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move to Jersey City from Brooklyn can be a good decision

Why move to Jersey City from Brooklyn

Making big decisions is never easy, especially if it can drastically change your life. Even more so if the whole family is involved. In that case, not only you have to worry about all the necessary steps you need to take but you’ll also have to worry for the sake of your family. Thinking if the move to Jersey City from Brooklyn would be a good idea, is also one of those big questions. There is certainly a lot to think about. That’s why we’re here to inform you about some of the most important things about this New York City’s neighbor. Hopefully, it will help you decide and guide you on the right path. So, let’s see.

Reasons to move to Jersey City from Brooklyn

The answer to this question actually depends on various circumstances – whether you’re married, have children, a type of job you have, how much you earn, etc. As you might figure, it would take us at least 4 different articles to elaborate on these questions. However, we will offer you some of the most interesting information about Jersey City. Here’s what you should know before moving from New York to Jersey City:

  • Location
  • Rent price
  • Chances to do business
  • Selection of places to go out

Jersey City is close to many places

Manhattan at night
It’s very simple to reach Manhattan from Jersey City.

Seriously, the location of Jersey City is so convenient, that you’ll feel you would immediately pack your bags and settle in permanently. Have you not seen the map? For example, Manhattan is literally a bridge away from here. If you take the PATH train, some locations within Manhattan are really 15 minutes away. If you’re by chance connected to Financial District through business, you’ll be there in just 5 minutes. It can’t be better than that! We’re still wondering why Jersey City is not included in one of New York’s boroughs. And while you’re on the PATH, you can take a look at TVs which are installed on every train. That’ll make your commute even shorter.

Exploring other areas has never been easier

Let’s point out how great location the city has. As a matter of fact, this allows you to spend more quality time during weekends by exploring new trails, hitting the mountain, going to the beach. Or, you can use your days off to visit all those cute towns around Jersey City. You might even surprise how beautiful they are. The best part, all of these trips will give you the feeling that you’re not wasting your free time, and that you’re actually doing something fun for a change. On the contrary, huge cities, although they’re truly great, have that tendency to “swallow” you. Here, you can have so many other options. But, it’s up to you how you’ll spend your free time. So, does the move to Jersey City from Brooklyn seem appealing already?

You won’t have to give a fortune for rent

A green key
Bigger house, lower rent – it’s more than possible in New Jersey.

Do you all remember the fact that New York City has one of the highest rents in the whole States? That could be justified if you would get a bit larger space for that amount of money. But that’s actually not the case. Most usually. An average New Yorker, especially those residing in Manhattan, or even Brooklyn, lives in tiny studio apartments. If they wish more than that, it means they would have to split the rent with a roommate, or roommates. That’s plural! And that’s not so fun…well, maybe while you’re a student. The point is when you move to Jersey City from Brooklyn or whichever other boroughs of New York City, you’ll finally be able to afford yourself a decent-sized property and still not spend the most you earn.

A life that fits your standards after the move to Jersey from Brooklyn

We are talking about more convenient life. All you have to do is contact reliable Brooklyn movers to help you relocate to Jersey City. With them, you’ll save your precious time, and they’ll be able to help you choose the right neighborhood for yourself. One of the great things about migrating to Jersey City from Brooklyn is that new apartment buildings are rising each year. This allows you to find an apartment which truly fulfills all the items from the wish list. However, it might even make it harder to make a final decision with so many great choices out there. Our suggestion – take your time, but choose wisely.

Get help moving the stuff

If you’re moving to a new house with the most of your old furniture then we propose you get a professional help from furniture movers Brooklyn who’ll do it quickly, transferring everything in licensed and registered moving vehicles, thus enabling a safe transfer.

Your career won’t suffer a bit after relocation

This can’t be more than true. The proximity of Jersey City to Manhattan has made it very attractive for a great number of corporations and smaller firms to actually place their head offices on this territory. Especially in the field of banking and finance. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that you won’t have a chance to find a well-paid job here. Plus, the commute to work will be even less time-consuming. You could be practically working in your own neighborhood! That leaves you with plenty of free time to use it for doing sports, meeting your friends, or exploring all the other possibilities.

Social life at its best

Pick your favorite bar after you move to New Jersey from Brooklyn
New Jersey has amazing bars and restaurants.

Talking about spending free time, we could inform you that after the move to Jersey City from Brooklyn, you’ll find so many wonderful places that you won’t know where to go first. Starting from a wide selection of restaurants, galleries, museums, shops or beautiful parks and beaches, this city has all! The restaurants of Jersey City have such a good reputation, that you’ll soon realize how many people from around come here to enjoy a good bite! On the other hand, some restaurants have become so popular, that you’ll have to make a reservation in advance if you don’t want to spend a lot of time at a bar waiting for a free table. But hey, it just confirms the quality!

Although very close, the move to Jersey City from Brooklyn can offer you so many new possibilities and get the quality of your life on a higher scale. You’ll save a lot of money while gaining new options. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags!


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