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What not to put in Brooklyn self-storage


Self-storage is very handy and useful especially if you lack space in your home. That’s exactly one of the prime reasons why people all around New York seek this alternative. The thing is that many face similar problems – their homes are simply not big enough for everything they own. Also, maybe you are planning to move or renovate. In this case, you will need a storage unit as well. On the other hand, many storages are filled with various types of things that they haven’t used for a long time. If you’re thinking about renting a storage unit, and you happen to live in Brooklyn, then you need to learn what not to put in Brooklyn self-storage of U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn. It will help you avoid many problems.

When people usually use self-storage

Since renting a storage unit can solve a lot of problems, you can see the expansion of these facilities all around America, not just in New York. And although there are literally hundreds of reasons why people tend to rent them, we’ll single out just some of the most popular ones. What’s common for all of them is that they are seeking for cheap and quality storage in New York:

  • Downsizing the house. When moving from a larger to a smaller house, it’s only logical that you won’t be able to fit all of your furniture and other stuff in this new home. But as it usually goes, some people are not ready to throw away everything. Hence, they rent storage.
  • Renovating the house. No matter if we’re talking about a big or a smaller project, the fact is that renovating inevitably brings a lot of mess to the house. You will spend more time cleaning your furniture and washing everything else, than packing those things and putting them, temporarily, in a storage unit.
  • Long-term traveling. As much as this sounds very exciting and adventurous, it’s really not fun to be constantly under stress while thinking whether your house has stayed untouched and whether you’ll find everything the way you’ve left it. These are serious questions and they could ruin the whole pleasure a trip can bring. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. A great solution is paying for a storage unit for the time you are away. Trust us, there’s not enough money in the world that can make it up for the sense of calmness.
  • Children went to college. While they’re away you were thinking about turning their old bedrooms into your study room, or a library. It could even be a good place for a home office. But you don’t want to throw away so many memories. Therefore, you can rent storage.
blue storage units
There are many reasons why people decide to rent a storage unit

What not to put in Brooklyn self-storage?

Now that we know some of the most common reasons for investing in self-storage, it’s good to be informed about some basic rules. All of that stuff such as clothes, pieces of furniture, old books from college, or that pool table you won’t use anymore are more than welcome! Nonetheless, there are so many other things that are simply prohibited from storing in these facilities. It’s all because of the safety issues, and for a good reason, we’d say. Hopefully, you’re not planning to put any of those things into your self-storage Brooklyn from the list of prohibited items. Otherwise, you will face legal consequences.

1. Everything that is easily flammable

This belongs to a category of hazardous items and is strictly prohibited from placing them in storage NYC. To name just a few, avoid putting any gunpowder, fireworks, gasoline, or any other fuels. Moreover, it’s absolutely unallowed to store any acidic or corrosive materials. This can truly make a lot of damage. It breaks the fundamental rules and causes a potentially serious health risk and life threat. There are two sorry for any of these items. First of all, it can cause damage to the storage itself. These items are easily flammable which means they can cause fire, destroying everything in the storage unit, including your items as well as items of other people. Then, it can also pose a threat to people who are working at storage or people that are coming to store their items. 

one match
You cannot store anything that can cause a fire inside the storage

Guns in storage?

Even though all the storage facilities Brooklyn are well protected, you still cannot store guns or any ammunition here. It is for a similar reason as all the flammable or acid items. It can pose a danger to people working or visiting the storage facility. However, you can ask your storage facility beforehand to see if they allow guns and other ammunition at their facility. 

You will find that most storage facilities are strict regarding placing fire guns inside storage. On the other hand, there are those based on which regulations you can store your fire guns. But only if they are safely locked. However, we suggest you ask a local gun shop to keep it for you.

If you live in a house and you have a lawn mower, but it’s wintertime, you can place this item in storage. Just make sure that all the oil is being extracted from it, otherwise, this is also on the list of prohibited items. As a matter of fact, you cannot store anything that contains oil since it can be dangerous. If you plan to store your vehicles, you will need to remove oil.

2. Any type of food

The problem with the items in this category is what they cause after getting spoilt. Easily perishable things are simply one of the worse things you can put in storage. It is easy to predict that your storage facility will become a personal warehouse for rodents and bugs. Everything inside will become their feast! What not to put in Brooklyn self-storage also includes dairy products and canned food. Let’s not forget spices and sugar. Instead of doing all of this, why not organize a giveaway and in that way enable many people to get free food? If you don’t want to organize a giveaway, you can just donate all the foods that you currently have. It is always better to help someone in need rather than throwing away good food or storing it in a storage unit. 

pancakes with fruit
Food will attract unwanted guests and cause damage

3. Filched items

Everything that’s illegal and for which you cannot provide proof of ownership is one of those not to put in Brooklyn self-storage. In case someone discovers you, there’s no other scenario but to face the legal consequences. Therefore, when you want to rent public storage in New York, do not store anything that can raise suspicion. If you want to store something that is extremely valuable, it would be better if you can provide proof of ownership. Sometimes, this might not be possible. For this reason, you should communicate with your chosen storage facility beforehand about the items that you want to store. Mind you, any suspicious item would be sanctioned. Don’t put yourself in an awkward situation but rather ask before you store any valuable items in a storage unit.

4. Storage is no place for plants and animals

Although your Brooklyn mover can help you find climate-controlled storage, this is simply not a place for anything like this. Just imagine what a poor pet of yours is going through during the time it is inside; on the other hand, these are not just rules according to a storage unit. This is also regulated by law! Also, your plants don’t deserve to leave them in a dark space with no sun lights and water. Instead, give them away to your friends or relatives. They’ll definitely be better off there than inside. Even if you are using storage for only a couple of days, you cannot put your pets or your plants inside. In addition to this, the other problem with storing your plans inside a storage unit would be all the bugs that it will attract.

three cats
You cannot keep your pets or your plants inside a storage unit

How to prepare well?

These are just some of what not to put in Brooklyn self-storage. Most of these even law regulates. Therefore, it’s your obligation to follow and stick to these rules if you want to have the right to use the services of self-storage. How to see if you can store certain items or not? Even though all the items mentioned above are the usual ones, some storage units might have specific items that are forbidden. For this reason, when you sign a contract, make sure to ask employees to give you a list of all the forbidden items. This way, you can go according to that list and see whether you have certain items or not. In addition to this, if you’re not sure, you can always contact your storage facility and ask them directly. 

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