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What to do if moving in NYC during a winter storm

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Many people don’t like crowds, they don’t like the rush and pressure of time, especially when they move. A great way to avoid all that, and even save money when moving, is to move in the winter months. Apart from the fact that winter moving has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. When organizing such a move, every little thing is important. Every poorly planned detail can turn into a complication. Location, organization, and weather conditions are all quite important factors. And always have a plan B. Moving in the winter in big cities can be challenging, so it’s important to know what to do if moving in NYC during a winter storm happens to you.

The goal is to make it easier for yourself

The winter months are unpredictable, and in New York State, winter is exactly what you’d expect. Cold, snowy, and icy. All of this can catch you off guard on the day of the move, and once you’ve set your departure date, there’s no turning back. It is important that you have a plan in advance for what to do if you are caught in a snowstorm when moving to New York City. As our moving and storage Brooklyn specialists advise, it is important to arrange everything on time. Having a plan is what is going to save you. In general, if you find yourself in very bad weather conditions during the move, you have two options:

  • Let the experts do their job and complete your relocation.
  • Retreat to safety until the weather conditions allow you to continue your move.

Your movers will be prepared for everything. But you have to be aware that moving to NYC during the winter will require some serious organizational skills from your side, too.

Car moving in NYC during a winter storm
Moving during a winter storm presents a challenge you can overcome with experts’ help.

Rely on professionals when moving in NYC during a winter storm

The first and basic rule, if you want to move in winter, is to hire moving, packing, and storage professionals. Finding real and trustworthy people in a big place like New York is not easy, but ask friends for recommendations, search websites and read reviews, and interview moving companies. You need movers because every part of moving is harder to do in the winter. Snow and sleet, rain, ice, and humidity will force you to adapt your packing, loading, transport, and unloading to outdoor conditions.

Pack your items the right way

The packing, when moving in winter, should be done differently. You should protect your property from damage as well as moisture. Cardboard boxes are out of the question in this case. If you have some doubts furniture movers Brooklyn will know what to do during the packing and loading. Pack your belongings in stronger, waterproof boxes with reinforced bottoms. Don’t forget to use bubble wrap and paper as protection for fragile items and pack an emergency kit. Plastic bags are a good option for soft, unbreakable items like pillows. You can do this packing part yourself.

Focus on storage and transportation

Loading and transportation are just as important during the winter months and especially if you get caught up in a snowstorm in a densely populated and traffic-heavy city like New York City. Snow drifts, ice, and strong wind can make relocation slow and tiring. Driving, especially loaded vehicles, can be difficult, so by no means do this alone. Check if the vehicle is winter-ready and always keep an eye on weather forecasts. And, get a shovel and salt in time. On the other hand, professionals are trained to work in all weather conditions and can move your belongings safely. If you need this kind of full relocation service, our movers NYC recommends are the most reasonable and cost-effective choice.

A girl is loading boxes in a storage unit
When moving in NYC during a winter storm you will need storage space

Find a safe place for your belongings

Weather conditions can sometimes become extreme. A snowstorm can turn from mild snow into a disaster. In such cases, for your own sake and the safety of others, it is best to postpone the transport and move in for a better time. It is often not easy to do, especially if you have already announced your eviction to your landlord and you are trying to meet the deadlines. In that case, a storage unit is the best option, and it would be good to rent self-storage even as a preventive measure.

You can rent the storage for as long as you need, and you leave extra things in it. What is important is that cheap storage Brooklyn locals trust is waiting for you in case of a snowstorm. It will be best to rent space in a secure facility, under video surveillance, with temperature control. This is suitable for more sensitive things. However, you must prepare things for such a delay.

Secure and protect each item

It is very important that you take care of special categories of things. First of all, you should sort them well and mark them during packing. Don’t forget to clean and dry everything properly before you pack it. You will not store art pieces, electronic devices, antique pieces of furniture, medicines, and important papers in the same way. Each of these categories is extremely sensitive to moisture, which is an additional problem when you relocate in NYC during a winter storm.

People skating in a park after moving in NYC during a winter storm
Relocate safely first and then enjoy the charms of winter in NYC.

In addition to good insulation and protection, the way things are arranged in the warehouse is also important. Carefully arrange things that are fragile or sensitive. This is important for unpacking storage. Things of higher priority right up front, to get them out first when the storm passes.

Plan in detail so winter can’t surprise you

When moving in NYC during a winter storm you need to have everything under control. Moving in these conditions is physically and organizationally more demanding, which increases the likelihood that things will not go according to plan. The better prepared you are for any unforeseen situation, the easier your move will be. It is important that you know what you will do if something unexpected happens.

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