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What do you think should be included in your NYC essentials box?

Your NYC essentials bag for the move

The time for your move to New York is getting closer and you’ve begun panicking about packing? That’s perfectly natural. This time, we won’t preach to you. We won’t talk about how you need to purge your belongings before you begin placing things into boxes. We also won’t talk to you about what kind of packing services are available in Brooklyn. Instead, we’ll talk a little bit about a common mistake of many first-time movers. Your essentials bag is as its name says: vital to your move. You should know how to pack it wisely. Then, you will be able to relocate without too much stress. So, let’s talk a little bit about this. What should your NYC essentials bag for the move be like…

What is an NYC essentials bag?

Your NYC essentials bag should include all your everyday items.
If you’re moving you need to know how to properly pack your survival suitcase.

This is one of the items which every person should have on their NYC moving checklist. It can be any form of container which you are comfortable with filled with everything you will need during the relocation as well as on the first day in your new home in Brooklyn. In our experience, we’d suggest a large backpack or bag if you’re moving by plane. If you’re renting a truck or traveling by car behind your reliable movers from New York, a large box can also do the trick. Don’t forget, this box should be able to contain items which you can’t survive without. Thus, comes another name for the NYC essential bag: the survival box.

Your essentials box for the move to New York should include…

It’s great that you now know what this box is. But, there is a bigger question at hand. What exactly should I put into this container? It is often difficult to make this choice. What are the most important things to you?  So, think of this bag as a two-day carry-on for a trip of sorts. Now, here are our tips:

  • Clothes – have some extra at hand. It’s important that you pack some comfortable clothing into your NYC essentials bag. Don’t worry about fashion, you will have plenty of time for that once you arrive at the city.


  • Toiletries – a mini bathroom on the move. We’d suggest packing everything from sunblock to your everyday cosmetics here. Don’t forget hand sanitizer for the journey, either!
  • First-aid kit – you never know. It’s better to prevent than cure. So, pack a first-aid kit with you for the journey. You never know who will be careless. Also, we’d suggest that you include any medication which you are taking into this kit.
  • Electronics – and their chargers! We’ve already talked a bit about how you should pack your electronics for the move. The most important thing is not to forget the chargers to your portable gadgets. And, consider getting batteries if you will need them. You can’t be certain that you will be near a bodega or a convenience store once you arrive at New York.
  • Documentation and other important papers. This item on the checklist should include everything. So, from your passport and ID to the papers about moving. It is best to include all the important documents into a single binder and keep it close in you NYC essentials bag.

Other useful things which you could pack into your survival box for New York

Your documents need to be included in this container.
Your binder is among the most important items for your NYC essentials box.

The items which we’ve covered above are some things that you will definitely pack. However, there are other things which can often be overlooked. So, here are our top picks for items which you will definitely not regret packing for your trip to NYC:

  • Snacks – optional, but could be handy. Packing a couple of your favorite treats for the road is good. But, you don’t need to stop there. You can also make preparations for the first meal in your new home. Some pasta and canned sauce are the perfect choice.
  • Beverages – are also a good idea. If you’re not fond of stopping at different gas stations and 7-Elevens, this is the solution. Pack some water and juice for your family for the road. If you’re a coffee person, consider getting a few packets of instant.
  • Scissors or pocketknife – for opening your boxes. After your NYC movers unload everything from the truck into your new place, you will need this. If you’ve already got a plan for organizing your new home in New York, unpacking will be much easier.
  • Flashlight – for emergencies!
  • Plate and cutlery for each member of the family – will be useful on the first day in your new home.
  • Toilet paper – or tissues. This is one of the things which people often forget to take with them when moving. Don’t forget to pack some. It is useful both for the road to NYC and your first day there.
  • Shower curtain – don’t forget this one! A shower curtain is another one of the most common things which people forget when relocating.
  • Basic cleaning supplies – if you’ve moved before, you know why. Most apartments tend to be ready for a cleaning when you move into them. So, you should prepare and pack some cleaning supplies in your NYC essentials bag.

When should an essentials box be packed?

Your survival box should be packed along with everything else.
When is the best time to pack your survival box for NYC?

Now that we’ve gotten through the list of items which you should consider packing into your NYC essentials bag, let’s talk about when to pack it. Most people tend to make a mistake and end up stuffing things into their survival box in a hurry. So, we’d suggest that you take your time. Have a list of things for the essentials box. Plan on packing it along with everything else. Make sure that you are supporting the survival box for your NYC relocation with the rest of the packing, too. Place the items you will need to use first, like blankets and sheets, on the top of your parcels. This way, once you arrive at your new home in Brooklyn you will be able to access them easily. As you’re going through the rooms and packing fill the survival box. By the time you reach the items such as snacks and beverages, both your home and essentials bag will be ready to go!


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