to offer. However, do not despair, it will wait for you to return. Moving companies in Brooklyn definitely work both ways.

If you are leaving, be sure to prepare

However, if you are leaving, despite all the downsides, you are not the only one. It is only natural. While there is currently a large influx of people to Brooklyn, there are still people leaving. It is rather common for people to leave New York after a few years. So if you are among them, and the leaving is inevitable, you should do the following things in ensuring a smooth transition.

  • First, you should research upsides of going to a new location the same way as you researched the downsides of leaving Brooklyn. You should do this by googling all kinds of articles and official and unofficial sites of those places. Go on social media like Facebook or Reddit or forums and ask for advice from the people who have goon through the same experience. Note how they felt about leaving the NYC lifestyle behind. How they adapted to the change in the pace of life and such things.
  • Hire good movers. You should not compromise on this issue. You are sure to have a long trip (even local ones are a full-day affair) therefore you need professionals at your side. Check out their experience in their reviews and their license on their website. Furthermore, be sure to get as many free estimates as you can. And be sure to find movers with good logistics, meaning you have to find a find a decent moving truck in a DIY option
  • Take a good inventory. Downsizing before moving is a great way to clear up unnecessary things from your life, maybe earn a buck, and definitely save on your relocation costs…

New York Spirit

In conclusion, what is the biggest of the downsides of leaving Brooklyn? The loss of the common New York spirit. Breaking ranks and leaving this great city behind. However, you can always bring a little bit of it in your hearth, and you will always, no matter what you are or where you live, be a New Yorker. 


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