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What are the Forbidden Items in a Storage Facility


Storage facilities are a great way to free up some space in your home. There a great many uses for good storage facilities! From storing items of sentimental value you can’t part with yet, to storing Christmas decorations, a good storage unit can be indispensable. But, there’s a limit to what kind of things you can put here! Of course, there are the obvious things  – you can’t live in a storage facility no matter how cheaper it is. But, when it comes to forbidden items in a storage facility, there are some pretty surprising banned items!

You have to keep the rules in mind, no matter how outlandish they seem. No sane business owner would put in unnecessary regulations to their business, as that means less money, so whatever rules are in place are undoubtedly important. A lot of those rules are actually legal regulations, and crossing those can result in some serious fines! And other rules serve as ways to avoid damaging your items. The last thing you need is for your items to end up ruined because someone in a neighboring unit summoned ants by storing spoiled food. No matter if you’re storing items in a non-climate-controlled unit or in a unit with climate control, the rules are the same.

A bunch of colorful cacti. Potted plants are one of the forbidden items in a storage facility.
For example, potted plants, living or dead, are strictly forbidden! If you’re starting a business selling plants, you’ll have to store your stock elsewhere.

You are actually a forbidden item in a storage facility

Everyone is scrambling to find cheap apartments in Brooklyn, since rent is going up everywhere. Every so often, a desperate soul considers just renting a storage unit and living there. That is a very bad plan. In fact, it’s bad on several levels. For one, you are actively placing yourself in danger – storage units are unfit to support human life or life in general. There are no good fire exits, and there’s no light or even fresh air. And, of course, it’s highly illegal, therefore you’re in for it if you get caught. And, if you’re considering living in a storage unit, you’re already in pretty dire straits – the last thing you need is some trouble with the law. You’d do much better going to a homeless shelter or bunking with some friends or family.

Your pets or plants are also a forbidden item in a storage facility

Another way people try to save money is to stash their pets in a storage unit instead of in a kennel. That is a huge mistake – especially when pet-boarding services are everywhere, and often offer very affordable rates. Keeping your pets in a storage facility is considered animal cruelty. They need light, food, water, waste removal, and enrichment, none of which can be found in a storage unit. Even if you put plenty of food and water – which, by the way, is also forbidden – it’s still very cruel to your poor pet.

An adorable puppy snoozing gently in its owner's arms. That sweetheart is a forbidden item in a storage facility.
Your pets are precious members of your household, you should treat them right!

Plants also count as forbidden items in a storage facility. They’re a bait for insects, which can ruin your other items. They need natural light and water. That means they’ll wither and die way quicker than if you put them in your home or office, which brings even more vermin. The best storage units Brooklyn are very strict with their rules, which ensures your items are in the exact same condition you left them in.

Perishables? Forbidden items in a storage facility for a good reason

By perishables, we mean food and drink – they can attract vermin. No one wants to take the chance. Plus, food and drink can spoil pretty easily in a storage facility, easier than you’d think – thus attracting said vermin faster. It’s just a bad idea all around. Even if there’s no vermin, they can mold, and so encourage the spread of bacteria. And some species of mold are notoriously difficult to get rid of!

Forbidden items in a storage facility include dangerous items

Dangerous items mean weapons – especially guns and ammunition. As secure as a good storage unit is, your house is safer. Plus, in the unfortunate case of a break-in, your gun can cause a lot of chaos if it falls into the wrong hands. In this case, ‘wrong hands’ is anyone other than you. And, depending on legislation, you might be partially responsible! If you’re worried about a good way to store your weapons, purchase a safe, not a storage unit. The same goes for ammunition. Your gun is your responsibility, and you shouldn’t own one unless you know how to keep it safe – which means away from storage units!

A handgun and some bullets, all forbidden items in a storage facility.
Gun safety is incredibly important.

You can’t store stolen things or things you don’t own. This one should be a no-brainer. But, if you’ve already broken the law, you might not think twice about breaking it again. However, this is an important law. It would be way easier to discover your stolen items in a storage facility. Not to mention that storing things you’ve stolen is a colossally bad idea in a space other people have access to. You should only store items you own, just to be on the safe side.

Hazardous materials? Definitely forbidden items in a storage facility

Hazardous materials are any materials that can explode or catch fire. This is for the safety of your items, and for the safety of the storage facility as a whole. No one wants a fire hazard. The best way to fire-proof your place is not to have anything flammable in it.

  • Fireworks are right out.
  • Surprisingly enough, a lot of cleaners are on the list!
  • Gasoline is obviously one of the forbidden items in a storage facility. No matter how safe your storing methods may be, public storage New York won’t let you endanger other people.
  • You probably don’t have anything radioactive, but if you did, you wouldn’t be able to store it in a storage facility.
  • Oil and grease are right out.

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