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What to look for in storage facilities in New York

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Nowadays, using a storage facility has become quite frequent not only when people move but also in other cases such as decluttering and remodeling your home. Be that as it may, you may wonder what storage will suit you best. Hence, you should know what to look for in storage facilities in the first place. Among many other things, you should consider factors like size, security, location, and price. Brooklyn Movers and storage will give you the offer you won’t refuse. After all, your requirements must be high since you want your belongings safe and secured in a storage unit. In order to have this, a storage unit must fulfill certain requirements.

What to look for in storage facilities is a precondition of your search

There are some factors you should consider when renting a storage facility. First, you should know what is your utmost goal. If we could answer instead of you we think you would agree that the top priority is the safety of your items. Thus, start from here. Then, you can add certain things your storage facility should have. As a result, you will be ready to start your search and find the most adequate storage unit.

Furthermore, read the reviews since they can be of great help. You can see what current and former customers think. In case you notice robbery reports, one-star reviews, and comments about the bad staff you should definitely avoid the storage unit in question.

Consider a premium security storage facility

When talking about security you can start from the surrounding neighborhood and check the crime rates. As for the actual storage unit consider whether there are security locks, security gates, or doors. Nevertheless, sometimes just a padlock and a key are not enough to keep your storage facility secure. Especially if you are storing something extremely valuable. In this case, what to look for in storage facilities is premium security. A premium security storage facility should have certain important things.

  •  Surveillance cameras that are working 24/7 and will monitor the storage facility.
  • Well illuminated storage facility. There should be lots of lights so that the facility can be monitored more easily.
  • Door alarms and locks should be individual.
  • Entry gates should have a passcode and the perimeter should be fenced.
  • In-person surveillance is also the key to ultimate security.
two security cameras on the walls
What to look for in storage facilities is a question with numerous answers. One of the answers is definitely security. Make sure your storage unit offers utmost protection.

Accessibility is a relevant factor to consider

When searching for storage facilities you need to check if they are accessible 24-hour a day and on weekends as well. Why is this important? Well, you may get your stuff whenever you need them most. Hence, accessibility will make the difference between self-services and full services.

Using a self-service will allow accessing your belongings whenever you want which provides more flexibility. Also, you may have your own key and lock. On the contrary, using full-service will mean your access will be under control. Thus, you must provide notice when you will access your things. Also, if you are away for months, full service is your best option. Moreover, some full services can pick up and deliver your things which is excellent if you don’t own a car.

Look for discounts and special deals

Sometimes your furniture movers Brooklyn will offer special discounts. You should definitely take advantage of this because it will save you money. Storage companies can give promotions to attract customers, especially in the offseason. You should always ask for these promotions even if they don’t mention them at first. Moreover, you can mention some promotions the competition has. You never know, this might actually work!

In addition, you should check for discounts on moving trucks. If you want to transport your items to a storage unit you will need a rental truck. Most storage facilities have rental trucks and you can get them at a certain price. However, you can always ask for a rental truck discount. Moreover, you might also get one for free. Some storage companies have this free truck rental policy.

Look for a good customer service

You should always pay attention to the customer service of a storage company. Storage companies with excellent customer service can offer you a discount on your moving supplies. For example, you can get a discount on using moving boxes Brooklyn and packing peanuts. You can expect them to provide a flexible schedule that can fit your availability. Moreover, they can provide free transportation of your items from your house to the storage facility. Sometimes if you don’t read your contract carefully you might experience some hidden costs. Good and honest customer service will reveal all of the costs. Everything will be transparent. If you have good communication with customer service you are on the right track.

Size is what matters

Considering the size be aware it isn’t just related to the square footage of the space but also to the ceiling height. Thus, you should first make an inventory list of your belongings in order to be able to determine the size of the unit. Also, you need to find the right storage boxes. Your items need to fit in terms of width and height. Still, be aware that size determines the price. Moreover, if you need a specific size of the unit check its availability.

whatr to look for in storage facilities is the right size of the facility with boxes and ladders
You must use well the space in storage facilities. Fill it with your belongings always leaving space for moving among things.

Analyze the location of the storage unit

It’s a known fact that storage facilities that are closer to the city are definitely more expensive. Still, they are more convenient. Especially if you access them frequently. On the other hand, if you are away for months then location matters less. Of course, storage facilities outside of urban areas are cheaper. Hence, what you should do is find the balance between convenience and price based on how often you need access to your unit.

Make sure to ask for the length of time

When considering what to look for in storage units one of the points to consider is the time. How long will you rent your storage unit? What is the minimum rental period? According to many companies, a month is a minimum. As for you, decide whether you need short-term or long-term storage. What are the conditions in both cases?

Your storage facility should have climate control

What to do in cases of extreme heat, cold, humidity, mildew, and mold? You need climate-controlled storage units. Though these units cost more, we consider them worthy enough. Some delicate items like art pieces or electronics can get damaged if they are exposed to humidity or changing temperatures. For this reason, what you should look for in storage facilities are climate-controlled storage units. The temperature and humidity levels are always going to be at a moderate level in these storage units. Your wood furniture will not warp and your painting will not get damaged. In addition, you will preserve your valuable documents, books, and memorabilia. Moreover, the metal items will not rust in these conditions.  As we have already mentioned the safety of your items is a priority.

Find the right storage for your vehicle

If you have an RV, boat, or any vehicle you are not currently using, what to look for in storage facilities is good vehicle storage. Vehicle storage will provide a space for your vehicles. You need to get units that can accommodate your vehicle. For big boats, RVs or trucks you can get outdoor storage.

How clean storage unit is?

A clean storage unit is absolutely obligatory to make sure your things remain safe. Thus, when observing the unit you are to check the corners to see if there are some animal droppings or pests. Also, check if there are signs of mold or water damage. If there is, this could be a sign of leaks or any other serious problems.

seven mops leaned on the red wall
Your storage needs to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. When checking the unit you will see whether the staff is doing the job right.

Ask about the insurance

You should always ask about the insurance when renting a storage unit. This is an important point since you need the protection of your items in case of theft, vandalism, or different weather conditions. You should know that your storage facility will not provide free insurance. Of course, your homeowners, renters, or business insurance may offer coverage to a certain extent. However, there are limitations. Thus, it would be a better idea if you buy additional insurance.  Most storage facilities offer insurance. Hence, consider buying it and sleep calmly knowing your things are insured and safe.

Knowing what to look for will result in finding the best storage unit

All in all, the need for storage is more frequent every day. Still, don’t begin your search unprepared. The offers are various and your needs are specific. Hence, what to look for in storage facilities? Security, accessibility, costs, location, and other features are one of the main points to have in mind. After all, you need your items protected as long as they stay in a storage unit waiting for you to retrieve them. Since there are many storage companies in the market you must find the one that fulfills all your requirements. Of course, the financial aspect is also important. Nevertheless, quality should prevail. Hopefully, with our help, your search will result in an excellent storage facility where your items will be secure.

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