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Why do Europeans move to NY?


Whatever migration people are taking, the reason for moving to another city, country, or continent is almost always the same – people are looking to improve the quality of their life. Therefore, when Europeans move to NY, they are looking for a better life. This goes in both ways – different people are seeking different lifestyles. This is why there are migrations in both directions. Being that more and more Europeans are making international moves to NY, moving companies Brooklyn did the research on why this is the case. After all, the USA and Europe are different in so many things, although they are considered very similar in cultural values. Here we are to give you an insight into what Europeans think will be better if they conduct an intercontinental relocation to the USA.

Top reasons why Europeans move to NY

For centuries, people are migrating between the USA and Europe. In both directions. Sometimes, one direction beats the other, and sometimes both trends are the same. This is combined with the economic strength of the USA on one and Europe on the other.

New York Wallpaper with a cup of coffee, glasses, cellphone and a watch on it
Europeans move to NY for many different reasons

However, the economy isn’t the only reason why people move. Therefore, it surely isn’t the only reason why Europeans move to NY. Here are the most important reasons for Europe-NY migrations we got from European ex-pats in New York:

  • Greater chances for a good job – It’s known that most of the best companies worldwide have their offices in NYC.
  • More diverse cultural, sports, and art scene – You probably couldn’t name something you like and not find it in New York
  • There are neighborhoods for all tastes – Peaceful neighborhoods or neighborhoods near nightclubs, living in a house or in an apartment, urban or suburb area… Whatever your desires might be, you’ll satisfy them in NY!
  • Transportation system – Living in the suburbs and working in the city center – is not a problem at all!
  • So much free fun – On the contrary to what many people tend to think, NYC offers so much cheap and free fun!
  • Feeling that you can accomplish anything – Probably the most important of all reasons why Europeans move to NY

Many people move to NY in order to find a good job opportunity

It’s much easier to get a good job in NYC than in probably any other city in the world. The reason is simple – there are so many multinational corporations that have headquarters or at least offices in NY. This creates tons of opportunities to get a good job or find a better one. The demand for workers is really high and the pay is good compared to other cities in the USA. The average salary is around $1100 per week and there are always many possibilities for a person to explore. The most popular jobs are the ones in retail sales, customer support, and medical experts of all sorts, especially nurses. Some Europeans are moving to New York to look for a quick money kick start by taking jobs that are high in demand such as truck drivers, delivery drivers, cashiers, storage facility workers, etc. It seems that this trend will rise in the future as well – the city is expanding rapidly, both in terms of economy and demography. If you are looking for a job opportunity, wherever you are right now, it is always a good option to consider NY to be your next place of business.

A man is working in the office in NY
There are numerous job opportunities in NY

Some Europeans come to NY because of the vast sport, music, and other venues

The cultural scene of NY is famous worldwide. The mixture of cultures from all around the world fused into this metropolitan city and created a cultural offer that very few cities in the world have. Countless museums, art galleries, historic landmarks, and various events are available to NY citizens on a daily basis. The thing is, the culture is so specific that some people actually experience a cultural shock once they arrive in NYC. The art scene of New York is what makes every person living in this city fall in love with art.

Not only Europeans but especially Europeans, as people coming from the cradle of art and modern civilization usually know how to appreciate a good piece of art. Many cultural movements originated in NY. Just to name a few, punk, salsa, freestyle, some forms of jazz, abstract expressionism, and many other cultural movements came to life in this place.

When it comes to sports, NY has it all: American football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis. There’s no richer city in sports than New York City. Sports fans from Europe are quite happy to move to NY. This mostly isn’t the most important reason to move to NYC, but surely is something that excites every sports lover coming to the Big Apple. New York Knicks, New York Yankees, and New York Mets, all these teams are located in NY and this is why many people decide to consider it as their new home.

Statue of Liberty
New York is famous for its landmarks

There are neighborhoods for all of you in NY

New York City is split up into five districts: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Each of these has something special to offer to its residents. The trends are that most people coming from Europe to New York are moving to Brooklyn. However, there are different people who like different things. This is another thing that makes NYC so great it has a neighborhood ideal for all sorts of people! No matter if you like the silence or crazy nightlife, houses, or apartments, you’ll easily find a solution fitting your needs.

That being said, many people move from one place to another in NY after they have relocated from Europe. Some don’t like the neighborhood or their lifestyle changes over the course of time. As we mentioned, the great thing about this city is that it has something for everyone – you just need to know what you want and where to look for it.

Commuting to work is a matter of minutes instead of hours, no matter where you live in NY

There is such a great subway system in New York that you can easily live in the suburbs and work in the city center, and travel only 15-20 minutes to your job! This makes it quite comfortable for people who do not like living near noisy spots, or who can’t afford to live in the center of NCC. Furthermore, this is great news for families, given that it’s impossible to live with two-three kids in a small NYC apartment. Renting a house and hiring one of the many storage companies NYC to store their stuff would be a more suitable solution, and New York is a place where you can do that, not sacrificing the time spent with your family. Coming back from work so quickly allows you to enjoy your family time and still work in the City. Something like this is almost impossible to imagine in certain cities in Europe. When Europeans move to NY, this is something they are happy about the most.

not so busy street in NY - Europeans move to NY because commuting is not difficult
Commuting has never been easier in NY

Europeans who move to NY know that its an expensive city, but it also offers free fun

You don’t need to break the bank to have a good time. There are all sorts of free fun. Not only enjoying beautiful NYC parks and sightseeing but also visiting galleries for free, watching games at affordable prices, going to cinemas with a family and paying only a few bucks, etc. There is always a chance to find cheap or free fun in NYC, on a daily basis. Some of the things that Europeans who move to NY like to enjoy are:

  • Celebrating New Year in Times Square. This is one of the most iconic events in NYC and it’s well known around the world.
  • Taking a cruise on Staten Island Farry. It’s free and you can enjoy the cruise and the astonishing view of the Statue of Liberty
  • Going on a stroll through Central Park. Another iconic thing to do in NY and something that all Europeans who move to this city enjoy doing

Europeans get a sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm once they move to NY

Offering so many opportunities to succeed, NY simply attracts people who want to make something big of their lives. And that’s just the spirit you’ll see everywhere you move in NYC. This is something that makes you feel better before you even had a chance to do something. Just knowing you can do something big makes you feel enthusiastic and excited every single day. Every person has a chance to succeed in NYC and Europeans move to NY because of that. No matter what profession, age, gender, nationality, etc. Although the same stands for Europe, at least for developed countries, Europeans move to NY to chase their dreams. And those are mostly the people who dream big!

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