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What to do before your NYC movers arrive on moving day?


Homeowners tend to go into a bit of panic on moving day. And, we completely understand why. This day is probably going to be among the most stressful ones in the year for you. Hence, before your NYC movers arrive on relocation day, you should know what you need to have done. Because of the general chaos which happens during the preparation and actual relocation, we’ve got a small checklist for you. These are the essentials which should be completely ready before your moving day!

First and foremost, know exactly what your movers will relocate to New York

Do you have any furniture which is an odd size? Or, perhaps a pool table or foosball? Are you certain that your professionals will relocate these? To be absolutely sure before moving day, give them a ring. It’s a good idea to ask them if they’ve got a list of things which they won’t take on board. Then, you will be able to arrange separate shipping for them or even relocate them yourself. Also, ask whether there are changes to this list if you’re moving to NYC in the winter or not. In case you haven’t chosen a relocation company, here are some things which movers commonly won’t move:

  • Money – most companies won’t take it on board. Due to liability issues, an experienced local mover from the Big Apple will definitely advise you to keep it close to you.

    Keep your valuables by your side at all times.
    For the duration of the relocation, your valuables stay with you!
  • Important documents – same as above. Liability issues are a thing relocation companies take seriously. We would also suggest that you keep everything important close to you.
  • Artwork – be sure to ask about it. Some professionals won’t take any valuable artwork on board, while others will. Be sure to confirm with them.
  • Pets/plants – most movers won’t take them. The journey, long or short, is definitely hard for your pets and plants. It’s definitely best to keep them with you during the trip, especially with pets.
  • Household chemicals – can be dangerous. Your relocation specialists can give you a list of liquids and household chemicals which aren’t safe to transport.
  • Medicine
  • Specialized items – depends on the company. Like we’ve already mentioned, some movers will gladly disassemble and reassemble your pool table. Others, they simply won’t. If you are arranging transport for these items, also consider putting them in some affordable storage units in Brooklyn, while you’re done preparing your new apartment in New York.

Before your NYC movers arrive on moving day, you should finish packing

Yes, one or two boxes open on moving day is perfectly alright. A whole room waiting to be placed into relocation containers is definitely not. That is, unless your movers are providing a packing service for your relocation to New York? Well, we’ll assume that you’re making a DIY packing move, alright? So, before your movers get there, you need to have everything ready. You should have already used up most of your packing supplies on labeling everything properly and packing breakables accordingly. When your professional relocation company’s men arrive, the boxes should be ready for them to load. We would also suggest that you have a detailed inventory list of everything which is entering the movers’ van. This way, nothing lost or broken will escape you. And, when you’re unpacking and you will be able to claim your refund. As a bonus, here’s a reminder: prepare a no-pack zone before your NYC movers arrive! This is a space where you will place the things which won’t go into the relocation van. Tell your movers about it before they get started.

You need to be there to welcome the New York movers, but your kids and pets shouldn’t

Your pets shouldn't be in the way on moving day.
It doesn’t matter how smart your dog is. You should arrange for them to be out of the way before your NYC movers arrive.

Even if you’ve hired your Brooklyn relocation specialists to do everything for you, from packing to unpacking, you still need to be there. Arrange to have a day off from your job and be present for the whole duration of the moving day. Sure, everything might go just perfectly. However, it is best to be on the safe side. Just as you should be there, your kids and pets shouldn’t. See if a neighbor could watch them, or have them play in the no-pack room. This way, they won’t be able to hinder the movers as they’re working. Especially be careful if you’re relocating to NYC with your pets. The stress and commotion of the move can have them behaving unusually. As a bonus, let us remind you about protecting your old home. The loading business can be a bit messy, so make sure that you’ve got your carpets stashed and all breakables and artwork removed. Also, a good idea might be to protect your doorways.

Some food and beverages for you and your Brooklyn movers is a kind courtesy

You should have some beverages ready before your NYC movers get there on moving day.
A glass of juice takes seconds to pour and will make your Brooklyn movers ecstatic!

This is a definite must-have before your NYC movers arrive if you’re making a summer move to NY. With the hot weather and their packed schedules, the movers will appreciate a bottle of water or glass of juice when they arrive. Also, giving them a refreshment as they’re working will make them remember you and pay extra attention to your belongings. The best way to go about this is with portable snacks, like light sandwiches or energy bars. Not to mention that you will end up eating one of these yourself, too. After all, who will be cooking on moving day?

Before your NYC movers arrive to your home, you should have their tip at the ready

Tipping is a big part of the moving industry culture. You may already know, but the workers are underpaid. They will especially appreciate your kindness. You’re satisfied with their work? We’d suggest giving them a small tip for their trouble. But, how much should this tip be? Well, there is really no ‘average’ or ‘common’ one. We’d suggest calculating about 5% of your total moving costs. Then divide them up to each worker. That usually comes up to about $20 per person. Another piece of advice which we’d like to give is not to leave this money with the foreman. Instead, take the time to give each worker in the group their own tip.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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