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Where do New Yorkers move to?


Even though New York is an amazing city to live in, there are a few areas in which it is lacking. If you’ve been living in NYC all your life, you might feel the need to get away from the hustle and bustle and live a quieter life. The living costs of the city might be too much as well, given how expensive rent alone can be. With that said, it is no secret that people are moving out of New York in considerable numbers. Living in a city like this can be exciting when you’re young. However, after a while, it can get a bit too much, and you might consider relocating. Luckily, U. Santini Moving & Storage New York knows a few places where New Yorkers move to often. Here, we’ll list a few cities which will surely improve your quality of life, without negative results.

New Yorkers move to Philadelphia in considerable numbers

Thanks to its low cost of living, and amazing public transportation system, Philadelphia is a prime choice for many New Yorkers. In this city, you’ll be able to walk or bike to any location of your choosing. In addition, it has many green spaces and parks, which allow you to relax on the weekends or after work. If you are looking for higher education, you’ll have great opportunities for that too. The city and its surrounding areas boast over 40 private colleges and universities.

This makes Philadelphia a great choice for both single people and families with kids.  The community is kind and welcoming, and the city hosts numerous events annually. And if you’re a fan of American history, you’ll instantly fall in love with the city, and the beautiful and famous museums it offers. In the past 6 months, over 3000 New Yorkers found a new home here.

Philadelphia skyline
Many New Yorkers move to Philadelphia due to the great living conditions

Miami offers a warm climate and unforgettable nightlife

Miami is, just like New York City, a very busy city. And just like in NYC, living here can be quite expensive. However, a Miami lifestyle is more affordable, which makes it a popular destination for New Yorkers. But sure enough, the affordability isn’t the only reason for giving New York to Florida movers a call. Tired of NYC’s infamous winters and blizzards?

If that’s the case, then Miami is the ideal place for you. The weather is always warm here, making it the perfect city if you yearn for hot days and light clothing. You can enjoy some of the best summer days, and exciting water sports on some of the best beaches in the entire world! As far as entertainment goes, Miami is famous for having one of the most fun nightlife scenes. This is a location surely worth considering, with lower living costs, amazing landmarks, and open spaces.

Seattle WA is a great city for building your career

If you’ve decided to leave NYC because you want to find a better job and build your career, consider Seattle, Washington as your new home. The migration rates of Seattle are ever-soaring and are much higher compared to other cities in the country. This is mainly due to so many jobs being offered to the locals. Many business giants from different parts of the world have their headquarters or main branches in Seattle.

Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft are just a few of the big names you’ll operating from this city. No matter what your passions and interests are, you will surely find a suitable job in Seattle. On top of all this, Seattle is very safe, has superb healthcare, and a very good standard of living.

Daytime view of Seattle panorama
You’ll find an excellent job in Seattle, regardless of your area of expertise

Yet another pro of living here is the high number of amenities and activities you can participate in. There are many breathtaking walking trails close to the city, and historical landmarks, making it a popular choice for tourists. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend quality time outdoors and partake in activities such as mountain biking or kayaking over the weekend. With so many things to see and do, you’ll surely find a lot of new friends in the city in no time.

New Yorkers move to Austin because of the housing market

In most cases, people decide to stay in New York because of how lively, and lovely, the city is. Locals have access to a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to entertaining themselves. Additionally, the job market in NYC is quite good, and career opportunities are available to all. Because of all this, New Yorkers choose to stay in the city despite the high costs of living and housing.

But, did you know you can have the same experience once you move to Austin, Texas? The city is very similar to New York in many aspects, which is why so many people are hiring long distance movers Brooklyn, and heading for the Lone Star State. One of the best traits of Austin is how affordable it is compared to New York.

Family home in Austin Texas
The housing market in Austin is expansive and extremely affordable.

If you’re tired of paying high amounts of money for renting a small apartment, moving here is a wise decision. In fact, you might even be able to buy your own home that fits your budget. All things considered, you’ll find everything you’ll ever need in Austin. It boasts the lifestyle of New York City, while still offering a bit of peace and quiet.

The nightlife scene is lively, but there are also plenty of suburban neighborhoods for you to choose from. It is a perfect mix of urban lifestyle and the suburban feel of a small town. Job opportunities in the city are just as good, with the IT sector taking the lead in attracting young professionals from all over the country.

Minneapolis is very similar to NYC, yet considerably more affordable

Whenever people decide on moving from New York, Minneapolis is one of their top choices, for a few good reasons. If you love living in New York’s metro area, but can no longer afford it, Minneapolis is the perfect choice for you. Here, you’ll experience the same architecture and overall ambiance as in New York City, but at a very reasonable price point.

Moving here means that you can enjoy the culture, amenities, and entertainment similar to that of NYC, but without stressful balancing your budget for rent. In fact, almost none of the commodities of Minneapolis aren’t high priced, and you can comfortably live here even if you earn $3000 a month.

busy street with New Yorkers walking
Minneapolis has the same overall feel as New York, but with much cheaper prices

Public transit is great, and you don’t even have to own a vehicle if you plan on living here. Although it is worth remembering that 60% of Minneapolis residents use cars to commute, especially in the winter. Speaking of winter, this is yet another aspect familiar to New Yorkers who move to Minneapolis. The temperatures can be quite harsh, and because of that, many residents choose a car as their method of daily commuting, rather than public transportation.

An amazing living experience can be found in Portland, Oregon

Portland is the largest city in Oregon, counting over 670.000 residents. And many of those residents came straight from NYC. Overall, Portland offers an unforgettable change of scenery and the best living experience in the area. It is bike-friendly, with plenty of lanes available, which makes daily commuting fast, simple, and affordable. On your daily bike ride, you will see a plethora of parks, full of roses and other beautiful flowers all your long.

Yet another benefit of moving to Portland is the chance to experience one of the most vibrant food and art scenes in the entire US. If you’re an avid foodie, don’t hesitate to give affordable movers in NYC a call. Eating out in Portland is a true adventure, with many restaurants offering excellent dishes from nearly every culture on the planet. Portland is ideal if you enjoy spending time outside and exploring your surroundings.

New Yorkers after their move to Portland
Portland offers a unique blend of cultures and experiences

After New Yorkers move to Nashville, they experience severe culture shock

There’s no denying the fact that Nashville’s population is constantly growing. The main reasons for this, are affordable living costs, and great quality of life. Seeing as people of all ages and backgrounds come here to start a new life, the city is full of diversity and cultural variations. It is also worth mentioning that after New Yorkers move to Nashville, a vast majority of them experience quite a bit of culture shock.

Since they all come from a place where everyone is in a constant rush and isn’t that friendly, New Yorkers simply aren’t used to how friendly and welcoming everyone is. The famous Southern hospitality is a welcome change compared to the busy and cold vibes of NYC. Nashville is a great place to live in, thanks to affordable housing rates, and a strong job market, with positions open in Bridgestone, Nissan, and Hospital Corporation of America.

Salt Lake City is home to amazing national parks and even better weather

We’ve already mentioned a few cities that New Yorkers move to that have great parks and hiking trails. But none of them even come close to Salt Lake City in Utah. This city is nothing short of paradise if you’re a fan of nature and wildlife. In and around the SLC region, you will find the Ashley Forest and the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache Forest. If you’re interested in different kinds of wildlife, birds, and fish, you’ll love touring the shoreline regions of the Great Salt Lake.

Water view of the Great Salt Lake
New Yorkers moving to Salt Lake City are blown away by the beautiful nature

Yet another aspect that sets Salt Lake City apart from the rest is the amazing weather! The city has approximately 220 sunny days per year, ideal for many outdoor adventures. Rainfall is minimal, with around 20 inches per year, which is much lower than the national average of 38. If you like snow, Salt Lake City’s 54 inches of snowfall per year will delight you. There are many ski resorts in the nearby mountains, where you will be able to spend your weekends skiing and snowboarding to your heart’s content.

You can find great jobs and even greater entertainment in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for great job opportunities, good entertainment, and good living costs, you can’t go wrong with relocating to Las Vegas. Job opportunities are available to all, both at startups and tech companies, and the endless hospitality positions in the city’s resorts, casinos, and entertainment venues. It is also worth mentioning that Nevada doesn’t charge a state income tax. This means that you will only have to pay federal taxes each year.

Las Vegas boasts many master-planned living communities, which are quite affordable. And if you ever get tired of the unmatched entertainment options of Las Vegas, you can head to one of many golf courses, and have a relaxing game surrounded by lush greenery. All things considered, Las Vegas is the place to be if you want a dynamic, yet comfortable life style.

Final thoughts and observations

Moving out of a city as unique as NYC can be quite a challenge. Mainly because you’ll have big expectations from the city you’re moving to. New York City certainly does offer so many unique and different things to see and do. But despite that, you won’t regret choosing any of the cities New Yorkers move to, because moving will surely improve your quality of life. As you’ve seen from this article, all of the cities we listed have two things in common. The quality of life and living costs are outstanding, and the overall lifestyle feel is very similar to that of NYC. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences, and choosing the amenities and weather that suit you the most. After living in New York City, you’ll surely find living in any of these cities to be just as good, or perhaps even better!

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