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What Are the Downsides of Leaving Brooklyn?


Brooklyn holds a special place in the concusses of America. It is present in many movies and TV shows, and its culture radiates through music and trends that originate from it. And this is because, to a great extent, Brooklyn is amazing. It is truly a special representative of New York City, being its biggest part. And, as you may know, when you live in it, this feeling, this lifestyle, certainly has an effect on you. While everyone in New York is chasing their own happiness, you still feel like part of the New York phalanx, the community. But what if you have to change this? If you are leaving this borough with NYC long distance movers (and possibly the city as a whole). In other words, what are the downsides of leaving Brooklyn?

Straight to the Point – All Downsides of Leaving Brooklyn

While we will, as the heading says, we will get straight to the point, but we still have something to say before moving on. The premise of this post is that you are leaving not only Kings County but also the whole of New York City. If this is the case, you will find all the things that apply to you. However, there is a slight chance that you will only leave the borough. Should this be the case, you will find this post less (but still somewhat) relevant to your situation, and we invite you to pick and choose what topics you want to read about. OK, now we can go! What will you miss about New York – except for the high moving costs in NYC?

people on bikes, thinking about the downsides of leaving Brooklyn
There are many downsides to leaving Brooklyn

Beware the Higher Cost of Living Elsewhere

As one contemplates departing the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, a sobering reality looms large: the potentially staggering increase in the cost of living elsewhere. While Brooklyn is no stranger to the pressures of urban life, its affordability relative to many other locales remains a compelling draw for residents. The decision to bid adieu to this borough often leads to a harsh awakening as individuals find themselves grappling with the stark disparities in expenses. From housing to daily necessities, the financial landscape outside Brooklyn can be markedly less forgiving.

For many, the prospect of leaving Brooklyn entails a significant adjustment to a higher cost of living, with housing costs standing out as a particularly formidable challenge. The charming brownstones and trendy apartments that characterize Brooklyn living often come with a heftier price tag elsewhere, squeezing budgets and eroding the once comfortable margin for discretionary spending. Moreover, everyday expenses such as groceries, dining, and transportation may suddenly command a larger share of one’s income, further amplifying the strain on finances.

Navigating Longer Commutes

Leaving the vibrant streets of Brooklyn can lead to a notable downside: longer commute times for those relocating further from work or city amenities. The decision to depart with Brooklyn long distance movers often entails a trade-off, as you will find yourself grappling with the prospect of spending more time navigating your daily journeys. For many Brooklynites, the convenience of short commutes has long been a cherished aspect of urban living. However, venturing beyond Brooklyn’s borders can mean confronting the harsh reality of extended travel times. Whether it’s battling traffic congestion, enduring lengthy train rides, or navigating unfamiliar public transportation networks, the prospect of longer commutes looms large for those venturing further afield.

The impact of increased commute times extends beyond mere inconvenience. They often encroach upon valuable time that could be spent with loved ones, pursuing hobbies, or simply unwinding after a long day. Moreover, the added stress and fatigue associated with lengthier journeys can take a toll on individuals’ overall well-being, exacerbating the challenges of acclimating to a new environment.

riding the subway and thinking about the downsides of leaving Brooklyn
Brooklyn is the probably best connected NYC borough

Farewell to Flavor

One of the most palpable downsides of leaving Brooklyn is the prospect of missing out on its unparalleled cuisine and vibrant food scene. Renowned for its diverse culinary offerings and innovative eateries, Brooklyn serves as a gastronomic haven that leaves taste buds tantalized and craving more. From iconic pizza joints to trendy brunch spots and hole-in-the-wall eateries, Brooklyn’s culinary landscape is a testament to its rich cultural tapestry. Whether savoring a classic slice of New York-style pizza, indulging in artisanal delicacies at local markets, or embarking on a culinary adventure through ethnic enclaves, residents of this borough are spoiled for choice when it comes to satisfying their epicurean cravings. The decision to leave Brooklyn carries with it the bitter realization that such gastronomic delights may become a distant memory.

Parting Ways with Culture

Art and culture are one of the reasons why so many people decide for moving to Brooklyn. Therefore, another of the significant downsides of leaving Brooklyn is the diminished access to a diverse array of artistic and cultural events and venues. Renowned for its thriving arts scene and eclectic cultural offerings, Brooklyn stands as a beacon of creativity and expression. It entices its residents with an abundance of enriching experiences. From world-class museums and galleries to underground art spaces and live performance venues, Brooklyn’s cultural landscape is as diverse as it is vibrant. Whether attending avant-garde exhibitions, immersive theater productions, or grassroots music festivals, residents of this borough enjoy unparalleled access to a wealth of artistic experiences that enrich and inspire. However, the decision to depart from Brooklyn inevitably entails a loss of proximity to such cultural riches.

The Loss of Neighborhood Camaraderie Beyond Brooklyn

One of the less tangible yet deeply felt downsides of leaving Brooklyn is the reduction in the sense of community and neighborhood camaraderie. Brooklyn’s streets pulse with a unique energy fueled by the diversity of its residents and the bonds forged within its vibrant neighborhoods. From block parties to local farmers’ markets and grassroots community initiatives, Brooklynites cherish the connections they’ve cultivated with their neighbors. Whether sharing stories on stoops, participating in cultural celebrations, or supporting small businesses, the sense of belonging in Brooklyn is palpable and cherished. Yet, departing from Brooklyn means more than just a change of scenery; it represents a departure from the close-knit communities that define the borough’s character. As you move beyond Brooklyn’s borders, you risk losing the familiar faces and shared experiences that foster a sense of belonging and solidarity.

friends on a picnic talking about the downsides of leaving Brooklyn
Brooklyn has the tightest community

Leaving Brooklyn business behind

First, you will be leaving a lot of business opportunities. Brooklyn is currently feeling an economic boom. There has been great gentrification of the apartments and a lot of commercial relocation to the area. If you leave, you will be leaving great job prospects behind. That is one of the greatest downsides of leaving Brooklyn, really. With Manhattan just over the East River, Brooklyn offers great employment opportunities in the most diverse and vibrant economic hub in America and possibly the world. That kind of opportunity is hard to find anywhere else.

Cultural melting pot

There is also the fact that New York City, and above all, the 2.8 million people of Brooklyn, is the clearest of all possible examples of a true American melting pot. There are immigrants from all over, bringing their customs, language, expertise, and food from all over the globe. This means there are truly some wonderful things and people you can see and meet only in Brooklyn. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no diverse places in America other than NYC. Big cities like Houston, San Francisco, Miami, and the rest all have big immigrant populations and vibrant cultures. However, Brooklyn is still the king in this particular regard.

Leaving Brooklyn’s Green Haven

As Brooklyn bids farewell to its residents, one often-overlooked challenge emerges. It is the difficulty to find urban green spaces and parks that rival those within its borders. Beyond its bustling streets and vibrant neighborhoods, Brooklyn boasts a diverse array of green havens that offer respite from the urban hustle and bustle. Brooklyn’s green spaces are cherished sanctuaries, from sprawling parks like Prospect Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park to hidden gems tucked amidst the cityscape. Here, residents escape the concrete jungle to connect with nature. Whether strolling along tree-lined paths, picnicking on lush lawns, or basking in the serenity of botanical gardens, Brooklynites revel in the abundance of natural beauty at their doorstep.

walking through Park Slope and thinking about downsides of leaving Brooklyn
You will miss Brooklyn’s greenery

Concrete Jungle

This one goes to people who are moving to suburbs or rural areas (or simply smaller towns) and are not in love with Brooklyn’s green spaces. While many things are rather preferable in the less dense, more open places, when Brooklyn residential movers move you, you will also miss things from the New York concrete jungle. Extremely highly urbanized New York offices offer many great services that are only available in great cities. These include not only happenings that can only take place with great concentrations of people, such as important cultural events, but also things like Healthcare and Education. You might just find those things lacking when leaving New York.

You Still Have Things to Explore

Another downside of leaving Brooklyn is that there are just so many things you haven’t seen yet. How can we say this with absolute certainty, you may ask? Well, simply. No one has seen it all, no matter how long you live there. It makes no difference if you were born and raised in New York or moved there a year ago; New York is just too big to be discovered. When you leave, you will feel the sense of lingering dissatisfaction about not seeing all that NYC has to offer. However, do not despair; it will wait for you to return. Moving companies in Brooklyn definitely work both ways.

Departing Brooklyn and Its Academic Epicenter

Many people are moving to New York because of its renowned educational and academic institutions. Nestled within the borough’s vibrant neighborhoods are esteemed universities, colleges, and research centers that contribute to Brooklyn’s intellectual vibrancy and educational diversity. From world-class universities like Pratt Institute and Long Island University to community colleges and specialized research facilities, Brooklyn’s academic landscape offers a wealth of opportunities for learning and intellectual growth. Students and scholars alike benefit from access to cutting-edge resources, innovative programs, and a rich tapestry of academic discourse.

Brooklyn school bus
When you live in Brooklyn, you are close to all of NYC’s best schools

Navigating New Social Norms

Brooklyn, with its rich cultural tapestry and diverse population, fosters a unique set of social norms and dynamics that shape interactions and relationships. From casual encounters on bustling streets to communal gatherings in neighborhood cafes, Brooklynites embrace a spirit of inclusivity and diversity that permeates daily life. However, departing from Brooklyn means stepping into environments where social norms may differ markedly, presenting both opportunities for growth and moments of discomfort. Adjusting to different social norms requires a willingness to observe, learn, and adapt. Whether it’s understanding the intricacies of greeting etiquette, navigating hierarchical structures within social groups, or deciphering unspoken rules of engagement, individuals leaving Brooklyn must be attuned to the subtle nuances that govern social interactions in their new surroundings.

Moreover, departing from Brooklyn often entails confronting unfamiliar cultural norms and customs that may challenge preconceived notions and broaden perspectives. From dining etiquette to communication styles and concepts of personal space, individuals may find themselves navigating cultural nuances that require sensitivity and open-mindedness. The process of adjusting to new social norms is not without its challenges. Navigating unfamiliar social landscapes, where cues and conventions may differ from those ingrained in Brooklyn’s cultural fabric, can be disorienting. Feelings of isolation, uncertainty, and cultural shock are not uncommon as you grapple with the complexities of forging connections. And establishing a sense of belonging in unfamiliar terrain.

Identity Beyond Brooklyn

Brooklynites take pride in their borough’s storied past. Its role as a cultural melting pot has shaped generations of residents. From the stoop culture of brownstone-lined streets to the iconic landmarks that dot the skyline, Brooklyn serves as a backdrop for cherished memories and shared experiences that forge a sense of collective identity. However, departing from Brooklyn means relinquishing this cherished sense of pride and identity. Whether moving to a different city, state, or country, leaving behind the familiar streets and landmarks of Brooklyn can evoke a profound sense of loss and displacement. Adjusting to life beyond Brooklyn requires you to reconcile your identity as a Brooklynite with the realities of your new surroundings.

Four Brooklyn girls
It will be hard to admit that you are not Brooklynites anymore

It may entail confronting stereotypes or misconceptions about Brooklyn and its residents, as well as redefining what it means to carry the spirit of Brooklyn wherever they go. Moreover, departing from Brooklyn offers an opportunity for individuals to explore and embrace new facets of their identity. While Brooklyn may always hold a special place in their hearts, venturing beyond its borders allows individuals to discover new cultural influences, forge connections with diverse communities, and cultivate a sense of belonging that transcends geographical boundaries. Yet, the sense of pride and identity associated with being a Brooklynite remains a cherished aspect of one’s personal narrative. Regardless of where life may take them. Whether reminiscing about childhood adventures in Prospect Park or sharing stories of Brooklyn grit and resilience with new acquaintances, the spirit of Brooklyn lives on in the hearts and minds of its former residents.

If You are Leaving, Be Sure to Prepare

However, despite all the downsides, if you are leaving, you are not the only one. It is only natural. While there is currently a large influx of people to Brooklyn, there are still people leaving. It is rather common for people to leave New York City after a few years. So, if you are among them, you should do the following things to ensure a smooth transition.

  • First, you should research the upsides of going to a new location the same way you researched the downsides of leaving Brooklyn. You should do this by googling all kinds of articles and official and unofficial sites of those places. Go on social media like Facebook, Reddit, or forums and ask for advice from people who have had the same experience. Note how they felt about moving from New York, how they adapted to the change in the pace of life, and such things.
  • Hire good NYC local movers. You should not compromise on this issue. You are sure to have a long trip (even local ones are a full-day affair); therefore, you need professionals at your side. Check out their experience in their reviews and their license on their website. Furthermore, be sure to get as many free estimates as you can. And be sure to find movers with good logistics, meaning you have to find a decent Brooklyn moving truck in a DIY option
  • Take a good inventory. Downsizing before moving is a great way to clear up unnecessary things from your life, maybe earn a buck, and definitely save on Brooklyn packing services

New York Spirit

What is the biggest one of all the mentioned downsides of leaving Brooklyn? The loss of the common New York spirit. Breaking ranks and leaving this great city behind. However, you can always bring a little bit of it in your hearth, and you will always, no matter what you are or where you live, be a New Yorker.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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