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Why Brooklyn’s music scene is unbeatable


NYC is without a doubt the most iconic city in the world. Everyone dreams about at least visiting it, while the lucky get to relocate there. But as glamorous as it is, it is also very expensive. There are differences between the five boroughs, also when costs are considered, but Brooklyn has always stood out. Only second to Manhattan, Brooklyn is likely the most famous area of NYC on a global level. When you hear about this borough, you likely first picture the Brooklyn Bridge. But if you are one of those who are about to move thanks to the help of U.Santini Moving and Storage NYC, then you should also know about another thing that makes this area famous – Brooklyn’s music scene.

The beginning of Brooklyn’s music scene dates back to 1940

NYC began as a European settlement, which changed from being Dutch led to an English government. With time, more and more people from different cultures and countries started settling in, giving NYC as we know it today. Each of these people brought a bit of their own culture, giving us a colorful mix of cuisines, arts, and music. The first influential changes to music in Brooklyn began in 1940 when young people started channeling their inner creativity.

Brooklyn simply has an aura that promotes a creative flow, which you can still feel to this day. If it wasn’t for NYC, the American music scene wouldn’t be as developed as it is now. Every person pursuing a music career in Big Apple should hire trustworthy and experienced piano movers in Brooklyn and start playing their beautiful instrument in an area that is home to music.

A person playing a guitar in Brooklyn's music scene
In 1940, Brooklyn started being influential in the world of music

Why is Brooklyn’s music scene so influential?

The main reason why Brooklyn’s music scene is so unbeatable is that some of the most influential musicians in the history of music started their careers in this very borough.

  • Jazz, hip-hop, and American classical music wouldn’t look the way they do now, and they surely wouldn’t be as popular as they are now worldwide.
  • The reggae music genre wouldn’t likely even exist in America without Brooklyn.

All these might seem like an overstatement, but find someone who knows Brooklyn’s history after moving to Brooklyn, and you will see the truth.

Jazz has always been a part of Brooklyn

Some of the most influential names in the jazz music scene lived and were created in Brooklyn at one part in their life. Max Roach, Cecil Taylor, Copland, and Gershwin are just some of the iconic jazz musicians who were created in Brooklyn. In the early part of the 20th century, more precisely from the 1950s to the late 70s jazz was especially popular in Brooklyn.

You could hear it at every corner, every day of the week. Its popularity might have died down since then, but you can still find venues that play jazz music from time to time. St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club offers live jazz music, a perfect place to visit after a move with our commercial movers in Brooklyn. Get your thoughts off work, and enjoy a night of the sounds that made the 60s so interesting.

Hip-hop took the world over

Now, the people of NYC invented hip hop, but it started in the Bronx. It was a musical revolution, built on the remains of all the revolutions that happened on this territory. Even though it started in the Bronx, people from this borough didn’t have the funds and will to take it to the next level. Word got to Brooklyn, where people were living a more comfortable lifestyle, and they could invest in microphones and turntables, which made hip-hop a large boom.

Picture of artists being part of Brooklyn's music scene
Brooklyn’s music scene is lively even today

The people of Brooklyn invested the money to get it going, and also changed the genre a little – but just enough to make it timeless. Whether you want to move to Brooklyn or the Bronx, safe and secure storage Brooklyn trusts will be at your disposal for your precious instruments.

American classic music

George Gershwin and Aaron Copland – two of the most influential people in the history of American classical music were both born in Brooklyn. Gershwin used New Yorks’s mixed culture to make music that would be appealing to everyone, and he succeeded in doing it. One of his greatest hits, Rhapsody in Blue is a song that people still listen to today. Many even say that the famous Beatles wouldn’t have existed without Gershwin.

His way of making music was unusual at that time, and it inspired countless artists across the globe. On the other hand, Copland wanted to join the music of NYC streets with high symphonic art – a task that seemed impossible, until he has done it. His music is so good, that it lets you feel how it is living in Brooklyn, even though you might have never been there.

Without Brooklyn, reggae wouldn’t exist in America

You can see Brooklyn’s influence the most with reggae. It is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the 1960s. But interestingly, for a long time, Brooklyn has been home to the largest Caribbean population, including Jamaicans. They brought their traditional music along, like everyone else, and reggae took off in Brooklyn. Reggae’s biggest names like Bob Marley and the Wailers might have never been heard of in America if it wasn’t for Brooklyn and its diverse population.

Picture of a person dancing in the streets
Hip-hop is now a global phenomenon

The music scene in Brooklyn stays diverse even today

NYC in general might offer a bigger range of music venues. But there is something about Brooklyn that you can’t beat. Seeing your favorite band in a small bar could never be beaten by seeing them on a larger scale. Even though Brooklyn is relatively small, you can find music venues for every music genre. The Brooklyn Bowl, Baby’s All Right, and Brooklyn Steel are all small venues, that feature live music of many kinds.

Unleash your inner music buff in Brooklyn

Brooklyn might be the touristically most attractive borough in NYC, but not all the attention is on the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn’s music scene gets a lot of that attention, from people coming from all over the world. If you want to move to NYC but can’t decide between all its amazing boroughs, the certain hipster edge of Brooklyn might work in its favor. Wait no more, get to packing your essentials bag, and prepare to be part of one of the most vibrant music scenes in the USA!

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