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Why is everyone moving to Brooklyn?

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These days it can seem that everybody is moving to Brooklyn. Those who are not doing it, or have completed the relocation already talk about plans to do so. But… why? While it is pretty well known that people living in New York City consider it to be a universe upon itself, why is everyone moving to Brooklyn specifically? What is so special about this NYC borough. Is it the economic opportunity, culture, gentrification of the neighborhoods? Could it be an amalgamation of these factors? Maybe! We will try to answer this very question. But first…

A little bit about Brooklyn

Moving services Brooklyn tend to be busy with the number of people coming in Brooklyn, but even without this stream there is always work for them. Why is that so? Well, in the last census it is estimated that Brooklyn has more than 2,600 000 residents, making it the biggest borough of New York City. Oh but that is not all. Brooklyn is the king… like literary, it is in Kings County, a second most densely populated county in the country! With that much people in one place, it is no wonder such a diverse and vibrant culture and community has sprung up! If Brooklyn was ranked as a city, it would be third-most populous in the USA, after LA and Chicago!

Community connects everyone in Brooklyn!

Brooklyn is also a great “base of operations” as it is connected with Staten Island over the famous Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. To the Manhattan to the north, it possesses many connections, both over and under water, with the Brooklyn bridge being the most obvious one.

Due to its size and location, it is an excellent place should you want to reach any part of NYC in a hurry. Could the reason why everyone moving to Brooklyn be that it is now the logistical center of (one of the) greatest city in the world? Possibly so, though we see it as more beneficial to companies than to people.

Its climate (not a business climate but the actual climate) is considered to be a humid subtropical climate. It is in a preferable position, with good summers and mild winters and many sunshine-filled days in the year.

Economic opportunity

Now, let us look at the favorable winds of revenue that have brought so many prospecting people to the borough with such services as best moving companies Brooklyn. Well, the job market in Brooklyn lies upon three pillars!

  • National and city economy – Brooklyn is part of the greater flows of the economic world outside its power. Yet, with great sales, it tends to catch a lot of the good winds, making it a part of the explanation why is everyone moving to Brooklyn
  • Population flows – Everyone is moving to Brooklyn, as previously stated, so you can easily deduce how good this part is going.
  • New York business – its prime location is key to its economy

A little bit less then half of the people work in this borough, many others opting to use it as a place to live, but not to work. Its a service-based economy in Brooklyn, but it seems many find job elsewhere .. but, where is everybody going? Manhattan. As long as Manhattan prospers, and it will do so for foreseeable future, Brooklyn is safe!

Just - Beutiful!
Just – beautiful!

A great community

Being part of a good, tight, dynamic community matters. Brooklyn truly understands that. With a vast variety of cultures that have mixed in, communities that have sprung around neighborhoods or buildings are especially tightknit and full of solidarity.

Moving locally will soon feel like you crossed a thousand miles and discovered a whole new world, even though you traveled not too many blocks one way or the other. There are so many communities to discover, so many secrets on the walls of this borough, so many different cultures behind each corner!

Space to live

Brooklyn has amazing parks and is quite walkable. For a highly densely populated urban area, this is not an easy thing to accomplish. Furthermore, apartments are often made in such a way that they have access to some spacious area, most often the roof.

This truly opens up your life to a comradery with your neighbors and a closeness in a community (created by smart architecture) that few cities, or even towns, can boast about. Not to mention that watching a Manhattan skyline from an open rooftop in Brooklyn on a clear night is truly a heavenly experience.

Everyone moving to Brooklyn is moving because…

Well, spoiler alert, it is no for amazingly cheap storage Brooklyn, although it helps after the decision is already made. No! People move because everyone else is moving. Everybody hurls for NYC and aim for Brooklyn and it creates a certain momentum in society!

everyone moving to Brooklyn
A place to be – Brooklyn!

Furthermore, Brooklyn is truly a place to be! It has an rather unparalleled sense of community among its many neighborhoods. Good living conditions, job opportunities, pretty architecture… It is simply a place to be!

So it might be that simple. Eather people are moving because everyone else is moving, or a hipster-loving community in Brooklyn really does make it feel special.


So, in conclusion, why is everyone moving to Brooklyn? It is hard to say for sure. There are literary millions of people inhabiting this New York City borough and thousands more arriving. But among these numbers are different individuals with their own goals and wishes.

Our guess is that Brooklyn has an ability to be anything for anyone who dares imagine their own path in life. It offers just enough to be comfortable to live where you are, but also so much room to grow. Brooklyn is a beginning and a final destination at the same time. It can fit economic and cultural benefits seemingly without trouble and this makes it unique.

Finlay, if you really want to know why is everyone moving to Brooklyn? Well, go on, join them and ask them!

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